Electronic ignition on VAZ 2107: installation and scheme


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Use electronic ignition on VAZ 2107 is much more efficient than contact. To understand what benefits are available when you install contactless system, it is necessary to consider briefly the history of its development. And start, of course, is with contact system, it began development. It is also necessary to carefully examine the main components of the ignition to determine which functions they carry out. It is also worth noting that the installation of the electronic ignition allows to achieve higher capacity and reliability of the entire vehicle.

The Main elements of the ignition systems

the electronic ignition on VAZ 2107

The main elements include such as spark plugs, buenaposada, coil. It is the nodes that are present in any system. However, they have some differences. Of course, candles are used on all engines are the same. If we are talking about automobiles. Buenaposada can be in rubber, and the silicone shell. They have both pluses and minuses. For example, silicone is more susceptible to destruction of the internal conductive layer.

And the wires in the rubber sheath can not tolerate low temperatures – they become hard, lose their elasticity. Ignition coil, despite the fact that have the same functions, also differ. If the contact system, the breakdown voltage should be 25-30 kV, the electronic ignition system works when the value of this parameter is of the order of 30-40 kV. And if these two systems use one coil, then the microprocessor is equipped with two or four. One coil on 1-2 candles.

Contact system

installation electronic ignition

This design was popular until the mid 90-ies of the last century. But she is gone, as obsolete. At its core is a distributor in which the rotor has a small plot, made in the form of the Cam. With it is driven breaker – two metal plates, insulated from each other. They have contacts which are closed and opened under the action of the Cam.

The Reliability of this system depend directly on the state of this contact group. The fact that the contacts commute 12 Volts, consequently, the risk that they will burn, very high. Also they touch, therefore, is the place to be mechanical action. Hence the reduction of the thickness of the contacts, therefore increasing the gap between them. For this reason, you need to constantly monitor the condition of the contact group. But the electronic ignition system allows you to get rid of these minor bugs.


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Contact transistor

A Little more perfect this system, but to the ideal, she is still far away. As in the previous type, a distributor, and the contact group. With a difference – it commutes low voltage less than 1 Volt. More for the management of electronic key, assembled on semiconductor transistor, and is not required. The advantage of this system becomes clear from the above. But the disadvantage still remains – there is a mechanical effect. Consequently, the contacts gradually wear out and require replacement. A long time to ride without timely maintenance. Even though it's almost the electronic ignition on VAZ 2107, but still far to BSZ him.

Contact system

electronic ignition system

But the contactless system is closer to the ideal. There is no contact group, which is the most vulnerable place. Consequently, to maintain it is not required. All functions of the circuit breaker assigned to the inductive sensor operating on the Hall effect. It is mounted inside the dispenser on the very spot on which stood the group of contacts. For normal operation of the ignition system you want the sensor to work properly. And he will not be able to work without metal skirts with slits that rotates in the region of its active element. Diagram of electronic ignition has a high degree of reliability is largely due to the fact that there is no mechanical interaction between the elements.

Hall Sensor

diagram of electronic ignition

When the engine is running, the rotation is transmitted to the axis of the distributor. In the upper part of the rotating runner, which distributes the high voltage from the coil to the spark plugs. At the bottom is the previously mentioned metallic skirt. It is located in such a way that it revolves in the region of the sensor. Consequently, the latter, under the influence of the metal, gives impetus. And such jumps in a single volume is four (number of cylinders). Further, this pulse is supplied to the switch. Installation of electronic ignition is pretty fast as it contains a small number of items. Among them stands out the switch, but it will be described later.

Microprocessor control

electronic contactless ignition

This type of system is the most perfect. The reason is that it works by processing data from multiple sensors. It is actively used only on fuel injected engines, so as soon as they canto control the fuel supply. Is control absolutely all the parameters of engine operation. The sensor signals are received at an electronic control unit-the brain of the entire system. It is made on the basis of the microprocessor, which can perform thousands of operations per second. Diagram of the electronic ignition of this type are quite complex and require programming. The microprocessor must know what the user wants to obtain at a certain input type.

Sensors in microprocessor-based system

the electronic ignition on VAZ

As has been said, in this type of ignition system it is necessary to analyze all parameters. In particular, with the increasing demands for toxicity, vengeance began to use lambda probes. Microcontroller diagram of the electronic ignition VAZ allows you to connect several types of readers. Of course, the use of oxygen sensors in cars is controversial, it is worth to look at how many harmful gases and liquids discharged by the enterprises into the environment. But legislators in Europe care in the least. Injection sevens correspond to norms of toxicity of Euro-2 and Euro-3. Unfortunately, at the moment there are norms of Euro-6.

For the normal operation of the engine to control speed, frequency of rotation of the crankshaft of the air coming into the fuel rail. Also the analysis of the content of co in the exhaust system, determines the position of the throttle valve relative to the starting point. In addition, every second is determined by the presence of detonation in the engine, is the idle adjustment. And all this makes it system, which is made on the microprocessor. Thousands of operations he performs in order to apply signals to the actuators (e.g. solenoid valves of the injectors). So how to install the electronic ignition of this type is quite difficult for carbureted engines, you should still stop using BSZ.


diagram of electronic ignition VAZ

This element is a precursor to the microprocessor of the electronic control unit. Switch is a signal to the ignition coil. The only sensor that is involved in his work – Hall. It can determine the beginning of the supply voltage. However, the level of the signal received from the Hall sensor, is very small. If it is apply to high-voltage coil, the output voltage to ignite the spark will be insufficient. Among other things, electronic ignition 2106 can easily be mounted on the whole range of VAZ 2101-2107, as its installation is the same.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the buffer of node – amplifier. Such functions are also performed by the switch. When a large amount of heat, so the unit setting should be approached with great responsibility. It must be mounted so that the rear part of the most tightly adjoined to the element of the car body. Otherwise, the possible rapid failure of the semiconductor elements of the system. Plug, with which is connected the switch should be protected from dust and moisture.

How to install a distributor

how to install an electronic ignition

Now we should talk about how to install and configure electronic ignition on 2107. Installation dispenser BSZ on the classics is similar to the procedure performed when installing a simple timer contact system. First set the crankshaft pulley to the marks on the engine block. There are three markers that determine the magnitude of lead angle – 0, 5, 10 degrees. Set the pulley opposite the label that corresponds to the value of 5 degrees. It is the most optimal for operation on gasoline with an octane rating of 92.

Now, removing the distributor cap, set the slider so that it faced the output that goes to the spark of the first cylinder. It now remains only to place the body of the distributor into its place and loosely install the nut of its fastening. Next put in place the distributor cap, clamp with spring clamps. That's all, the initial setting of the ignition is completed, you can now start to fine tune.

Add timing

electronic ignition 2106

It is worth noting that the adjustment of “hearing” may be, but only in the most urgent cases. For example, if damage has caught you on the way and need to get to a place of repair. In other cases you need to use at least simple – for example, the indicator on the led. Best of all, if the electronic ignition on VAZ 2107 will be adjusted using a strobe or motortestera.

If you have strobe, then the task of setting ignition timing is simplified many times over. Incidentally, such a device can be collected even from a led flashlight. Set the control output from the capacitive sensor to bronirovat of the first cylinder. Now we need to send a beam of strobe light on the crankshaft pulley. Of course, the engine should start. Rotating the body of the distributor, make a mark on the crankshaft heldopposite the corresponding notches on the block clearly at the time of the outbreak.

What does BSZ seven?

electronic ignition for 2107

And now I will commence gushing contactless system. For anybody not a secret that electronic contactless ignition much better than its predecessor. The reason for that – there is no need for frequent control of the distributor and breaker. A modern driver? To his car went, but did not require expertise in device of the vehicle and its systems. Note that the more recent the car, the less the owner interfere with her work. Max – replacement of fluids and filters.

BSZ And took a step towards the drivers, it saved them the need to constantly check the gap, adjust the timing, clean the contacts. Now quite a large number of people that a box of speeds of the piston can be distinguished with great difficulty. Will he be able to do all of the above procedures? Exactly. Therefore, electronic contactless ignition allows to increase the reliability of the car. And the need for frequent adjustment is eliminated.


Analyzing all the “for” and “against”, you can come to one conclusion – the more modern ignition system, so it is safer and more efficient. But if you have a carbureted seven, the installation of microprocessor-based system, you will need to upgrade the fuel supply. For this you need to install the pump, rail, injectors, electronic control unit, and a bunch of sensors to ensure normal operation. But a more simple solution – is just to mount the electronic ignition on VAZ 2107. And the price is not very much, and in time, too.

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