What is WDS? How to configure WDS?


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Many Internet users interested in what is WDS and what are the advantages. Wireless Distribution System, or WDS, is a wireless technology that is used for the following purposes:

  • Increased network coverage - this is done by consolidating multiple Wi-Fi hotspots in a common network, they operate in repeater mode;
  • The unification of the conductive segments in General the local network.

what is wds

How to extend the network coverage?

So what is WDS? Modern technology allows to increase and expand the coverage, to amplify the signal and to bypass obstacles. Most often used for this purpose, the access point NanoStation M2 and NanoStation M2 Loco. In that case, when using the device, Ubiquiti M series, and subscribers use equipment from other manufacturers, you must disable AirMax option, which is on the first tab.

To disable the AirMax technology, to do the following steps:

  • Go to the tab with the Ubiquiti logo.
  • Select field AirMax and remove the tick next to Enable.
  • To change settings you must click the Change button.
  • To the parameters set in force, you have to press Apply.

How to configure the first access point?

To specify the desired parameters of the first point, you must open the tab WIRELESS. In the list Wireless Mode need to find the Acces Point WDS mode. If the firmware is AirOS 5.5, select the mode AP-Repeater. To register the MAC address of the second point you need to box WDS Peers. To find the MAC address in the settings, clicking on the MAIN tab.

  • Access Point work in WDS mode-repeater with WEP encryption. You can install it in the Security list.
  • To Specify the access point name is needed in the SSID field.
  • In the menu Country Code, you need to choose a country.
  • In the list of Channel Width, you must set the channel width of 20MHz, as not all client adapters support a higher width.
  • In the tab Frequency Mhz you need to set the frequency at which to operate the access point. On the first and second points, this value must be the same.
  • In the box Security, you need to choose the WDS profile WEP encryption, as in the repeater mode, other types of encryption will not work.
  • The Password must be entered in the WPA Key. It needs to be 10 characters.
  • Settings are saved when you press Apply. To change all settings and parameters, you must click the Change button.

configure wds


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Network settings

Setup a WDS is made in the tab NETWORK. Here you can specify all the necessary parameters. For this you need to do the following:

  • First tab you need to set the mode to Bridge.
  • Define how the point will be to the battery, in the box to Bridge IP. If the option is installed in front of the Static, the settings have to be entered manually. DHCP option allows you to obtain all settings from the server automatically.
  • To save your settings, press Apply. You can make changes using the buttons Change.

After the settings will take effect, the server determines the to point new IP. So old unique address to enter the network, the user will not be able. To make it easier to find the new address, it is advisable to use a special utility.

Mode and type of encryption

wds profile

After the user has figured out what is WDS and how to configure the first access point, you can proceed to configure the second point. All necessary parameters are entered in the tab WIRELESS.

If you installed the firmware AirOS 5.5, the menu of Wireless Mode select the mode AP-Repeater. When the firmware AirOS 5.3 mode must be Acces Point WDS.

The MAC address of the first point must be entered in the WDS Peers field. To find the address in settings, clicking the MAIN tab.

In the case when field WDS Peers are not active, you should open the Security list to determine the type of WEP encryption. Otherwise, the access point will not work.

By analogy with the settings, the first access point is configured second. Channel width is also set to 20MHz.

How to configure a second access point?

  • Under Network Mode you should select ‘Bridge" (Bridge).
  • In the box to Bridge IP, you need to specify how the point will be to configure.
  • Clicking Apply settings will be saved.

When all parameters have been set, you need to check whether points are connected to each other in repeater mode. At each of the points should go to the MAIN tab and select Stations. If done correctly, the list will display the address of the connected access point. wds mode

How to configure a router TP-Link?

When a person understands what is WDS, it can easily amplify the signal in the house. For example, when a router installed in one part of the apartment, and another very weak signal, you can correct the situation with the access point. It will transfer the wireless connection on, so to get online you can phone or tablet. The point is to have a WDS-mode of operation "repeater" (repeater).

This method of configuration is almost fair for all router models TP-Link. A little may vary the external interface, the number of options and functions, as well as the quality of the connection, but all other parameters are almost identical.

To specify the settings of the router, you must enter the groups of numbers specified in the documentation or on the back of the device. Afterentering a username and password necessary to open the main tab. In string SSID, you need to register the name of the network.

Next, you should go to menu “Wireless” and enable the WDS mode. Pressing the “Connection”, you need to place a tick next to a specific network and choose the type of encryption. To protect the network, it should go to the Security tab. In the PSK string enter the password, which must be quite difficult.

In the last column you need to enter a password, and then specify the channel number. It needs to be the same as the selected network. If there is a notification that the network channel is not the same as Wi-Fi, you need to change it to the correct one. You must then restart the device. tp link wds

WDS Router TP-Link is connected via cable "twisted pair". Network card setting should be set by default. After entering all the data cable between the computer and the router can be disabled.

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