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Winter – it is a time of cold weather, which lead to the formation of snow drifts on the road surface, and a thick layer of ice. And if you decide to take a ride on the winter road on summer tires, you will notice very quickly that the grip is almost nonexistent. Therefore, with the approaching winter months, the drivers begin searching for new winter tires – there comes a time studded tires.

However, few people like it – first, the spikes are always lost, often have to buy a new set of tires before it wore out, as the spikes fall, and with them, and losing grip. Secondly, very few people like the fact that because of the spikes in the winter, the machine makes a noise a few times more than usual. And that's only if you're lucky. If you go for the best winter tires, the noise in the cabin can be simply unbearable. That is why in recent time is gaining popularity studless winter tires. For its production uses a special rubber compound, which contains microscopic crystals at the expense of them is traction.

One of the most striking examples of such rubber – winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews which are mostly positive. This model and should be considered in this article. After all, new technology and the absence of spikes – this is not the only distinctive features of this model. Now you will be able to see what else the pros have winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. The reviews about them will also be carefully considered, since it is they, and not the information of the manufacturer, is able to give you the most realistic impression of the product.


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General information

dunlop graspic ds3 opinion

About tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews on the Internet can be found everywhere, as many drivers had the opportunity to test this model, and these reviews are mostly positive. However, all you need to say in order, so first we have to consider all the features of this model, and then proceed to a careful examination of the views of users.

So, what are these tyres? Rubber this model is one of the best examples of studless winter tires on the market today – she will offer you excellent grip even in the most severe frosty conditions, you will be able to forget about all the problems that were inherent in the studded tires. Special rubber compound provides improved traction and driving control even at the lowest temperatures and in very extreme conditions.

We should also mention the performance tire, which is in winter season they provides the latest technology developed by Dunlop group specifically for use in such tires. All together allows the driver to enjoy the ride in winter like it rides on smooth and flat road in the summer. But you still need to become more familiar with each of the outstanding features of this model.

Protector top class

winter tires dunlop graspic ds3 reviews

The Most important thing that may be of interest to the lover of cars in winter tires that don't feature studs – protector. Thereby providing a grip? What is the difference between studless winter tire from conventional summer tyres? The difference lies in the fact that the creation of a protector uses a special mixture, which is added crystals of glass – and they provide grip, and in the case of tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews inform that the grip is much better than using studded tires.

Of Course, everyone can decide this question for yourself by trying both types of tire, but the studless version is a step forward, the future technology that will allow drivers to get much more pleasure from driving. But, of course, you need to understand that the studded rubber protector often freezes and becomes solid, so in the event of loss of thorns he begins more actively to slide on the icy surface. That is why the basis of the rubber mixture for the tread of these tires have the silica that allows the tires to stay soft and supple even in the most severe frosts. What gives? This provides a significant increase in traction even on the most unpleasant for riding surface, and improves the control over the car where the other tires you already would have lost.

Digital rolling technology

dunlop graspic ds3 reviews driving

Special attention should be paid to unique technology, which is used exclusively in tyre manufacturing Dunlop. It is called Digital Rolling Simulation, and specifically in this model tire is the updated second version of the technology. What is it and why do we need? Many drivers raise those questions, as they are not particularly interested in production processes and a variety of things. They need to bus was quality, gave excellent grip, demonstrated high performance, guaranteed security, and does not require frequent replacement.

This technology greatly improves the feel of the ride, as it is responsible for optimized pressure distribution of the tire.The result is not only superior traction, but also increased life expectancy of the tyre. This is achieved due to the fact that with optimized pressure of the tyre tread contact with the road surface evenly – respectively, and the tyre wear is uniform. You don't have to change tires solely due to the fact that at one point the tread is severely worn out, while at other points it was still possible to ride the whole year.

So Digital Rolling Simulation – is the technology that not only improves driving experience and safety of the process, but also allows you to save money at the expense of much more rare of change of rubber. In the part of the article, which will feature on the Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews, you will be able to verify that this is indeed the case.

Optimized the rigidity of the tread pattern

dunlop graspic ds3 reviews 175 65 r14

The tread pattern in this model is a very important element, as it allows the tires to further improve performance. Thanks to him, the driver a much better feeling wheel, this is due to the improved grip and smooth Bicycle tires on the road surface. You will no longer have the feeling that the car responds only after a second after you turned the wheel. This, in turn, also improves safety of driving. As to what level of security you guarantee tires Dunlop Graspic DS3, reviews also will not lie.

This model – winter tyres, and we all know that typically, winter tyres are not very well behave on dry roads. Fortunately, the protector of this model is made in such a way that driving on a dry road surface does not yield to the convenience and security of driving on icy roads. But note also that this feature of the tread pattern of this model does not affect the performance on those icy and snowy surfaces. The result is that these tires are extremely versatile, and if necessary, you can safely use them on dry roads – but should not get involved, because on such roads wear winter tires accelerated.


dunlop graspic ds3 205 55 r16 reviews

Of Course, you can't tell about the tires and not to mention the tubules on the tread, because they play a most important role in the winter. They pick up moisture from the road, thus providing maximum grip. The same applies to snow. This model has an excellent return system of liquids and snow, which allows these substances to stagnate in the tubules, and constantly in motion, delivering maximum performance.

We should also mention that the walls of the tubules, which are lateral sides of the blocks of the tread pattern is also improved compared to previous models and other similar options for winter tires. As a result, they have become more stringent, which affected the two indicators. In the first place, due to this even more improves the steering feel, making the experience of driving in extreme conditions remain positive. Secondly, the decline in the rate of wear of the tread, which allows to drive the same set of tires for much longer compared to other similar models. That's all the main characteristics and features of winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. The drivers who have already had a chance to try this rubber – a topic which will be devoted to the second part of the article.

Most helpful review

dunlop graspic ds3 r15 reviews

At each site, where you can find reviews on a particular product, users always note whether a particular review helpful or not. From this and is rating reviews in this article, we will discuss only those that seemed useful and informative. What are about the Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews?

Driving the car to check the tires always better, but not everyone has that opportunity, so many the choice guided by the experience of others. The positive aspects that mark the users in the first place is the affordable price – on average it does not exceed ten thousand rubles. This model captures the lack of spikes and the fact that even in the most severe frosts, it retains sufficient softness. Motorists also note that on dry pavement, which were already discussed above, the rubber really delivers excellent performance. The last mentioned of the positive traits, – the functionality of the tires even in deep snow.

However, there are negative sides – for example, many say that the warming to ride this rubber is not very nice because it gets too soft. This is often indicate tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews. Driving the car, of course, it is best to check the quality of the tires. But consumers, too, can believe.

Not the best tires

dunlop graspic ds3 91q reviews

What else is there about the model of Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews? 175/65 R14 – this size is particularly popular. But if we talk about the quality of tires in General, their size is not the crucial difference. Motorists saymany of the pros of using this product, namely: low noise, good handling and excellent performance on snowy roads. But the highest rating for the quality of consumers does not put the fact that the efficiency during braking is often extremely low. This is a key indicator when choosing a good winter tire. Your car may fit other size tires such as the Dunlop Graspic DS3 205/55 R16, reviews and about this product manufacturer saying he is not the best stopping power in comparison with studded tires. Unfortunately, manufacturers are unable to withdraw “tape” to a qualitatively new level.

Great winter tires

But don't think that consumers put these tires only low rating - statistics show that about 35 percent of the reviews assess the top five. It is also worth noting that in most cases people use tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 R15. Reviews that assess the quality of the rubber perfectly, are numerous, many of the car owners reported that the main advantages of this model are quiet and ride comfort. In particular, users say that this model is perfectly suitable to ride in the winter in the city, but not from the best side shows itself on very icy surfaces, and also when driving fast. But the most important thing is that in that price range that includes tyres, better model you will hardly find, why you should pay attention to the model Dunlop Graspic DS3 91Q. Reviews of these tires, as you can see, though are diverse, but they release a lot of positive aspects.

Frequently recommended model

It is Worth noting that very often the motorists recommend to buy it on the winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. Owner reviews agree that the performance of these tires on winter roads is always very high. If with mind to drive a car, you will be able to have a good start and to brake quickly and safely, and can move at normal speed and not slow to a crawl, as does most cars in bad weather conditions. That is why you still need to pay attention to how good winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. It is very flattering leave, even sales managers, and this is unlikely to effect cooperation with the manufacturer, because it is impossible to say that Dunlop is so popular in Russia.

Recent comments

Well, now you know almost everything about non-studded winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. Reviews on them are varied, but most of them estimate the model on a solid five. Whenever you do not forget that non-studded tires – it's still a pretty fresh product on the market, so no need to require these tyres of the same that you demand from the good old studded tires.

Please note that the design of this model is oriented to minimize the noise produced by tyres – and with these tires can handle just as well that confirm left by consumers about the model Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews. 225/50 17 – is one of the most popular sizes that are in demand everywhere, so that it can be found almost anywhere, but you can find tires specifically for your car.

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