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champagne factory new lightChampagne is today an indispensable attribute of almost every romantic evening. According to the rules of etiquette it is served chilled in a tall thin glass, filling it by two thirds. It is easy to distinguish a good quality drink, it will be on the walls of the glass bubbles which do not disappear for a very long period of time.

So, a bottle of alcohol need to uncork slowly and you should hear the cotton in the air outlet. Today we will talk about one of high-quality alcoholic beverages, which produces the "New world". Champagne, come from this region, has received top awards and gold medals at various exhibitions and tastings.

new champagne light

The House of champagne wines "Noviy Svet"

The founder of the “New world” considered to be of Prince Galitzine. Champagne is created with 1878 by the classical technology developed in France. In 1900 in Paris champagne factory «New world” got the exhibition Grand-Prix. In those days it was very fond of the Royal family, so it was served at the court in honor of the coronation of Nicholas II. Then, however, as now, each bottle was placed in the cellars for ripening manually, where is aged not less than three years. Today, this champagne can afford anyone.


"New world" - champagne, which is prepared in accordance with French classic technology, providing for the aging of the beverage in bottle not less than three years. Champagne house uses to prepare the best materials which are in the Crimea. They are filtered, blended, and then create a mass blend that is bottled and sealed with a cork. The bottles are placed in the basement, stacking them horizontally. Here they stand at a temperature of twelve degrees Celsius not less than three years. During this period of time doing manually four relaying in order to precipitate did not stick to the walls of the container.


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Crimean champagne new light

The passage of time Tara is sent to remuage on the oaken music stand, where she manually attaches any angle. There Crimean champagne "New light" is three months. During this time the bottles are put in a lectern and leave until then, until the precipitate deposited on their walls. Then on the edge of the music stand is easy to hit and turn to sludge settled on the inner surface of the container. After the full details of sediment on the cork, champagne sent to the disgorgement, where the sediment is completely removed together with the tube. Everything is done manually. Master quickly uncorks the champagne, with the precipitate together with the tube under the pressure of carbon dioxide emitted. All this is happening for several seconds. Then in each bottle pour liquor, due to which the Crimean champagne "New light" takes on a sweetness and bouquet of aromas. The bottles are then sealed with a stopper, which is fixed with a wire bridle. Ready the champagne is aged for ten days, and then it is labeled.

The Vineyards in the champagne

To make sparkling wines "New world", using grapes from the Crimea, because it is very similar to champagne in many ways. Here grow the best varieties of grapes for making sparkling wines of the group "Chardonnay", "Pinot" and so on. Is strictly adhered to the technology of production of wine materials, so the end product is of high quality. It is interesting that even the grapes manually harvested in dry weather, laying each variety separately, culling grapes even with minor injuries. Processed grapes after four hours, the pressing of grapes occurs very quickly to minimize contact of the wort with oxygen, so the color, flavor and taste are preserved.

sparkling wines new world

"New world" - champagne made from the juice of the first pressing. Quality juice is settled and sent to fermentation. Ready material for the production of champagne sent to the factory «New world”.


A Very long way does "the New world" (champagne) to get the right to be called high-quality alcoholic beverage. Today there are few businesses that honor tradition and champagne produced according to classical technology. "New world" is one of them, it allows the consumer to consume a truly delicious drink is high quality. Everyone who tried it for once, will always remember its unique taste and aroma.

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