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Brewing is an integral part of the cultural traditions of Germany. The amount of consumed beer, the Germans are second is that the Czechs and the Austrians. Foamy drink in this country know how to cook not only delicious, but also high quality. In Germany was a large number of beer brands, among them one of the oldest is Oettinger. Read more about basic beer-a leading German brand will tell in our article.

History of the brewery Oettinger

The First mention of the brewery in the German town of Sochi applies to 1333. For centuries there were cooking real German beer, constantly improving flavor and other qualities of beer. Officially, however, the founding year of the brewery is considered to be 1731. At first it was a small family company, and already by the beginning of XX century, Oettinger became a state enterprise. In 1956, the brewery was purchased by the family Kollmar, and then began increasing the capacity of the company and the production of beer at the lowest prices.

In Germany, beer "Oettinger" is 10% of the market of brewing, producing more than 7 million liters of beer per year. The company has positioned itself as a manufacturer of cheap beer available to all people. Beer produced in factories located in 5 cities of Germany. In addition, the company issued the national license for production of the beverage under the brand name "Oettinger" in other countries, including Russia and Ukraine.

Oettinger beer

Despite the fact that a lot of beer "Oettinger" at least 50% beverages other German brands, its quality is not inferior to them. The company's success that enabled it to reduce prices on products to a minimum, due to the lack of advertising costs, warehouses, departments of marketing and sales and full automation of labor. All the laws about the purity of German beer are fully respected.

Range of Beers Oettinger

There are the following Beers Oettinger:

  • Barley (Oettinger Pils, Gold Oettinger, Oettinger Bock and others);
  • Wheat (Oettinger Weiss and at least 5 Beers);
  • Based drinks beer (Oettinger Malz and other non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages).

Let us dwell on the main varieties of beer Oettinger.

Unfiltered beer "Oettinger Weiss": the description and reviews

One of the most popular Beers brewing company is Oettinger Weiss. This is a light unfiltered wheat beer with 4.9%. The composition of beer contains only natural ingredients: water, malt and hops. Beer "Oettinger" unfiltered has a yellow opaque color and sour Apple flavor. If you spill on the surface formed a thick and smooth foam hat. The beer taste is rather neutral, with bread and a light spicy bitterness.


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beer Oettinger Weiss

As you know, beer "Oettinger" today is produced in Russia, and most of the stores you can find in this product. And if this German beer varieties "Weiss" after tasting there are only positive reviews, about the domestic product, they are more contradictory.

But just to say that the original product of the similarity is small, despite the presence of formal licenses for the production. Overall, Oettinger Weiss is a quality beer with a slight sour taste and a low density. The main advantage of this beverage is low price.

The Taste of beer "Oettinger gold"

The Classic light barley beer Oettinger Gold is characterized by a mild taste and strength of 4.9%. This is a light beer with some wateriness, thanks to which the beverage very easy to drink. Are present in it and nice malt notes, and fruit acidity and hop aftertaste. However, this description applies only to the original beer "Oettinger". Feedback about the beverage, produced by German technology in Russia, are almost completely opposite.

beer Oettinger gold

Domestic beer "Oettinger gold" has nothing to do with the original drink. It is characterized by a pronounced sour taste, sharp smell of hops and a strong alcohol finish. Without exception, buyers are advised to buy and drink real German beer produced in Germany. Domestic product people's tasters are advised to refuse.

Beer Oettinger Pils

A Classic German lager Oettinger Pils is one of the most popular Beers, both in Germany and outside the country. This barley beer bottom-fermented beer with a characteristic aroma and a soft taste of hops. The strength of the drink is 4.7%.

beer Oettinger reviews

Beer "Oettinger Pils" - is a drink straw color with a dense and persistent foam. Has a strong malty flavor with cereal notes. Smell is slightly strong. In the aftertaste the acidity, which only increases with time. Buyers acknowledge that, German beer varieties presented easy to drink, has a pleasant malt flavor with a hop bitterness in the finish. The foam of the drink is really tough and dense, with an average grain size. The original beer has a bright malt smell and taste, unlike beer produced by domestic manufacturers.

Feedback about the beer Oettinger Bock

Oettinger Bock stout differshigh strength of 6.7%. This variety is better known in Germany as the side or stark and has a high density (16%) and a higher percentage of alcohol. Barley beer "Oettinger Bock" has a strong fruity taste with bitterness. Aroma of weak malt. Foam is dense, smooth and stable. This is a strong beer that you can immediately feel, having tasted the drink. Aftertaste is not entirely pleasant, bitter.

beer Oettinger unfiltered

Customers said that the beer produced in Russia, the taste is worse than the original. It openly felt alcohol and unpleasant bitterness. Gustatory delights from this drink should not be expected.

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