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Twenty years ago the Russian publishing market has been very modest. Today, as in other spheres of commercial activity, there is high competition. Publishing enterprises differ from each other by size, subjects produced literature and a number of other signs. This article lists some of the major publishing houses of Russia. The list of such organizations primarily interested in authors who dream of seeing their creations on paper, as well as entrepreneurs whose main activity is realization of book production.

publishing house of Russia list

Electronic or paper?

There is a perception that electronic devices will soon supplant paper media. The book is in the classic version will turn into a rare thing. However, this view belies an extensive list, which includes large and small publishing houses of Russia. The list of such companies with the development of computer technologies is not reduced. Publishing is thriving, despite the crazy popularity of various electronic media.

Who may be interested in publishing activities?

To Sell books and create an artistic or journalistic works – it's completely different activities. In the first case we are talking about sales. In the second – about the creative process. But in any case we are talking about profits from sales of printing products. The first step for a bookseller, and for the Russian writer must be a study of the rating organizations, known under the phrase “publishing houses of Russia». The list given below. However, before proceeding to the description of the publishing houses ought to say a few words about the main types and specifics of their work.


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The Publishing house and store

Every business has its own rules, the knowledge of which still does not guarantee success. To those who decided to open his bookstore is not an easy task. Range of printed products is quite wide. And when you purchase books should consider their own literary passions and peculiarities of modern life. Therefore, the owners of the bookstore have to establish cooperation with a number of vendors. Some publishers spetsializiruyutsya on the reissue of classic literature. Other – on the works of contemporary authors. Under the logo of the third type of publishers are available mainly educational materials.

One of the most popular trends in literature today is a fantasy. But if bookstore shelves are filled exclusively with such publications, the businessman risks to go bankrupt in a matter of months. Chekhov and Tolstoy in Russia still reading. The publication of the works of Zweig and Remarque are also involved in many publishing houses of Russia. A list of these organizations should know a budding entrepreneur in the first place. Because book production can be classified not only by theme, but by format, and therefore – value.

The novel "Crime and punishment” can be purchased for a hundred or two hundred rubles. But the cost of the publication with the same title is sometimes worth three or four times higher. Why such a difference? It is the different indicators of the quality of the products produced by book publishers of Russia. The list, which you can see in the section “book” on the site of one of these organizations may include goods with identical names, but different value. Price is based on the binding type and design quality. In addition, there are niche book publishers of Russia. The list of goods in such companies is limited to books in an inexpensive softcover. There are companies that produce extremely expensive gift editions.

book publishers list Russian

Publisher and author

Many young and inexperienced writers under the illusion that their creations are interesting to a wide circle of readers. To such conclusion they come to based on the positive feedback of family and friends. Talented work read, a close relative of the author, and came to the conclusion that this masterpiece should definitely see the light. The newly minted writer believes that the publishing professionals looking forward to take up the promotion of his book. In fact, the situation is somewhat different.

It is Possible for two categories to divide all the publishing of books in Russia. The list consists of commercial and budgetary organizations. In this article we consider, first of all, the publishing house of the first category. Even if an aspiring author has written a really good book, it does not guarantee that it will be on the shelf of a major bookstore. Publisher – the businessman who seeks to make profitable investments. To spend money on the promotion of little-known author – an event that cannot be called profitable.

Books that are not published

History knows many cases when the insanely popular today works were published only after multiple painful attempts of their creators. More than ten times JK Rowling was sent a story about Harry Potter in publishing, before I became known. The famous Margaret Mitchell novel was rejected by publishers more than thirty times. “lo” Nabokov many yearswas willing to receive American representatives of the book business. And the author of “Lord of the flies” received twenty-one failure. And only twenty-second attempt by Golding to publish his work was crowned with success.

Did to publish the book – an impossible task? Yes and no. The road by walking. But first, it needs to arm. Publishing of books in Russia, a list of which is presented in this article, it's quite a specific organization. An aspiring writer should possess full information on the activities of the largest and most important of them. You need to understand that each of these companies is in constant search for the authors whose work is able to make a profit.

In Russia a lot of talented people. But even more scribblers. But because literary editors will screen daily a lot of manuscripts. The edition of the works of a new author – a huge risk. Therefore, even a talented writer needs to put a lot of effort in order for his creation to notice. It needs to bypass not one publisher. To apply it in the organizations, specialization of which corresponds to the subject of the manuscript.

publishing of books in Russia list

Publisher in Russia: list

Fiction in bookstores represented by products under various brand names. The most significant publishers include the following companies:

  • AST.
  • «White city».
  • «Eksmo».
  • “fiction”.

Each of these organizations has its own principles of working with new authors. And, of course, these publishers are not limited to cooperation with the representatives of the genre of fiction.


On the publishing market, the company occupies a leading position. AST started its activities in 1990. Each year the publisher produces about forty million copies. The main directions of AST:

  1. Literature
  2. Children's literature
  3. Applied literature.

The publishing house has a Department specializing in finding new authors. First of all, employees of the company are interested in sentimental and action-Packed prose. Computer and educational literature may also interest professionals of the editorial Department. Manuscripts are considered for up to three months and as in other similar organizations, are not reviewed. If the work of a new author is not interested in staff publishers, call, write, and especially to justify a refusal, they will not.

publishing house of Russia a list of fiction

«White city»

The Promotion of new authors this organization does. But «White city" has a special place in the market of printed products. Publishing houses of Russia, which for several years invariably includes names such as “act” and «EKSMO», based on the activities of the twenty biggest representatives of the book business. «White city" is also included in the top twenty. This publishing house specializiruetsya in the production of gift copies. The range of products «White city» dominated by various albums and compilations. The cost of the Deluxe edition bound in leather may reach two hundred thousand.


Books, on the covers which present the brand filled the shelves of bookstores across the country. «Eksmo» included in the list of “Best publishing houses of Russia». A list of “Textbooks and other educational literature” consists of books issued by various companies. But not last place is occupied by the «Eksmo». This is despite the fact that the publisher publishes books of various genres. Its spectrum is extremely broad. Below is the list of genres. The diversity of books assortment of «Eksmo» leaves far behind other publishing houses of Russia.

A List

  • Educational literature.
  • Fiction.
  • Literature in foreign languages.
  • Informative literature.
  • House and leisure.
  • Children's literature.
  • Business literature.

Special attention should be paid to children's publishing houses of Russia. The list is small and consists of companies that produce not only literature for young readers. In this list you can also include «Eksmo». One of the major publishers regularly adds to its range of new books for children. As a rule, works of Russian, Soviet and foreign classics. New authors writing in this genre, the employees of the publishing house «Eksmo» little interest. However, according to the professionals of the book business, children's literature along with the poetry, is the most unpromising genre for new authors.

In Addition to the above enterprises, worthy of attention and other publishing houses of Russia. A list of “Educational materials to SPO” most fully represented the range of organizations, which will be discussed below.

publishing house of Russia the list of educational literature to SPO

“vocational education”

This publishing house belongs to the category of non-profit. Specialization “act” – publication of educational and methodological literature. Scientific publishing houses of Russia, the list of which is not as extensive incomparison with the list of companies, which publishes fiction, headed by a non-profit organization “vocational education”. The activities of this publisher – the production of books for researchers, teachers, University students and postgraduates.

What is called publishing houses in Russia? List, addresses and the main thrust of the most popular ones below.

Publishers of literature for children

“Children's literature” – the oldest organization of those who specializiruetsya in the production of books for children. The assortment of products includes educational, fiction and books for the little ones. Address: Moscow, 2nd Donskoy proezd, 4.

“the Chamber" of – publishing Association, established in the nineties of the last century. Organization specializiruetsya cognitive literature. The special achievement of the publishers is to produce a series of books in the genre historical nonfiction, dedicated to the sixtieth anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. Address: Moscow, Krasnaya Sosna str., 24.

“ABC” – the publishing house, whose main activity is the production of dictionaries and illustrated works of domestic and foreign authors. Well known logo in the market you can see not only children's books but also works of world classics of literature. Especially popular series “ABC-Classic”, aimed at the re-release of well-known stories and novels paperback. Company address: g. Sankt-Peterburg, Reshetnikova ul., 15.

publishing house of Russia list books

Other publishers

More than thirty percent of the educational literature in the Russian market are books published by the publishing house «Education». The organization was founded in the beginning of the thirties of the last century. She has a long history and once was the chief of the Soviet enterprise in the field of book publishing. Nearly a century of existence has changed little. And today “Education” is a leading educational publisher.

The Literature on the economic theme produces the publishing house “Peter”. In addition, under this trademark in bookstores you can find books on many professional topics, as well as textbooks and reference materials.

One of the oldest publishers is “Progress”. This organization was founded in 1931. The publishing house publishes literature in foreign languages.

The Publication of literary translations of foreign authors has been the company “Foreigner”. This publishing house was founded in 2000. Due to his activities of Russian-speaking readers learned about the work Dzh. K. Rowling, George. Moyes, Frederic Beigbeder and other representatives of foreign contemporary poetry.

 publishing house of Russia addresses list

Publisher "Hummingbird" is not for so long. It was founded in 2006. The specialty of this organization – the production of books in the genre of non-fiction.

For managers, owners of medium businesses, students and ordinary readers, seeking self-development, publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” produces literature on marketing and management. In addition, the organization publishes books on psychology, cooking and sports.

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