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Now a very popular geometric designs and patterns on nails. So you can learn how to do a manicure with dots.

What to draw points or for point manicure?

manicure with dots

To make a beautiful manicure with dots, you'll need to take the base and top coating, base coat, to be used for the background and varnishes for points.

Sami dots manicure done with a special tool – dots. This thing resembles an awl. A small pen and needle. Only the end is not pointed as awls. There is a small ball. The dots may be bilateral. In this case, the balls are of different sizes. Use dots not only for creating points. It is convenient to draw the petals, geometric patterns, flowers, swirls and more.

If no dots, manicure with dots can be done with regular matches or toothpicks.

Dot Simple

manicure with black dots

The Most common manicure with dots-monochrome polka dots. The combination of the retro fashion, simplicity and elegance – the advantages of such a design. Points can be fun or several.

Work Order:

  1. Prepare your nail plate and apply your base coat.
  2. Color nail Polish for the background. If necessary, apply another layer.
  3. Wait for the paint to dry.
  4. Take a small piece of leaf or the cap and drip the nail Polish you selected to create the point.
  5. Take the tool (dots, a toothpick or a match), a little dip into the drop and put a dot on the nail. Continue to put the dots.
  6. Try point to do the same size. Before applying a pattern on the nails, you can practice on a sheet of paper.
  7. When the dots are dry, cover nails with a top coating.

Looks Very nice contrast manicure with black dots on white background and Vice versa, white dots on pink, red, gray, blue and so on.


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Number of points

manicure spots on the nails

Want to create a fun and bright manicure? Spots on the nails will help you to do this. To start, apply your base coat and background. To make the manicure more expressive, you can make an additional layer of sequins. Yet instead of background, can tightly apply a solid hatch.

Take a few colors of nail Polish. You can use any number of colors, the main thing - to suit one-to-one in structure and type. Put on a substrate one drop of varnish. Take the tool and put a dot on the nail. Create as many dots of the same color as you need. Then put another drop of varnish. Again, draw point. Continue to draw until you finish the manicure.

You can combine points with other patterns (e.g., lines). To make a beautiful manicure, you can paint different according to the size of a pea. Still looks very nice option when dots overlap each other. This way you can cover the entire plate or only part of it.

Nails points

Pea – this is a beautiful pattern by itself. But you can do designs on nails dots. Examples of design (see picture below):

nails dots

  1. Three dots of black color, it is possible to draw a Mickey mouse head. Just put one drop most, and the top two smaller ones.
  2. If you put a large dot of the same color, and around it to make a few other points, you will receive an original flower. One nail can fit several of these daisies. It all depends on the size of the points.
  3. You Can make another version of the flower. First dot-the petals close to each other, and then do the middle. These flowers look good in the group performance. But beautiful manicure will, if the pattern applied to the edge of the nail, and around in a chaotic manner to set different point size.
  4. Points can be a Supplement to abstract drawing. You can use them to make patterns. For example, multi-colored spirals.
  5. Different color and point size can be nice to place on the nail curved. Let one arc is over another and so on until they cover the nail.
  6. Original manicure will turn out if to put points one by one. Can't wait for the complete drying of the first drop. Then it will be a smooth transition between colors.

The beauty spot manicure – the ability to create different design using two or three colors. Also it's pretty fast and beautiful.

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