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“Mercedes Vito" - is very popular in Russia minivan. This machine is in demand primarily due to the powerful and reliable engines, comfortable suspension. By default on "Vito" set coil springs front and rear. As options can be retrofitted van air suspension. But these modifications are very few in Russia. Most of them already have problems with the suspension. But what if I want to get the van on the pneuma, which originally came with the clamps? The only way out. Is to install air suspension on “Mercedes Vito”. This can be done. That gives you air suspension, how it works and what gets reviewed? All this and not only read our today's article.


So what is “pneuma”? This pendant, which implies the presence of air cylinders.

air suspension on Vito features

They are elastic elements in the chassis and allow you to change the ride height depending on the volume filled with air. The cylinders are installed instead of springs, and in our case – helical springs.

Why is it so popular?

In the first place, such a suspension is popular due to its intensity. There are many opinions about this, but no matter how many levers at suspension is used, the air cylinders absorb milder shocks than the springs (and springs and say no). What's the advantages of such a system? If this cargo "Vito" of the installation of such a suspension will increase the capacity of the machine. So, fully loaded the car will not SAG as before.


The Main component of any air – air cylinders. Otherwise their name – air springs. These parts perform the role of elastic elements in the suspension. Cylinders assume the full shock load. In addition, they held the car body. These air springs consist of thick multilayered rubber and can withstand a lot of pressure. The top and bottom on the cushion there is a metal spacer, which attaches the item to the body and the suspension arms. It is a kind of platform for placing of air springs. Cylinders themselves are cylindrical in shape, but can change its height. Due to this and adjusted the clearance of the car.

installing air suspension on a Mercedes Vito with his own hands

The Compressor. As noted in the reviews, the kit suspension to "Vito" he may not enter. As a budget analogue to the proposed installation of nipple pumping. That gives the compressor? This element produces a pumping cylinders. The unit connects to the standard onboard network of the car. The compressor has its own “razor”. When a certain pressure in the receivers (typically, ten degrees) it automatically shuts off.

What are the receivers? It's a hollow metal container which contains compressed air. As noted in the reviews, for a “Mercedes Vito” enough five-liter receiver. It's not too big and it is enough for several cycles of rising and lowering of the body. The receiver and the air suspension compressor «Mercedes Vito” can be joined together. Often manufacturers supply ready-made compressors in which there is the receiver. It is very convenient. If you are installing air suspension on “Mercedes Vito” with his own hands, no need to think where and how to place these elements. It is enough to fix everything in the cabin (for example, under one of the seats).

Also, the air suspension includes a variety of hoses, fittings and solenoid valves. The latest allow air to move through the system at the right time. And connects it all to one control panel. Usually it is fixed near the driver's seat.

What you say owners?

As noted in the reviews, set the suspension to "Vito" is worth buying for several reasons. First – this is a high smoothness. With this system you can make the suspension softer, without changing the rubber profile. The second reason – good handling. How much Luggage no Luggage, the machine is driven in the turns. Suspension can be done the hard and soft – enough to adjust the pressure in the circuit. The third reason – the ability to adjust the clearance. For some, it helps easier to overcome snow drifts, and someone puts such a pendant to attract attention. A fully deflated pillows and beautiful drives this car looks very attractive.

kit air suspension on Vito reviews

At any moment the machine can be “drop” to land and return it to the transport position. The process of raising the air springs does not take more than ten seconds. But this applies only to those systems where the compressor and receiver, – said in the reviews. Set the suspension to "Vito" with the nipple and without the receiver makes the owner to carry a pump for pumping. Otherwise, no way to change the configuration of the chassis. As they say in the reviews, set the suspension to "Vito" is better to take with a compressor. Overpaying for it once, you will not suffer with the paging system via the nipple, especially in the winter time.


The air suspension is divided into several types. Thus, there are:

  • Single circuit system. It is the simplest and cheapest suspension scheme. In this case, the two cushions are controlled from a single valve. Set single-system only on the rear axle. Among the owners of "Vito" is the most popular option. The machine will not be ‘porpoise" on the road, when empty, in this case - to be well managed with a full load.
  • Dual. This system is placed at both axes of the vehicle. What is the feature of this scheme? Here is a slightly different principle of operation air suspension. On "Vito" cylinders are set for each wheel separately. But regardless they are managed in pairs. The driver can raise and lower separately only the two front or two back pillows. The cost of such a system is approximately 2 times higher than the previous.
  • Four-pass. This is the most complex and expensive circuit of the air suspension on "Vito". The device it assumes the presence of a complex control panel with a set of solenoid valves. The air supply is realized with a receiver or the compressor directly. But if in the previous case pumped from two pillows, here is the opportunity to manage each pneumonectomy individually. The cost of a four-circuit system 50 percent higher than the previous. But as noted in reviews, the air suspension on "Vito" such a plan is unnecessary. For comfortable control enough double-circuit system.


The Price of the low-air suspension "Vito" is 34 thousand rubles. This is a single-loop system with nipple pumping, without the receiver and the compressor. The kit includes:

  • Plastic tubing.
  • Fittings.
  • The Adapter on the nipple.
  • Fitting.
  • Air cylinders in the amount of two pieces.
  • Mounting Kit for the rear axle.

Additionally requested the installation of the compressor solenoid valves and receiver. This option costs about 25 thousand rubles. But as noted in the reviews, this air-suspension kit for “Mercedes Vito” is the best.

As for the two-loop system, it will be more expensive than 30 thousand roubles without taking into account the receiver and the compressor. But the price suspension four-pass reaches one hundred thousand and above, depending on the brand of cylinders and other accessories.


Below is a look at what has air suspension on "Vito" features:

  • Diameter air springs – 11 cm.
  • Working pressure Range – from three to eight atmospheres.
  • Minimum allowable pressure – one atmosphere. If you operate the system with their pillows, they quickly come into disrepair, even if the air springs are made of solid and sturdy rubber.
  • Permissible lifting force – half a ton on one pneumologist at a pressure of 10 atmospheres.

Typically, the mount set a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

How to install air suspension on "Vito"? Process description

This procedure can be done both independently and with the help of the hands of experts. The main difference between installation of air suspensions on Mercedes Benz Vito that pillows are the primary elastic element, and not auxiliary, as “Sprinter” and other commercial vehicles. Here pneumonectomy installed in place of factory helical springs. And that detail stood firmly in the Cup, there is a special metal spacers. Looks like ready for air suspension «Mercedes Vito”, the reader can see in the photo below.

air suspension on Vito principle of operation

Thus, the cylinders are mounted between the arm and the longitudinal body. To further strengthen the design is not worth it. Everything is set to factory locations. So, the first thing “Mercedes-Benz Vito” is placed on the lift or poddomkratit on flat ground. It is advisable to Unscrew the lower shock mount. This is necessary in order to extract the old spring. If it is someway defies, you should use a special puller springs. In the next step, you are ready to install air suspension on “Mercedes Vito”. In the top and bottom of the metal spacer is fixed with a powerful bolt. It is necessary to strictly align the pillow in order to avoid distortions. The only way the suspension will work fine on the “Mercedes-Benz Vito”.

Next, you can proceed to the construction of air routes. Please note: for security purposes, they should not interfere with the brake pipes. To strengthen the line can with plastic ties. After that you should connect the outputs from the solenoid valves and the compressor. You also need to lay wiring for the remote control, which will be in the cabin.

Mercedes Benz Vito

Next is the How to install air suspension on “Mercedes-Benz Vito”?

Then need to connect the compressor to the vehicle network. You can then start up the system. The compressor will pump air into the receiver, then oxygen will fill the cylinders. Depending on open or closed solenoid valve, we lower or raise the suspension.

Installation without receiver and compressor

When choosing a budget system is necessary to determine the location of the nipple the swap. They can be installed anywhere, e.g. under the passenger seat or at the bottom of the glove box. These plugs have the same shape as on a normal wheel. And paging will be done via a 12-volt pump that runs from the cigarette lighter. The algorithm setup is identical. First retrieves the old springs, then the cylinders are mounted and fixed on both sides of the bolts. Don't forget about shock.

compressor air suspension Mercedes Vito

Be sure to fasten It back, otherwise the buildup will be enormous. After that routed air line to the salon. Using the adapter and T-shaped fitting that connect the two highways to a common output. So we will have a single nipple, which and simultaneously pumping two pillows. The installation of the air suspension completed. You can start to operate.

Helpful advice

Before you can pull the car from the lift or Jack, you need to check the system for leaks. This should pump cylinders up to ten atmospheres and to make a soapy solution. With a brush apply it on important compounds. In the presence of bubbles, tighten the fittings even more. And so until then, until the system completely will not have similar breakdowns.


To the new suspension lasts as long as possible, it needs periodic maintenance. In anticipation of winter, it is recommended to wash the dirt from the cylinders and treat the rubber with silicone grease. So the material will not be as solid in sub-zero temperatures and will not disintegrate from the friction with itself.

air suspension on mercedes benz vito

That dirt is the cause of the etching of pillows. She works as abrasive, creating minor damage, cracks and tears. Over time, they become holes through which air leaks out under pressure.


Now, we find out what the air suspension and what are the advantages of installing it on «Mercedes Vito”. As you can see, this is a very useful acquisition. But choose the system to properly. It is not necessary to overpay, buying a four-pass system for a hundred thousand. But no need to over-save, otherwise one day you just get tired of pump cylinders via the nipple. The best option – single-loop system with a full kit, which includes cylinders, valves, receiver and compressor.

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