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Every rider there comes a time when you want to choose a good, solid unit. So I dreamed of chop, which would have shaft drive, low-slung and drive type V-tvin. Meditate for a bit and thinking, I opted for a Yamaha Drag Star, which fully meets my requirements.

The First impression of the bike is excellent. Nice opinion of himself leaves ergonomics, which will satisfy even the most critical of bikers. Yamaha Drag Star does not fall to the side, and is friendly to novice motorcyclists. In General, it seems that chopper merges with the driver in one. So he is obedient and very stable.

He Should thank the creators of the Yamaha Drag Star 400 for excellent performance when riding. After all, if you're out (at a speed of a hundred) on the sidelines, you will not face the hospital bed, as often happens with other models of motorcycles.

Illumination to the bike you can put the "four." The visibility of lights are quite normal, only here to look at the devices, you have to tilt your head. However, such a feature - it is just habit.

Kardan no problems should arise. Is only periodically lubricated. If you stop your choice on a Yamaha Drag Star, then pay attention to his classical performance. It has large wings that are sure to help you during mud and after the rain.

yamaha drag starThe fuel Consumption of this motorcycle, too, you are welcomes, because he is only 4.5 liters per hundred kilometers. But if you consider the fact that the tank is installed on copare 17-liter, one will be enough for 280 km mileage – by far.


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Positive emotions is riding on a Yamaha Drag Star. Because a motorcycle is not "prosit" (it is not blown to the trucks, as some stories). Comfortable in it and the passenger seat which in some models is equipped with a trunk and back. And also a good glove box under the tank that can accommodate a lot of different things that will not prevent during the road.

Generally speaking, the motorcycle has the following positive aspects:

- excellent appearance;

sustainable management

- good ergonomics;

- precise shifting;

- convenient position of all elements.

a large glove box;

the reserve mileage.

yamaha drag star 400You Can make one conclusion: motorcycle – just a dream and not a technique. But in every ointment there is a fly in the ointment, and this unit has some criticism. You should list some disadvantages of this bike:

- an awkward tube of the fuel tank;

- ugly arrangement of the speedometer and rows of lamps;

- start to hurt your hands as there is no tilt angle when riding.

Also from the owners, you can see that motorcycles of this model (especially Yamaha Drag Star 1100) suffer from clumsiness. But, as practice shows and the Russian tubes, this is very rare, because the bike squeezes through between the rows with ease. If you want to move from one row to another, too, no question arises. After all, if you feel your size and know how to ride, then this problem you definitely unknown.

yamaha drag star 1100

Total, buying this unit, you will not be ashamed to show it to friends and acquaintances. After all, it is very beautiful and evokes a feeling of respect and admiration for its huge size and great design.

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