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Now, if you ask a person what cars produced in the USSR, he is sure to mention VAZ "Classics" legendary “Volga” and post-war “Win M-20”. But today we want to talk about the more distant car. This “Moskvich-403”. Pictures, design and characteristics of this car – further in our article.


This "Muscovite" in the middle of the last century. So to speak, competitor «Victory». In General, car «Moskvich-403” was a transitional model. He belonged to the class of small cars. It is often confused with the vehicle ‘Moskvich-402" (403, 407 are similar to each other). Just came off the Assembly line about a hundred thousand copies. Now they have very little. It is a real rarity. This model was produced at AZLK from 1962 to 1965.


Externally, the car “Moskvich-403" (machine photos can be seen below) did not differ from its 402-th predecessor. Classic style for those years. But in the mid 60's, this design was considered obsolete.

Moskvich 403 photoA Characteristic feature of any car at that time – plenty of chrome. It on the bumper, mirrors, wheels and grille. Even the name "Muscovite" made in chrome trim. And it's not plastic, but real Soviet metal. It, by the way, easy to recover – craftsmen use this cloth dampened with water foil. Produced various modifications of cars "Muscovite" - 403, 407. Some even went for export – marked with “e”. Such instances differed threefold tail lights, wide rectangular grille and modified side molding. Met models with characteristic “teeth” on the bumper. But was exported machine with a neat plates. This model was a competitor to the legendary “twenty-first”, namely GAZ-21. Because the side and front it is almost the fellow.

What else to say about the design? But almost nothing – it's a rare car that can be found only in the Museum. Clearly, if we are to restore “Moskvich-403", it will attract attention in the stream. But it is a very long and costly. After all not everyone has enough money and desire to return 60-year-old car to factory condition.

tuning Moskvich 403But those who do not regret forces, to return "Muscovite" second life, is to say a special “thank you”. Because every year these machines are becoming less – they completely rot in the hands of forgetful owners.


Inside, everything is very simple. No plastic parts – even the torpedo is made of metal. Upholstery – only on the doors. Here dvuhsvetny the wheel and on the instrument panel – only the speedometer. There is a fuel level sensor and antifreeze. By the way, the latter is indicated as “Water”. Because when this car was produced, of a liquid, as “oily”, was not in sight. Center – massive round buttons. I think they've done that they have survived mankind. Differently Soviet, are not described.

403 Moskvich 407

The Right front passenger has a small glove compartment. All made in minimalist style. Of course, the interior design is very different, even compared to the “Volga-24». The steering wheel on all models of car “Moskvich-403" was done in bright colors. Front – typical of retro cars sofa. No lateral supports and armrests. By the way, the backrest folds up completely. The result is a smooth bed.

Despite the large year inside remains the same the smell of the Soviet vehicle. With what not to compare. Is it possible to make the car "Moskvich-403" tuning? Improvements can relate only to the restoration of the former beauty salon. Restorers alter the upholstery and repaint the metal parts.

Strangely enough, but after all these years this car does not cause disgust. It has its own history. Particularly impressive it looks on the original chrome hubcaps.

Next, we'll look at what the car has “Moskvich-403” specifications.

What's under the hood?

Machines of those times (except for the leading “Americans”) is not very powerful engines. So, “Moskvich-403" mounted a 45-strong petrol engine. Its working volume was 1.3 liters. On the model 407 was installed engine marked with “D”. Such cars used a hydraulic clutch. It meant a lot to cars of the time. Was a transition engine 407Д1. Its capacity was 50 horsepower. It was considered that its design was more modern andreliable. But before our time they almost reached. As for technical improvements, then the 403-th model used a new crankshaft with larger main journal, the ear, the other flywheel and the sump. It is possible to increase the maximum speed to 115 miles per hour. Here gearbox is mechanical from the steering column stalk. The same scheme was used by the Germans at the time on the car “Opel-Olympia».

Technical improvements

When you create the indicator / multifunction switch were involved experts from the plant MZMA. They used the shaft of the shifter, which is concentric with the steering. Previously they were mounted coaxially.

Moskvich 402 403 407

This design allowed to significantly reduce the vibration of the turn signal / multifunction lever the gearshift.

Fine-tuned cooling radiator and steering gear. The last was with a pendulum arm, which was mounted on the right rail. Suspension is articulated, and the brake master cylinder was moved from the cabin under the hood. By the way, «Moskvich-403" was the first Soviet car, which was equipped with self-adjusting brake cylinders. Also had the windshield washer. It is controlled by pressing the mechanical foot trigger. This is all the technical improvements in domestic car "Muscovite" 403-th model.


The Soviet "Muscovite" was produced in several variations. It was a sedan and a station wagon with the marking M-423. There were four-wheel drive versions with the prefix “M”. But these do not meet even now in the hands of collectors. The model that was exported, had the designation “Yu”. This machine was often used in Soviet taxi (“Moskvich-T”).


Find now such instances are difficult. Very few ads. Those that are sold, not in the best condition. Restored versions can cost about ten thousand dollars. As for other models, you can buy them for 200-300 dollars. Will definitely have to invest in this car a certain amount of money. The amount depends on the specific condition. But it's hard to say that spare parts for "Muscovite" expensive. The problem is that they are almost not to find. Analogues it is not released, and that is in the secondary market, in most cases in poor condition. Some restorers fit in 800-900 dollars with the boiling and painting the body. Definitely all this requires time and effort.

car Moskvich 403

But, in the opinion of those who were restored, we can say that the machine does not cause negative emotions. It focuses on moderate quiet ride. The arches are big enough to accommodate 15-inch wheels, which gives the opportunity to Park on any curb.

Moskvich 403 specifications

The Surrounding will definitely pay attention to this car. By the way, the silhouette of it a bit like the 21st “Volga”.

Operation and Maintenance

As for the service, the main problem lies in the consumables. Original filters for this model are just not producing. Craftsmen put the elements "Oka". Mufflers digest from “Classics”. The rest – body, part of the salon, you can find at any flea market. The condition is not new, but, make the effort to return the car to original appearance both externally and internally. The engine on the 1300 «cubes» very economical. Not to say that in 50 years engineers thought about the problem of ecology, but wastes it due to the small volume of 8 liters per hundred kilometers. And here to pour the gasoline – the engine will endure all. Those who are fond of old cars, 403 th "Muscovite" definitely like it.

Moskvich 403

He May not be a car for everyday travel, but on weekends to delight the eyes of passers was not forbidden. Due to the uniqueness of this car is quite suitable for the wedding.


So, we found the car “Moskvich-403”. Oddly enough, but at all stages of production engineers continued to work on this machine, eliminating all the schools. As a result, the well-known model of AZLK-2140. Her drivers praised for reliable suspension and unkillable engine. Unfortunately, these vehicles do not meet on the expanses of our Motherland. Some fall into the hands of the restorers, and continue to rot in the garage some rural hinterland.

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