How old is Andrey Malakhov? Biography of journalist


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How old is Andrey Malakhov

Talking About him, they recognize him, many critical of his work and person, but the fact remains that Andrey Malakhov today – TV personality, entertainer and public personality, worthy of discussion. Given the fact that the native presenter of the Murmansk region, and his parents (mother – kindergarten teacher, and dad – geophysicist) far from the world of TV and show business, it's safe to say that his stardom he deserves – a self-made man, his hard work and persistence.

How old is Andrey Malakhov took to the average student of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University. Lomonosov become a star of Russian television, it is easy to calculate. Even during his studies, he worked in the newspaper «Moscow news" (Department of culture) and radio “High”, where was the author and presenter of “Style”. After graduation (1995 -) Andrew works full-time editor of the “Morning”, and part-time author and leading her column “Style”. In addition, at the same time he became a correspondent and then as a special correspondent of management of information programs of ORT.

The Real fame came to the journalist at the beginning of the new Millennium – in 2001, the First channel exits the program “wash”. Its popularity has earned him long-awaited success, including financial. Andrea Malakhov todayHow old is Andrey Malakhov had to save, and even sometimes not eat, he does not tell anyone. Though mentions in an interview to times when often slept on the job because, having stayed in office until the closure of the subway, had no money for a taxi to come to sleep in the Dorm.

“wash” enjoyed unwavering success for nearly four years until, in 2004 Andrew launched a new project called "5 nights”. This program was aired, but only the year, successfully transformed in 2005 that the «Let them talk».

How old is Andrey Malakhov will be able to surprise the audience in the format of a talk show is unknown, but we must admit that he does it very well. As recognized by leading in one of his interviews, in his childhood he dreamed of being a speaker program “Time”. Given that, how old is Andrey Malakhov today (41), his dream can still come true, but he already has no such intentions, for fully satisfied with their professional implementation. Indeed, his program for eight years, has the popularity and love of spectators.

Andrei Malakhov, biographyMalakhov Andrey, whose biography is rich in love stories, in 2011, ceased to be considered eligible bachelor, married to Natalia Shkuleva, daughter of the famous and wealthy publisher. His wedding in Versailles relished many magazines and programs for almost a year. It was an event in the world of show business.

Today's journalist dreams of his own production centre, the course in College or private school of journalism. Andrey Malakhov – it's not only the star face of national television, he is known for and cooperation with many popular tabloids, and his presence as a presenter at various ceremonies is considered an indicator of high level events.

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