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Currently, the market is developing rapidly microdamage, and their own raw materials makes the acquisition of such things as a mini-feed mill, the proper attachment. Depending on the power installed it back in about 4-12 months.


Mini-plants from different manufacturers (“Dose”, “Proc”, “Well” and “Treasure”) have almost the same design and principle of operation.

Production of mini feed millsThey include such components:

  • Hammer mill equipped with a receiving hopper;
  • Screw vertical mixer and container for receiving and mixing the raw materials;
  • Bmvd with chopped key zernoprodukt;
  • The remote control;
  • Electric.

Any mixed fodder mini-plant has a special device for trapping metallic impurities and stones. Depending on the manufacturer and configuration of the device, its performance may be 150-1300 kg per hour.

Feature “Prok-150”

The producer – one of the most common. Fodder mini plant "Prok-150” includes a frame, a crusher with the grain hopper mixers with hopper for premixes. It has a special filter for dust and nozzle that helps to unload the feed.

Working Principle

Technological process of feed production through this plant is as follows:

  • In a hopper pour cornmeal;
  • It is separated from stones and metal impurities, then enters the hammer mill;
  • Then sieved to the desired fraction by the pressure of the fan;
  • Crushed product through the wire extends into the mixing hopper;
  • Together with the feed into the funnel poured mineral supplements, grab a screw;
  • They move up and are mixed with the main raw material;
  • From the top of the mixture goes down, the cycle lasts 15-20 minutes;
  • At the end she unloaded through the unloading pipe;
  • Dust which appears by mixing and crushing, goes to a special filter.

The performance of the device of this mark is 150 pounds per hour.

Mini feed mill

Description of the plant “the Dose of agro» other

Maximum performance have designs of different brands. One of them – mini feed mill “Dose”. They have two mixing hoppers, which are placed on platform scales. When available, the process practically does not differ from the ‘Proc-150”, but in this case, the mixing of feed and grain refinement occurs continuously. If the first bunker is loaded entirely, it works in mix mode.


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Mini feed mill dose

Grinder switch helps to grind the grain. She also contributes to the filling of the second mixing hopper.

When the ration is unloaded in finished form, the process is repeated after reconnecting crusher. Mini feed mill “the Dose of agro” has a capacity of from 1000 to 3000 pounds per hour.

Setting the size of the feed

Mini feed mill, regardless of manufacturer, works the same way. Key node – this crusher. It works via an electric motor, there is ground grain.

mini Feed mill plant proc

And the mixer carries out the homogenization of the crushed particles, and Supplement with vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Particle Size can be adjusted depending on what is required to feed for a particular animal. Thus, the diameter of holes in sieve crusher:

  • For pigs – 1.8 mm;
  • Pigs – 2.2 mm;
  • Birds – 4-8 mm;
  • Cattle – to 2 mm.

Do I Need additional hardware

Most of the companies practice is not only the production of mini-feed mills and additional equipment to them.

Sometimes the purpose of convenience, the discharge time shall be conveyor or screw conveyor.

mini Feed mill plant

They are necessary for the purpose of loading the finished feed in bags, transport or distributor. And to ensure that the whole process was as automated as possible, and to exclude the human factor it is possible to use operational bins, which keep protein and grain components, as well as those that store food for the animals.

If necessary, the plant is equipped with a device for creation of a continuous process of feed mixing and grinding of raw materials.

What is granulation?

Mini feed mill optionally can be equipped with a device for pelletizing, so the feed was more nutritious and easily assimilated, and it was convenient in terms of storage.

It often bought the farms that bred,

  • Fish;
  • Rabbits;
  • Bird;
  • Pig;
  • Cattle.

Due to the pelleting process is to reduce feed wastage and increase the duration of storage.

Mini feed mill dose agro

By heat treatment of the granules you can get rid of 99 percent of the colonies of fungi,which are producers of toxins.

When cooled they become stronger, because excess moisture is removed. Nechernozemnye small fractions are separated from the products and returned to the production for subsequent pressing.

Rules select the power

Mini feed mill plant can have a capacity from 200 to 5000 kg per hour depending on the needs of the economy. If the number of cattle ranges from 200 to 400 cows, then the recommended plant capacity – up to 1000 kg/hour. If it is more than a thousand, then you need to look after the plant is 2.5 thousand kilograms per hour.

It is Not recommended to choose the capacity of the unit “butt”, it is better that the performance was such that it was possible to produce feed with a small margin. This will allow you not to use the plant daily and thereby extend its service life.


Farms, such device as a mini factory usually chooses the head of the enterprise, the main livestock specialist or the head of livestock Department.

If you read the reviews of such employees, we can identify the following advantages of using units

  • Increases the quality of the feed, the mixture becomes more uniform;
  • Reduce half of the work and avoiding manual work;
  • Increase milk yield in cows;
  • The ability to change the recipe and separate the preparation of feed for each group of animals;
  • Fast payback period mini-mill (about six months for an expensive device);
  • Improve product quality, which buy more affluent customers.

Many owners say that is used for production of forages of special foreign technologies that were specially designed for them individually.

And they complain that not all cases can be achieved, the mass was homogeneous. And to do it manually is problematic, because the human factor plays a role. In the end, if Supplement, mix carefully, one animal gets too many of them, and others – nothing. And such a phenomenon – not uncommon.

The Only way to get rid of this – is to use a mobile feed mill. Some buy them, others prefer to rent. However, in both cases, it noted a sharp increase in the number of ready-made food for animals. Very often, after some time of renting the equipment the decision on purchase it, because the payback period of the plant very fast.

Small private feed mill – this is a practical and effective solution for both large farms and small family production capacities for the production of milk and meat. It all depends on what animals live on the farm.

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