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All breeds of cows are divided into three main areas: dairy, meat-dairy and meat. The latter animal has the largest weight and growth rate. Meat from such cows are usually covered by fat layers, and hence its richness and wonderful taste. Moreover, this advantage over animals dairy breeds can boast as cows and bulls. Breeds bulls beef usually are undemanding in care and feeding.

General characteristics of the rocks

The Main feature of breeding such cows is that the calves are suckling from the mother until six to eight months. Due to such a long period quite simple. Beef cows – with few exceptions – not milked. Over the next 5-8 months for young heifers and calves kept on feed, hay and vegetables. For some time prior to slaughter adolescent animals is transferred to a grain diet. This allows you to achieve the best results in terms of gaining weight and meat quality. The yield of the latter can reach up to 64% by weight of the ink.

History of the Kalmyk breed

This is the best native beef breed cows. She was bred by nomadic Kalmyks in the steppes of Central Asia. In Russia, this breed became interested and began to breed more than 400 years ago. As you move the nomads to the West, the Kalmyk breed has gained popularity, first in Siberia and on the Volga and the don.

bulls breed bulls

Main features

The Constitution of these animals is massive, strong and harmonious. The body is strong meat forms. The main feature of the breed is the absence of an occipital ridge on the head. Kalmyk cow can weigh 450-600 kg 800-1100 kg – this is what we can boast of the bulls. Breed of bulls of the meat direction for their rapid growth. At the birth of the Kalmyk calves weigh only 20-25 lbs. In a year a cow can give 800-1500 kg of milk. This is more than enough for vikarma healthy, well-developed calves.


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The Suit in cows of this breed are typically red or red-and-white. There are also red-spotted, brown-spotted and red of its representatives. Used breed including as a parent when the selection work. For example, by crossing the Kalmyk, Kazakh and Hereford cows were obtained Kazakh white-headed.

meat breed bulls


The Kalmyk breed does not require any special maintenance or feeding. It is very hardy cows and bulls. Breed of bulls bred for many centuries in conditions of sharply continental climate, are always a good adaptability to adverse natural factors. When you transfer to a place of more severe conditions the animals will instantly adapt, without compromising productivity. Simplicity, thus, the main advantage of the Kalmyk breed. Even on very poor, sun-baked steppe grasslands, these animals very quickly fatten weight. The flesh of these cows are tasty and nutritious. The Kalmyk breed cows mostly in the arid steppe regions of the country.


Bred these animals were in the 18th century in England. Once the breed Hereford bulls were used only as working animals. However, in the 18th century purposeful breeding work allowed us to obtain highly productive animals. Hereford began to export to other countries. At the moment it is the most common beef breed in the world. In Russia it was imported in 1928.

Holstein breed


The Hereford cows is typical for the meat orientation body type. The torso they have barrel-shaped, squat and wide, the neck is short and muscular haunch. The suit of the breed is dark red. The withers, head, dewlap, belly and lower part of the legs – white. The mass of cows 550-650 kg, 850-1000 kg can reach the bulls. Breed Hereford bulls Kalmyk and, thus, the ability to work up the weight each other almost equal. Animals is very high. Meat from Hereford ‘marble’ veined, very tasty, and the output it can reach 62% by weight of the ink.

Care Hereford

As the Kalmyk, Hereford cows are ruggedness and ability to adapt to harsh climatic conditions. The temper of these animals are very calm and friendly. In food, they are completely unpretentious. Calves are born small (25-30 kg), but very quickly gain weight and almost sick.

Russian hornless

This is another highly productive domestic species for meat. She was bred in Volgograd region recently – in 2007. The main feature of the breed is the black suit. The mass of the Russian hornless cows can reach 550-550 kg, bulls - 1100 kg. This breed, like most other meat, very unpretentious and a good feeling even in sharply continental climate. Another advantage of the Russian hornless is the resistance to diseases. The meat from these cows ‘marble’.

Abedin Angus breed

Bred these animals were in Scotland in the 18th century. In Russia the first representatives of this breed were imported in 1917. However, the popularity at the time received. The second time such animals brought into the country in1948. The breed is hornless black suit and a strong Constitution. Legs Abedin-ahuska cows is short and the head is small. One of the advantages of this breed is early maturing. Calves at birth weigh about 25 kg Live weight bulls – 750-1200 kg. Cows can reach a weight of 450-500 kg.

the breed limousine

Limousin breed

Initially these animals are bred as meat and dairy. Obtained Limousin cow was in France in the 18th century by crossing the they beat FC with other highly productive breeds. Later, breeding work was focused on the development of mainly meat qualities. In Russia this breed was imported in the early 60-ies.

The limousine Breed has well developed muscular body and a small head and horns. This is a very low animals (cow - 135 cm, butts – 145 cm). Calves are born small – 40 lbs. But by the time of slaughter can reach a weight of 310 kg. the Breed is characterised by rusticity and resistance to diseases. In France it is one of the most common. Great taste has meat as the Limousin calves, which often clog for sale and adult cows and bulls.

the Kalmyk breed

Other popular breeds

The above-Described meat breed bulls in our country are very common. In particular, Kalmyk and Hereford. However, in most farms to grow meat and dairy animals. One of the most popular breeds of this trend is the Simmental. This is a highly productive and not too whimsical animals. Of dairy breeds is very very popular Holstein.

Simmental cow

Brought these animals in Switzerland. Once upon a time sementelli was unproductive mountain cows. However, a huge work to select the best animals gave very good results. Today the Simmental breed bulls are large, giving a lot of milk animals. Constitution these they are very strong, muscular, sometimes even coarse, high growth, and bones strong. From one cow you can get 3500-6000 kg of milk per year. The weight of the bulls can reach 900-1000 kg. of Cows – 600-900 lbs. Calves are born quite large – 60 kg Slaughter yield of meat can be 56-65%. The Simmental cow is very well endure the cold and heat. However, to obtain good results they must be well fed.

Simmental breed

In the rock a few Holsteins high-milk lines. These cows are bred mainly in the black earth areas of Russia and Ukraine.

Cows Holstein

Home to these animals is the Netherlands. However, its current high productivity of Holstein breed bulls owe to the American breeder from Belmont to Wincrop V. Chenery. At the moment it is the most popular dairy in the world. Spread it in many countries. The Holstein cow can give 8000-10000 kg of milk per year. One of the hallmarks of the breed is the udder vandoorne shape large capacity. The suit in these animals is black-and-white or red-and-white. Sometimes there are completely black animals with small markings in the area of the legs, abdomen, tail and head. Since 1971, they are recognized as a separate breed. Calves at birth weigh 37-42 kg. It is not only Holsteins high-milk, but also very large breed. Adult bulls can weigh up to 1200 kg, cows – up to 750 kg.

breed bulls Hereford

Discussed above meat breed bulls can be considered the most popular. Grown their representatives not only for milk and meat. Very often these breeds are used as parent in breeding new, high-yielding and hardy.

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