Bribery is our past or present?


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Today we talk about obsolete word, which is long gone from everyday ordinary person. Time goes on and many words are become archaisms which do not survive in the new environment. The funny thing is that the phenomenon denoted by this word, it continues to exist. It comes under a different “alias”, more adapted to modern society.

You ever heard such a word as “bribery”, and does it inform you about anything? If you have not heard, it is not surprising, as it completely disappeared from the set of words of the modern man. If you heard it, you know perfectly well what was going on.

What is graft

In order to understand what is the meaning of this word should refer to an obsolete vocabulary. It is enough to look through the literature of the past century and a dip in the old good times. In the classics this word quite often. So outdated, its value is bribery. It's funny that such an unpleasant and unreadable, the word denotes the same ugly and unworthy of the process.

this is bribery


History is impossible without the root cause. Bribery – is something that has been inherent in people since the beginning of time, but over the centuries, unfortunately, is gaining momentum. Of course, the law strictly punish those who took bribes, but even Kara few people stopped. Most often the punishment was too simple and insufficient in order to achieve this goal-once and for all to discourage the human desire to take bribes.


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The state apparatus Itself dictate such conditions to solve many problems without outside assistance was very difficult. Naturally, ‘thank you” nobody was going to assist. Moreover, we must not lose sight of the fact that the company itself believed the honest people who do not take the money and conduct the business of “conscience”, dupes, fools and fools. They are very often used, and few people considered them smart.

This example clearly shows what is the impact of public opinion on a specific person. Most became the same as everything, even if it was contrary to their life and moral principles. Alas, public opinion is perceived by us as more significant than our own point of view. And only a few could resist the universal bribery, but every year so people had less. Unfortunately, bribery – the phenomenon of “get” which one impossible then “wash”.

corruption of the meaning of the word


In Russia acted criminal law. It was believed that bribery – it is an activity that deserves punishment by the state. Bribery is officially discouraged, and disgraced, but in fact – and without him was not enough. Bribery was the name of the executing officer of certain of its responsibilities for extraneous reward. The punishment for this action was physical, but if the bribe was, as they say “in especially large sizes”, the culprit could be exiled for life to the basics. A corporal punishment refers to the many blows of the whip.

If we turn to other peoples, they have bribery cut off the hand that the person learned a lesson for life. Also known more brutal methods that do not deprive human body parts, but the culprit was mercilessly tortured. Herodotus wrote that the Persian king Cambyses, having learned that dealing with the bribed people were ordered to cover their the judgment seat of skin of the perpetrator.

bribery synonyms


Now we understand what bribery. The meaning of the word very close and clear to anyone who has ever encountered a similar phenomenon, which is almost every second man. The vocabulary of our ancestors were pretty rich, but not too versatile, although it does not spoil. For example, the word “bribery”, the synonyms of which should be numerous in logic, is not so much. Of obsolete words a synonym is only “usury”, but it has a slightly different color.

In today's vocabulary of synonyms for this word a lot, but most of them are profanities, so we will not remember them. Most in society caught the expression “to take his paw”, but, again, it existed long ago.

bribery and extortion

The Bribery and extortion

In the modern understanding of these two words are considered synonymous, but in fact it is not. In order to understand it one must delve into the criminal law of Russia, which stated that bribery – to perform a certain action by an authorized person for reward, extortion – professional crime, it is a distortion of certain information. Interestingly, extortion and bribery were punished equally.

Summing up, it should be noted that bribery – unworthy act, and people knew it since ancient times. The Church has always condemned such actions, comparing them to witchcraft and drunkenness. But you should understand what kind of mentality was formed in the territory of a particular state. It is foolish to condemn a nation of takers, if the state does not allow a fair solution to the Affairs or, in more modern version, does not develop fair competition.


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