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Who is Sportacus? Actor known for today, probably, every child - Saving Magnus. More precisely, his famous hero. Sportacus. Actor Sheving Magnus part-time producer, writer and a great athlete. He is the author of a series called “Dedicated”.

Sportacus. Actor known children's series - Magnus Sheving

So, more. Sheving Magnus (Sportacus) is an actor, born in the city of Reykjavik in 1964. Is the champion of Europe and Iceland in sports aerobics. And in 1994, Magnus managed to become the athlete of the year in Iceland. In 2003 – even a marketer of the year.sportacus actor

Artist, athlete, entrepreneur

Kids love Sportacus. The actor, who performed the role – author of an interesting history. While still starring. As well as a lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur and athlete. The man travels a lot around the world, participating in various seminars and workshops concerning all health issues. After a lot of public speaking Magnus realized that all parents are interested in the big questions: "How to raise, nurture and raise their children?" In 1991 and appeared «LazyTown”. The series, encouraging babies to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike the hero of Charles Stephen (Evil Robbie), Chewing produces in the viewer a good impression. He likes both adults and children – as an artist and as a person. And it's no playing sportacus

Kids and parents

The actor, playing the role of Sportacus, familiar to the domestic viewer on the channel «Carousel». «LazyTown” is a wonderful social project, loved by adults and children for his kindness and uniqueness. Why? And you'll notice that modern playgrounds are so rare to find kids older than three years! They do not play, do not run, do not master the interesting and bright gym, do not ride on the swing and do not move down from the hills. Of course, because guys sit at home behind computers or tablets in their hands. And this “computer, leisure”, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet lead to terrible trouble – to obesity! From this around the world today affects 155 million children. Parents often do not even think about the fact that they themselves are to blame for these problems. «LazyTown” helps to cope with them.sportacus actor biography


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Makeup kit

The Actor, who played Sportacus managed to create one of the best TV shows of the XXI century. He not just teaches kids to a healthy lifestyle. It also motivates adults to improve their health. Says “no” laziness and all sorts of bad habits. In one word, “Dedicated” - the project is interesting and very useful. Icelandic Director and gymnast really tried. But do not forget about some of the nuances.

Magnus Sheving for a set of good cast spent a huge amount of money. Not for nothing because he literally blew up the television. Many publications claim that the artists in this project came quite by accident. Without going through special auditions. In fact, Chewing admits that to calculate all a few steps forward. He knew who to take to participate in the filming, but someone - even just need. That is to say, to create a “weapon of mass enslavement" of the minds of kids. Carefully look at their faces. His eyes say everything for themselves. The guys were picked up here for a reason. Not for fun. And in order to get the audience to consciously make choices towards healthy food and sports. In short, everything is carefully thought who played sportacus


So, Saving Magnus (Sportacus) - actor, whose biography is very interesting. Where he only has to prove himself. In the role of artist he particularly attractive. The protagonist of the series «LazyTown”, the guy is very funny. He easily persuades Pixel, Sting, trixie and ziggy walk and play outdoor games. And the guys love it. Of course, for many adults, this cartoon may seem silly and unrealistic. But the children are very interesting. The crumbs are watching it with great pleasure. Too deep meaning in the series is missing. But there is absolutely no rudeness. In General, exactly what children need. That is part of their cultural needs. Each series gets a lot of rave reviews from various critics. Despite some of their weirdness. Sometimes the cartoon characters look too ridiculous. However, this so-called piece of the project.

From the first series, viewers begin to fall in love with this cartoon. Storyline it is indicated clearly and directly. Stephanie invites boys to play football, and explains that playing outdoors is much better than at home on the computer. Every lecture is accompanied with dances and songs. Friends tries to prevent Robbie Evil. At this moment comes to the rescue and Sportacus.

“Dedicated” - animated series about friendship, sport and dance. Very informative and useful. If you want a fun and interesting way to spend your free time together with kids, pay attention to this project. Be sure youyou will not regret!

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