Adhesive for dentures: types and features of use


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A Lot of people, especially the elderly, faced with the problem of fastening of dental prostheses. After all, at any age wants to feel confident, while not indulging in any food and fun. For these purposes, use the glue for dentures, allowing you to securely fasten them in the mouth.glue for dentures

Varieties of adhesives

Depending on the basis there are:

  • Water-based glue;
  • Water-insoluble.

Most Often, the adhesive is water-based. It has good features, providing reliable fixing of the prosthesis, prevents irritations and other problems in the oral cavity.

The Best adhesive for dentures – the one that doesn't cause any discomfort during use, and meets all the necessary requirements and economical costs.glue for dentures reviews

Under changes in the shape of the gums or the individual characteristics of the jaw may require special adhesive strips or pads. With their help, completely prevents the appearance of irritation on the gums, so they are widely used by people with gingivitis, the initial stage of wear of the prosthesis.

Features adhesive

The Glue can be presented not only with cream but also be in the form of powder or gel. Before using you should remember that any adhesive should be applied only to the clean and dry denture, otherwise in the mouth may occur the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

It is Necessary to carefully select a suitable adhesive for dentures. Reviews about the adhesive means can help to more accurately and quickly determine the choice.

Glue with increased resistance gives a person more opportunities of chewing food and drinking liquids, allowing you to feel more confident. Special aromatic additives maintain the freshness and pleasant smell in the mouth.


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Depending on the mortar consistency (liquid, medium or viscous) calculates the amount of its application. It is important to note, the thicker the consistency, the longer it will last. If applied to the denture substance several times a day, then you need to periodically rinse the gums and the denture with water at least once a day, otherwise the layer of adhesive can interfere with the normal connection of the prosthesis with the gums.

best glue for dentures

Adhesive for dental prostheses is generally applied once a day, but to keep the whole day denture may be the only tool that is resistant to dissolution by water. If the adhesive dissolves under the action of the water, the denture will have to periodically remove and apply a new batch of the adhesive.

Adhesive application Technology

Glue for dentures should be applied to pre-treated prosthesis. For cleaning you can use an ordinary cotton swab or special brush to effectively remove adhesive residue and food. After cleaning, the denture is washed with water and dried.

Apply glue needed in a small number of thin strips across the bottom surface of the prosthesis. If you apply too much adhesive, speed grip gum will increase, and the adhesive can extend outside of the prosthesis, breaking the aesthetics and beauty of appearance.

After applying the adhesive need to bring it to the gums to attach and for half a minute to close my jaw so that the denture correctly and firmly entrenched in the oral cavity. A tube of a substance that cannot be left permanently open, so the lid should immediately tighten, to prevent drying of the funds.

what is the glue for dentures better

After fixation of the prosthesis, it will take some time, do not use water or food. Enough to withstand a break in fifteen minutes, this time enough that the prosthesis is securely and correctly fixed.

How to choose the best adhesive for dentures

Comfort of use, and oral health directly depends on the compatibility and type of the adhesive. To choose the right glue for dentures, it is important to read the composition and characteristics. The first use of the new tools may be very uncomfortable or there will be inflammation, irritation in the oral cavity.

When choosing the means you need to pay special attention to the presence of side effects. Most of the funds can adversely affect the taste of food and to have an impact on the gastrointestinal tract. For people with increased salivation need to choose special products that will be resistant to this and will be able sufficient time to securely hold your prosthesis in the correct position.

After you have decided what glue for dentures better, you can provide a comfortable use. However, the first time to choose the best tool is difficult.

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