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“a girls Best friend – diamond” is a popular song says. But diamonds are popular not only among the fair sex. Many men like to wear cufflinks with precious stones, pins on ties and even rings with diamonds. The ornaments define the status and respectability of the owner. But this does not mean that the precious items – the inheritance of only the wealthy. Today to buy a modest ring with a diamond maybe even people with average incomes.

What is a carat and how to identify the carat of a diamond

In assessing the quality of diamonds people will follow the system criteria “4”: level cut (cut), the purity of the stone (clarity), color (color) and weight (carat). And if the first three factors is more or less clear, the carat, which determines the value of a diamond, requires some explanation.

The Word “CT” derives from the Italian carato, which means “the pod of the carob tree”. The weight of the fetus is stable and equal to 0.2 grams. Since all pods are equal in weight, they have become the standard networkwide unit values of precious stones and pearls.

Depending on the carat the diamonds are:

  • Small (they weigh up to 0.29 carats).
  • Medium (up to 0.99 CT.)
  • Large (also called tapeworms, weight starting from 1 carat).
  • Diamonds of 6 carats are found only at auctions.
  • The Huge stones of 25 carats have their own names.

To determine the value of the stone, it is necessary carat weight multiplied by price per carat, which is proportional to the size of the diamond.


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To determine the weight of the diamond there are two ways:

  • Loose diamonds are weighed in carat weights.
  • The Stone in a frame is calculated by the formula M=D2 × H x 0,0061. While M – carat weight, D-the diameter of the diamond, H-its height. When calculating, remember that there is a error of 10 percent or more.

To determine the weight of diamonds, one can use tables, where the mass of the rock is correlated with its diameter.

Famous diamonds in the world

The gems have not only the enchanting beauty and elegance. For many of them there is a trail of mysterious stories, Shrouding them with mystery and intrigue. Diamonds truly are leaders - owners of an exciting past.

The Most famous is the stone “Cullinan”. It was discovered in 1905 at the mine, Thomas Cullinan in South Africa. The weight of the findings reached 3107 carats, whereby the diamond had to share. Today the biggest part of the “Cullinan” – “Star of Africa” - adorns the scepter of the Queen of England.

“the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond”, the second of the famous diamond, was a noble traveler. Blue wonder has been in the hands of the French king Louis XIV, the Spanish monarch Philip IV, was the decoration of the Treasury of the Habsburg family and the property of the Wittelsbach. In addition to the fabulous beauty, the diamond is known also that in 1998 it was sold at auction Sotheby's for the highest price-of 16.39 million pounds. Today «Blue Wittelsbach” is the pride of a private collection.

Brilliant Wittelsbach

Another famous diamond is the mystical “Black eagles". Found diamond on the head stone of the Brahma of the Hindu temple. The weakened vandals Indian God cursed plunderers. From this moment on "Black eagles" was carrying misfortune to their temporary owners. Countess Nadezhda Orlova, Princess Golitsyn-Baratynsky, J. Paris, with the diamond at different times committed suicide. To harness the mystical power of the stone was only Dennis Petimezas. Today «Black eagles" decorates the expensive necklace new owner.

Black Orlov Diamond

Jewelry and ring «Tiffany» diamond known around the world. But the most famous diamond jewelry house, was a yellow stone found in the mines of Kimberley. Cut diamond exceeded all expectations. Owing to the skilful treatment of the yellow miracle turned into original quadrilateral with 89 facets. Today, the diamond is installed in the frame of “Bird on stone” and is the emblem of the main store “Tiffany and Co".

How to attach the faceted diamonds

To the stone is securely held in the frame, it is necessary to fix well. There are several ways to mount the diamond.

  • With the help of special hooks (prongs). A “legs” formed basket that holds the diamond. The ends of the hooks protrude above the stone to form grooves where and inserted diamond. A mottle can be long or short, oval and flat. A similar tack is often used in the manufacture engagement rings in gold with diamonds.
  • A Lot of stones fixed channel mount. Around the circumference of the ring is cut through the channel, are placed in small diamonds. After inserting the slit sealed to avoid falling stones.
  • Another version of diamond setting-pave. The implementation of attachment occurs at the expense of small cells for diamonds. After insertion into the hole of the stone the master fixes his metal, while grabbing and neighboring diamonds. In this type of fixing the multi-faceted diamonds form a single layer.
  • Band (deaf) the mount holds the stone inthe frame surrounding it from all sides. This is the most reliable type of setting diamonds in the ring.
  • Cornerboy mount is used when you insert the diamonds directly into metal. Can be used with any number of stones in the decoration that can be placed in any order.

Types of metals under diamond rings

The Market for jewelry with precious stones are wide and varied. Designers, wanting to create something truly unique, are sometimes risky decisions. Creating rings with faceted diamonds, many artists realize the most daring ideas. Often they stick the stones are not only precious metal, but in the other rim.

Undoubtedly the most suitable for cutting diamonds – gold. A gold ring with a diamond can be a noble metal even for relatively low samples, and different colors. The yellow socket is the most classic for many people. But also original and refined look and a ring of white gold with a diamond. They create a great ensemble with a lot of wardrobe. White gold with a contrasting diamond (black, blue, etc.) would be a good addition business image.

But not only in the gold paste gems. Silver diamond ring is a good choice for modest girls, not wanting to attract particular attention. Delicate and sensitive ladies will be pleasantly surprised. The issue relates to the price of the product. How much is a diamond ring made of silver? Such products are greatly inferior to the price of its gold counterparts. But despite this, they are also beautiful and original.

Perhaps the most expensive jewelry are platinum diamond rings. They – an indicator of status, wealth and excellent taste of the owner. They are especially good wedding rings with diamonds, tucked into platinum. In addition, the product is a good investment.

An Interesting option are the rings with diamonds, decorated with enamel. In itself, the product – an original work of art. With enamel decoration can be given a variety of color and unique design will be long remembered by others.

To create jewelry with diamonds do not have to use only one type of metal. Unusual combinations of different materials make the ring original and interesting.

In the production of jewelry with diamonds you can use and unusual alloys. Titanium, palladium, tin with skillful execution can give life to great products. These ornaments are truly original works of art.

Varieties of diamond rings

Choosing the decoration, easy to get lost among the variety of types and design solutions.

Depending on the sex and age of the owner, jewelry with stones are such:

  • Women's diamond rings.
  • Jewelry with diamonds for men.
  • Children's rings with diamantini.
Mens diamond ring

Jewelry making share jewelry:

  • Ring, performed with the help of art of filigree.
  • Blackened products.
  • Jewelry created by the technique of stamping.

Style sets of earrings and a diamond ring are:

  • Everyday products.
  • Decoration for parties.
  • Finger Rings for special occasions (business meetings, gala outputs).
  • Twin products for the party.
  • Wedding rings with diamonds.

Also jewelers jewelry share on:

  • Simple.
  • Complex.

The Complex is considered rings made in the difficult techniques of various inserts, weaving, jewelry, enamel and filigree.

Simple products designed generally for everyday wear and netorzhestvennoy events. They are modest, unpretentious, unassuming. Such decorations include men's ring with diamonds (ring), ring-monogram, wedding rings.

There are also unusual types of jewelry with diamonds.

  • Cocktail decorations – a massive ring with a large diamond or other precious stone. The product offers luxuriously decorated rim and high-rim.
  • The Purpose of the anniversary ring is not in any doubt. The only condition is that women's ring with diamonds to give his wife a loving husband.

Engagement Rings diamonds engagement

Engagement is preceded by a significant event in the life of every girl-the wedding. A symbol of the solemn event is a beautiful engagement ring. Taking the decoration, the girl consents to the marriage. Since then the pair is considered to be the bride and groom.

engagement Ring

A True classic is a gold ring with a diamond. It is worn until the wedding day, and after the events carefully keep in the family box.

Today, the jewelry engagement pleasing and stylistic design variety. A good solution would be to buy a headset in the form of a set of earrings and diamond ring. The main thing that headsets were made in the same style – whether it be art Deco, vintage, ethnic.

Diamond obruchka

The Wedding ring is perhaps the main decoration of the couples married. Today in return of the traditional gold bands you can select the ring in accordance with the taste and desire.

Engagement ring with diamonds
  • Decoration with scalloped setting – usually a ring with a large diamond. The stone is placed in the box at the top of the product and secured with three or more legs (prongs).
  • A ring with a hole throughout its length. In the recess are inserted small stones, or it is used for attaching the large diamonds.
  • Obruchka with the setting of diamonds in the form of a lattice. Hole for insertion of the stones not placed along the ring and across.
  • Rings with a discreet basis. In such rings diamantini located so close to each other that cover a metal base.
  • Obrocki one level are made by dipping rings in metal on the same level. The ring is designed mainly for people who are forced by the requirements of the profession to work with his hands. Such setting of the diamonds, save the stones from damage and deposition.
  • Today very popular are engagement rings with cluster diamond setting. In these rings diamond is securely framed by a metal base, which surrounds it completely or partially.

How to choose a diamond ring

When purchasing a gemstone ring should be guided by own taste and preferences. However, this is not the only selection criterion. It is good to explore the characteristics – cut, colour, clarity and carat of the diamond.

Cut diamonds are divided into Marquise, pear, Princess, hearts, ovals, squares, baguettes, triangles, emeralds and other. Type free gives you the opportunity to distinguish the Royal, Russian or the majestic rocks. As for the colors, there are transparent, pink, yellow, blue, and black diamonds.

How to test

Not to buy a fake instead of a clean stone, you can use the following tips:

  • Bring the stone to the light source and look through it. Real stone needs to Shine and the rays are well reflected from all cut surfaces. Light to focus at one point only.
  • Diamond – excellent glass cutter. To check the authenticity of the stone is gently hold a diamond on the glass surface. Fake leaves no scratches, and all traces of the impure stone can be erased with a wet finger.
diamond Ring from Chopard
  • In addition to beauty, the diamond has incredible hardness. If you RUB it with sandpaper, it will remain intact.
  • A Genuine diamond does not transmit laser beams. And when x-rays of the diamond ring in the picture is not displayed anything.
  • The Hot breath of the leaves on the diamond condensation.

Jewelry houses of Europe and America

Jewelry has always been desirable items not only women but also men. Mens diamond rings – a sign of status and representation.

Decorating for many are a good investment. Simple, even the most exquisite jewelry, can be a worthy investment. Products of famous companies, or, as they say, jewelry houses, are not only heirloom jewelry, but also the key of wealth owners.

The Most famous manufacturers of jewelry of Europe are the following elite brands:

  • Buccellati. Founded in 1919 in Milan, Mario Buccellati company soon became very popular due to the uniqueness of its products. Ring white gold with diamonds are truly works of art.
  • The French company Van Cleef & Arpels was created in 1896 in Paris. Treasures brand renowned for its beauty and originality. In the development of models often use natural motifs. In addition to jewelry, jewelers Van Cleef & Arpels manufactures and precious statues.
  • Favorite stone brand Graff – large diamond. Founded in 1960, the company offers the luxury and exclusivity of its products. All Graff jewelry are made exclusively by hand. This explains how much a ring with diamonds brand.
  • The Most famous jewelry house USA-Tiffany. The business began in 1837 in Manhattan. All the jewels of the brand was packaged in individual packages turquoise-blue color. Rings Tiffany diamond is made of gold, platinum or silver. Decoration company easily recognizable due to its unique style and simplicity.
diamond Ring from Tiffany

The Domestic jewelry factories

In addition to famous brands, the production of jewelry do Russian jewelers. Domestic masters has always had a personal style and uniqueness. Jewelry Russia began to develop rapidly in the late 19th century. First jewelry made of small workshops, which over the years has grown into quite a large enterprise. Today in Russia there is a variety of plants with centuries of history.

The Most famous domestic jewelry enterprises are:

  • «Russian gems”, founded in the early twentieth century by decree of Emperor Nicholas II. Today it is a leading factory for the manufacture of jewelry. The hallmark of “Russian gems” are all kinds of jewelry, including silver ringsdiamond.
  • Although the plant "Adamas" and founded quite late (in 1993), but during this short period he has occupied a firm place in the jewelry market of Russia. Used in the production of a full cycle. All products from beginning to end are within the boundaries of a plant.
  • Diamond Rings «the Moscow jewelry factory” - the result of constant improvement and original design ideas. The company not only makes jewelry, but also has a network of own stores.

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