Adjusting the carburetor VAZ 2108 in the garage conditions


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Carburetor VAZ 2108 – that without which “eight” simply can not continue its movement. In its absence, you will not be able to go or at least call the minimum speed. Therefore, this item is always in need of regular diagnostics and repair. One such process is the adjustment of the carburetor VAZ 2108. How properly will you handle this part will determine car power, fuel economy and even exhaust emissions. So all work should be carried out very carefully and accurately. And this will help you in our article.

adjusting the carburetor VAZ 2108

Custom carburetor VAZ 2108

Adjusting this detail is not without preparation. And before to proceed directly to the process, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the motor itself. Using a special compression gauge measure the compression in 4 cylinders. If the received data are significantly different from each other, adjustment of the carburettor VAZ (2108-099) will be useless. The source of the trouble lies in the engine itself. If the compression gauge brought the same readings from all the cylinders, proceed to the adjustment of the carburetor. For starters, start the engine and wait until it attains its working temperature (approximately 80-90 degrees Celsius). After the motor is warmed up, take in hand special screw and reduce the idle speed to the minimum. To adjust need to the moment when you feel that the engine's going to stall. Now turn off the ignition and tighten the bolt quantity of the mixture until it stops.


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Next adjustment of the carburetor VAZ 2108 is accompanied by twisting of the needle fuel supply to ½ turn. Then Unscrew it one complete revolution. If the frequency of rotations of the crankshaft when it decreased and when loosening following has increased, you know – the engine goes too lean. When the opposite is happening, the mixture comes out strongly enriched. carburetor VAZ 2108 tuningIn this case, rotate the screw amount of mixture where increase momentum. When after adjusting the crankshaft began to rotate more rapidly, changing the regular nozzle on the detail with less holes. If the rotation of the screw, the engine speed remained unchanged, no changes are necessary. Repair carburetor VAZ 2108 is also not required.

Now rotate the bolt until high revs. When turning it in any direction, the crankshaft has less to revolve, the mixture is depleted. If you want your car consumes less fuel, you can leave these values unchanged. However, remember that the risk of overheating increases substantially, because the fuel ignites only at high temperatures. carb repair VAZ 2108

When loosening the screw speed decreases, the mixture becomes rich by far. In this case, the motor will not overheat, but the fuel consumption will increase significantly. So you should always pick up the average values to adjust carburetor VAZ 2108 was successful.

As you can see, to configure this mechanism can be hand-written.

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