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Study at school – this is a very interesting and exciting. Of course, the path of the schoolchildren found many obstacles such as writing creative works, exams, dictations, and so on. Most students fear the essay exam. The plan works we will provide for each subject (literature, Russian language, social studies).

exam plan works

Each subject their claims to creative works and their systems and criteria for scoring. We'll teach you how to write the perfect job for the exam. The plan works – this is the most important when writing. At this point, we will stay concrete. Also teach how to write compositions read to the product, which are found in almost all the way to school.


I'd like to say a few words about the main topic of our article. Why we are taught to write essays? It would seem that where this knowledge we can make use of? Everywhere, school education and need to obtain basic knowledge for the formation of personality, the graduate must know your goals, what he wants to do next. But no self-respecting organization will not take an ignorant person in my state. Prior to employment we need to write a CV and pass an interview. It needs to be able to briefly and concisely Express their thoughts, and what can we learn from the writing of essays.

use Russian language essay examples

If literature and social studies can not pass in the state examination (these items are on the choice of students), it is mandatory for the unified state exam Russian language. Essay, examples and possible arguments we present later. We first analyze the algorithm of writing essays on work. We offer you to start right now.


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Plan essays on artwork

The reading of the book the teacher offers to write a creative work in which you Express your attitude to a particular event, character, author. We will provide you with a plan that will help you and will greatly facilitate the work.

Of Course, any essay starts with an introduction, followed by the main part and conclusion. With the first and the last point is relatively clear, but what to write in the main part?

a plan for the essay exam in literature

If the writing of essays – it's not your favorite activity, it should not be limited to plan in my head, scribble it on the draft, make necessary notes. This plan will approximately look like this:

  1. The Entry.
  2. Your Own opinion, impression from reading the text.
  3. Highlight the main idea, theme, what we wanted to convey to the author.
  4. How the author achieved their goal.
  5. In the least talking about your vision analysis.
  6. Conclusion.

By Using this plan, you can easily write a quality essay that will get a pretty high score. Everything should be coherently and consistently. Be sure to check spelling, punctuation and style.


In subjects such as social studies, literature and Russian language, to get around the creative work does not, if you are looking for a high score. That is why you need to develop the exam plan works. The plan must be universal, that is suitable to absolutely any subject.

plan essays social studies exam

It is Important to remember that the exam plan essay should include three main parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. The essay should not resemble a separate unrelated pieces, even if it's passages, with a rather deep meaning. You need to learn how to tie all the parts together. If the introduction and conclusion, it is recommended to do a short (i.e. one paragraph), the main part it is better to divide into several sub-items.

As we have said, all pieces of assessment work, so you need to consider them separately. Many students even develop a small pattern, memorize it and use during the exam. So remains inserted in the right places quotes from the text, the arguments on the proposed topic and a few of his thoughts that relate to a given problem. Let's look at the writings on different subjects separately, let's start with literature.


Consider the nature of the work the exam in literature, what should be in each of these parts:

  • Entry. To start an essay can be an interesting quote, which appears in the work with the rhetorical question, only they must be directly linked to the main issue. In this part we referred to. To make your essay more interesting you can insert in your introduction interesting facts about the creation of the work or the biography of the author.
  • Main part is the most substantial and time-consuming. We reveal the main theme, supported by quotes from the text, Express your opinion, backed up by arguments from the literature.
  • Conclusion. In this part it is necessary to make a logical conclusion. Something the first and third parts are very similar, only in the introduction you ask the question, and in conclusion make a statement, to sum up.

Russian language

plan essays on artwork

Now on to the questions regarding the exam (Russian language). Essay, examples of parts which we present in this Chapter can be safely used on the exam.


  1. Introduction and definition of the underlying problem.
  2. The author's Attitude to the problem.
  3. Your opinion and argument.
  4. Conclusion (no more than 3-4 sentences).

Now we give extracts from the writings on each paragraph:

  1. Everyone has a cherished dream and throughout his life seeks to carry it out at any cost. The author of the proposed text focused on the issue of diligence.
  2. In the very beginning (from 1st to 3rd sentence) the author refers to famous writers, pointing to the importance of this issue (here you can insert citations). Russian language is ‘great and invincible" - this is the position of the author.
  3. I fully agree with the writer's position, it is only on the selflessness holds our world. The problem of callousness is found in many works. A good example is the novel "Crime and punishment”, written by the greatest author F. M. Dostoevsky. We see the way Orthodox girls Sony, which has sacrificed himself and went to trade herself for the native people…
  4. In conclusion, I want again to appeal to the world: learn to see the nature beauty. If we realize what is true beauty, the world will become a little brighter, a kinder and more humane.

Please note that all the passages are taken from different essays, on different topics.


Now illuminate the nature of the work in social studies (the exam assumes the test):

  1. Choose a quote and present it.
  2. What is the problem raised by the author's statements.
  3. A point of view and reasoning to the problem.
  4. Conclusion.

If when writing compositions on the Russian language are encouraged to take examples exclusively from literature, essays on social science can safely take examples from history or everyday experience.


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