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The fairer sex often has to take medication. Many of them are hormonal. However, in recent years patients have more trust in natural medicines based on herbs and homeopathic remedies. This was the drug of «Vitoon" (drops). Instructions for their use will be presented to your attention.

vitaran drops manual description

Composition medicine and its description

The Drug “Vitokan” drop. The manual reports that the drug has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. Also, the drug is an antioxidant that promotes elimination of neoplastic processes. Produced in volumes 50 and 100 ml.

That is part of the drug “Vitokan" (drops)? The instruction says that the drug is of vegetable origin. Among the components include the following components:

  • Swamp air and sandy immortelle;
  • John's wort, and hawthorn;
  • Calendula and Kalina;
  • Centaury and licorice;
  • Wild rose and knotweed;
  • Horsetail and wild strawberries;
  • Echinacea and sage;
  • Peony and burdock;
  • Sorrel and currants.

use of the drug vitokan drop

Indications for and limitations

When you need to use the drug “Vitokan”? Drops instruction has advised that women with breast diseases. Assigned to cure mastitis. Also the tool is used as immunomodulator with reduced body resistance. Assigned “Vitokan” and to normalize the work and functions of the endocrine system.

Limitations in the use of quite sparingly described in the instructions. Abstract is not recommended to use in case of hypersensitivity to the components. Doctors also report that it is not necessary to take medicine for malignant tumors, endometriosis and pregnancy. If treatment is necessary during lactation, it is necessary to temporarily stop breastfeeding.


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vitaran drops instruction in

"Vitaran" (drops): manual, price

The Drug is designed for internal use. It is preferable to take the medicine before meals. In this case, the diffusion is maximum. The dosage is selected individually. But if some of the recommendations the doctor gave you should take the medicine according to instructions. It acknowledges that a single dose of 30 drops. In the night you need to do three steps. The duration of therapy is one month. If necessary, after a short break, repeat.

Cost of medicine in Ukraine begins from 100 hryvnia. Attached to each package of medication «Vitoon" (drop) statement. The price depends on the course. The average cost of medication will be 400 rubles.

vitaran drops manual price


The Drug, according to the annotation, does not cause any side effects. However, doctors say that every drug can have a negative impact on human health. If we talk about drops “Vitokan”, they can cause an allergic reaction because of their composition. Many components are not transferred to consumers. Therefore, before applying, you should carefully examine the annotation. After taking internally is not excluded negative reaction from the digestive system. It can be abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea. If symptoms should immediately go to the doctor for help.

In other situations, the drug “Vitokan” has only a positive effect. Drops increase the body's immunity, normalize metabolism, eliminate toxins and have antioxidant effects. After the internal application of the medicine is rapidly absorbed. The active ingredients spread throughout the body, localizes in the required points. As a result of treatment eliminated the inflammatory process. Tumors in the mammary glands gradually diminish.

vitaran drops instruction

Let's Summarize articles

You learned about natural and safe medication that has a trade name of «Vitoon" (drops). Instructions description of the drug and its composition is presented to your attention. The drug has very positive reviews. Women say that the use of the drug has helped them regain hormonal balance, get rid of frequent and bothersome pain in the region of the breast. The survey results also showed that the breast began to retreat. Nodules in the breast have decreased or disappeared altogether.

Doctors say the drug, of course, natural. However, many components can aggravate other diseases. For example, sage is recognized as stimulant of estrogen. Such therapy may lead to deterioration in endometriosis or malignant tumours. Therefore it is not necessary to independently assign itself such therapy. You need to consult with your doctor and get tested. Be healthy!

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