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Do all birth control pills after 40 years? Yes, and even necessary, because at this age life is not over, and intimate component can be bright and colorful. But late pregnancy is unlikely to give you happiness, because by the time they are in the family already has the planned number of children. Besides, childbirth after 35 years threat to the health of mother and child and unwanted, unless there are special circumstances (long-term treatment for infertility).birth control pills after age 40

A woman's Body after forty years

Everyone is familiar with such a thing as reproductive age women. This is a critical moment for family planning. Today it is no surprise late pregnancy, more often there are Mature women who are moms again. However, you cannot deny the fact that the fertility of ladies in this age is reduced. It is not that other, as a sign of the extinction of the ovaries. That is, first lost the ability to bear children, and then completely stops ovulation. To 45 years part of the menstruation is already taking place without ovulation, so the risk of pregnancy is reduced but not entirely eliminated. The pill after 40 years allow you to be sure that an unwanted pregnancy does not occur, and therefore, you can be more relaxed and confident.


We Have credible data that say that up to 30% of women aged 40 to 54 years old have regular periods and are able to conceive. Pregnancy at this age can lead to severe abnormalities, the child may be born with a variety of disabilities. But late-term abortion – is not a panacea. Doctors give figures which confirm that made in such period, the termination of pregnancy entails a severe course of the climacteric syndrome. This in turn leads to the development of neoplastic processes in the uterus and mammary glands.


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how to take birth control

Thus, we come to the conclusion that birth control pills after the age of 40 are a great alternative to an unwanted pregnancy. However, this is not the only option. By this age, women usually have formed some preferences in the choice of means of contraception. It can be vaginal preparations or intrauterine devices, special injections, or barrier methods (condoms).

How to choose a birth control method

Birth control pills after age 40 can be very different. To make the right choices guided by personal preferences and the advice of a doctor. First and foremost you should consider the effectiveness of contraception and the possible risks and side effects. Based on your history, ask your doctor to assess your sexual function, personal preferences, and the presence of chronic diseases.

Why many doctors oppose hormonal contraceptives

Birth control pills after 40 really assigned much less frequently, due to the fact that at this age is developing a number of chronic diseases, each of which is a contraindication to hormonal means. Therefore, doctors have to look a card of the patient and prescribe additional tests. You cannot use KOC in cardiovascular pathologies, severe forms of diabetes and malignant tumors of the reproductive system.

If the survey did not reveal such diseases, the use of hormonal drugs is not forbidden. However, now you need to go back to the low-dose means that use of your young daughter. It is such preparations as “Lowest”, “Novinet”, “Landine” and some others. But three-phase contraceptives in this age is not suitable.

Alternate hormone therapy

So how to prevent pregnancy need still long enough, can be considered the most popular option, which is used by quite young girls. It tools such as mini-pill. They are allowed to use a nursing women. These include such drugs as the ‘Exluton”, “Continuing” and some others. Their peculiarity is that they do not contain estrogen. They have one big advantage-it is the products of this series are able to protect against endometrial hyperplasia, a disease which is very common among women of Mature age.

how to prevent pregnancy

So, we looked at how to prevent pregnancy, now we have to decide at what stage you can go to contraceptives by hormone replacement therapy. These are special drugs that help to preserve youth, beauty and health during menopause. However, do not rush to cross by yourself, you need to determine the correct time to substitute one drug to another. After all, the possibility of pregnancy can still be maintained even when the woman decided that menopause has arrived.

If there is no need for contraception (religious reasons, death of a spouse), then we can move on “the youth hormone”. Reaching the age of menopause her mother, you can make a decision about changing medications. But more precisely the onset of this period can only be determined hormonal analysis.

In the presencecontraindications

If hormonal contraceptives can not be accepted due to certain medical reasons, you can resort to one of the alternative ways. Contact your doctor and he will tell you which method is most appropriate. This may be a special injection made once every three months. A very convenient method of contraception is the intrauterine device. Any copper spiral, entered the woman after the age of 40, may remain in the uterus until menopause. If intimate relations are not regular, you can use barrier methods: condoms, spermicides, and caps. Remember that natural ways of contraception (calendar method, the basal temperature measurement) are ineffective in this age, as menstrual cycle loses its regularity.

hormonal contraception

Finally, if you just decided that having children is for you – the topic closed, you can go through the procedure of sterilization. This process is irreversible, but you can absolutely not worry about the possibility of getting pregnant. It should be noted that this operation does not make those who have not attained the age of 35 years or has three children.

How to take birth control

Once again I emphasize the fact that tablets must be recommended by a doctor. Do not breast-appointment – this is not the vitamins. First of all, sign up to the gynecologist and take the tests. Each drug has its own regimen. As multiphase contraceptives for Mature women is not recommended, so the doctor will help you choose monophasic drug. In pack all the pills contain the same amount of hormones, so the most important thing – it is daily to take one pill, preferably at the same time or with a slight deviation. For example, take one tablet daily before Breakfast. Delay up to 12 hours does not reduce the efficiency of the active substance.

Specifics of hormonal contraceptives

But not so easy so we kind of expand on the question of how to take birth control. You first need to pay attention that the package contains 21 pills. With regular admission they formed a convenient cycle in 28 days. You one by one take all the pills from the packaging, then make a break for seven days and on 29 day start the new pack. During the break periods must pass, but even if they don't come, you need to start a new bottle, but it is necessary to consult a doctor for finding the causes of events. If you forget to take the pill but was late no more than 12 hours, it does not reduce the protective effect. If the delay was more than 12 hours, then you need to continue taking pills, but before the next package is better protected additional barrier methods.

birth control what is better to choose

What birth control can be taken without interruption for long periods of time? There is a persistent myth that after a year or two after you start using the drug, you must take a break so the body can “relax”. In fact, such a break can only bring down the hormonal balance and bring more trouble than good, especially if you later plan to again start taking the pill. Gynecologists refutes this myth. To stop taking the drug is possible only in case of strong deterioration of health, as well as when planning pregnancy.

If the pill had vomiting or severe indigestion, the contraceptive effect can be greatly reduced. In this and the next day you need to use condoms. In addition, it is recommended to consult with your doctor if you are prescribed antibiotics. For the most part they greatly reduce the effect of contraception.

Benefit or harm

Only a doctor can prescribe you birth control, price is not the determining factor. Cheap drugs may suit you as good as the most expensive. Hormonal pills can be considered the most reliable means to protect against unwanted pregnancy. A lot of women use them every day. The mechanism of exposure is very simple: they can stop egg maturation, and hence ovulation. However, despite the convenience and efficiency, women over forty don't always risk their use, as have the following undesirable side effects.

  • Headaches. This is the most common complaint of women taking hormonal pills. Cause is hormone estrogen, it causes migraines, bloating and other unpleasant sensations.
  • Change of mental status, imbalance, weight gain, the emergence of a large number of acne. All this causes another hormone-progestin. It comes in a very large number of hormonal drugs
  • While taking contraceptives slightly increases the appetite, so weight gain – this is not the fault of the pill, just you start eating more than normal.
  • Do Not take hormones if you smoke. It may cause heart attacks or strokes. And this can lead to any contraceptive. The price of these drugs varies from 150 to 2500 rubles per pack, calculated on the month.birth control reviews

In order to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, not necessarily to take hormonal drugs. We will now consider another large group of contraceptives, the potential harm from which virtually reduced to zero. It is precisely those contraceptives that are not fattening. They have drawbacks, however, is the choice of everyone. Let's look at what they represent.

Non Hormonal birth control

Between them and hormonal means there is a big difference, however, absolute protection from pregnancy does not give any one of them. The first and most significant difference is the fact that hormone is taken every day, non-hormonal immediately before intercourse. Especially well suited these drugs for those who do not live a regular sex life. Enough to take a pill immediately before intercourse, and protection for a few hours you provided. Non-hormonal contraceptives are not only in the form of tablets, but in the form of vaginal plugs, ointments or creams. Their active ingredients are able to destroy the spermicide, not allowing it to the uterus.

Advantages of non-hormonal contraception

Almost all of them have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. This is very important if the woman has no permanent partner. Not only will you be able to protect itself from irritation, but from a number of infections that are transmitted sexually. Because after 40 years you already have behind shoulders experience, you can easily choose the most suitable contraceptive. Reviews most women say that well-chosen hormones, despite the obvious disadvantages, are the most reliable.

To Summarize

As you can see on the market today are a variety of birth control. What to choose, should tell your gynecologist. Don't forget, that approached your girlfriend, can seriously undermine your own health. Do not take drugs without a doctor's prescription. Even non-hormonal means of contraception has some contraindications, as it can cause irritation and allergic reaction. Therefore, in any case prior to assignment of the individual means of protection from unwanted pregnancy is necessary to pass the examination.

contraception for women

It includes consultation with a gynecologist and mammologist, and smear on Cytology. In addition, it is necessary to pass the biochemical analysis of blood, the doctor needs to note your lipid profile, AST, ALT, glucose. Finally, the least frequently assigned, but must be completed pelvic ultrasound, and this must be done on a 5-7 day cycle. The specialist should report height and weight, presence of chronic diseases, abortion, duration and profusion of menstrual flow. The physician must note the tendency to gain weight, presence of skin rashes. Just based on all this we can conclude about what birth control women can use. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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