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In search of quality cosmetics more persistent of us primarily crushing the entire mass market, and secondly, goes on luxury vehicles and only in the last turn pay attention to skin care products. And she − is not only a struggle with problems and daily quality care. One of these is the cosmetic brand Avene. Reviews of her show just how wonderful therapy for problem skin can have the products manufactured by this company. Her cosmetics help to cope not only with problems with oily skin, but those which are peculiar to dry and sensitive.

Leave about Avene reviews on numerous forums on the Internet talking about that, and for the prevention of the occurrence of certain problems, the tools fit perfectly. In the product catalog of the company have the makeup you need for daily care for all skin types. It cleansers, and all sorts of creams, masks, the use of which is not only pleasant, but effective.

Like most companies that manufacture cosmetics company avène works not only with the idea about skin types, but also takes into account our preferences. For example, for cleansing oily skin are encouraged to use two-phase cleansers “Climax” or gel from the same series, that is basmannoy basis. As for oily and dry skin, to cleanse it is recommended to use the cream-gel or nourishing soap from the “Cold” from Avene. Reviews on cosmetic products of this series show that they filled the skin with moisturizing elements and effectively restores the hydro-lipid mantle.

To clean black spots the company has developed a moisturizer presented in the form of a cream emulsion “Avene Cleanance K”. Reviews about this tool, confirm that it is unique and has effective properties to eliminate defects on the skin. In addition, this emulsion is sufficient in the short term eliminates irritation, cleans pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Apply to the face it is necessary two times a day. Don't be alarmed if there is a slight tingling sensation is a normal reaction of the skin to the components contained in the product.


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As everyone knows, the function of the cream, used daily, is quite diverse. But still one of the chief is moisture. For this Avene offers a cream “Hydrans Optimal Leger”. It provides the skin stronger and long-lasting moisturising and gives a matte finish. And to deal with the problems of sensitive skin is the best suited cream «Clean-AC Avene”. Reviews about this drug are excellent. It not only has anti-inflammatory properties, and nourishing, moisturizing and restorative. In the drug added the coconut oil that softens and protects the skin. In addition to these qualities this cream is great used for massage.

Talking about cosmetics company this company can not forget about regulating cream for skin with prelimi acne Avene Diacneal. Reviews about it say that the condition of the skin after applying this cream significantly improved rash fades and loses Shine. Retinaldehyde, part of the drug, prevents the thickening of the skin and blackheads.

Among other cosmetic products is Avene sunscreen “SPF 50+” created for extremely sensitive skin. The peculiarity of this drug is that it has no chemical filters. It leaves the pores open and does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the tool is suitable not only for adults with hypersensitive skin, but also for children. In addition, this series can be bought lotion for sunless tanning and revitalizing.

I would like to note the universality of Avene. Under this brand produced and decorative cosmetics, ideal for sensitive skin.

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