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the Polynesian tattooTattoo for a long time played an important role in people's lives. They could tell about the origin of man, he experienced difficulties and losses. Today  this is one way of expression, a sign, a kind of label. The tattoo attracts usually the younger generation that needs attention and wants to be understood. Nowadays the popular and unique is considered to be a Polynesian tattoo. It was applied in the third Millennium BC. It was tribal and had a great importance for the people. The more applied patterns, the higher was the status of the person.

The first tattoo done on the face. Throughout life a man had a right to make a few more just in case, if performed feats and had certain merits. That is why the leaders were covered from head to toe with all sorts of drawings on the body, which meant their strength, courage and a lot of decent acts. Women had the right to make a Polynesian tattoo on his chin or lips. When drawing on the body was done a ritual that was sacred, and his head was considered a priest - and he also guided the process. Sometimes it happens that to perform the ceremony built a separate house, where after it was conducted. In addition, the person who did the tattoo, had to live there. The ritual itself was interesting, and it was followed by dances, songs, different ceremonies, the range was a lot of fun.

the Polynesian tattoo sketches

In fact, look very nice Polynesian tattoo designs, pictures, you can find them on various thematic resources, to look for the sketches, and by selecting, also try to feel the magical power of drawing. Before the priestess who applied the tattoo, did it with sharp sticks or rubbing paint to cut the skin. It was incredibly painful, not everyone could take it. So the Polynesian tattoo has become a kind of test of spirit people. But after the owner of the sacred figure with pride could consider themselves worthy, courageous and strong man. The one who couldn't stand the pain, expelled from the tribe and was branded for life.


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I Want to believe that people today attach the same great importance to the tattoos, as centuries ago. Polynesian tattoo even today is considered the “hallmark” of the owner, as it is based on all human life or the history of the whole world. Young people applied to the body of pictures that represent life slogan, motto or aspiration, guidance, protection. Choosing a tattoo sketch, you can add your own story or collect it in the pictures, like a puzzle.Polynesian tattoo photo

The Most common symbols that are used in our day – is the sun, which means Union of life and eternity; the moon – the symbol of femininity and abundance; water – life is changeable, fickle; and the turtle, which aims to protect the family from enemies and adversities. Polynesian tattoo sketches just overwhelmed with social networking, just take it and look for. As a rule, they are applied on the shoulders, chest, back and legs. Sometimes it happens that the tattoo is done all over the face. In any case you should pay attention to the meaning of figures, symbols and patterns. And keep in mind that permanent tattoo will stay with you for the rest of my life.

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