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The Drug “Glutargin” refers to hepatoprotective drugs, which is aimed at the normalization of metabolic processes in the cells of the liver by removing toxic substances and the stabilization of cell membranes. The use of this drug is associated with many characteristics of the patient and his current condition. This and many other things we'll be saying in the article.

glutargin usage instructions

Composition and release form

Active substance of the medicine is glutamate arginine. In all the pharmaceutical forms of this substance contained in different concentrations. Among the dosage forms of the drug “Glutargin" of the instruction manual mentions the following:

  • Powder to prepare solution for oral administration, the content of glutamate of arginine 1 g per serving;
  • Tablet for oral administration with the amount of active substance of 0.25, 0.75 and 1 g;
  • Composition for preparing infusion solutions (concentrated) glutamate arginine 0.4 g per 1 ml;
  • A ready solution in ampoules with a concentration of active substance 0.04 mg per 1 ml.

Powder drink mix is Packed in plastic bags of 2 or 10 pieces in a carton, along with goes and instructions for use. Tablets are placed in the contour of the package for 2 or 10 pieces, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 blisters in a carton (also with instructions included). The concentrate and the finished solution is bottled in glass vials. Those, in turn, placed in a plastic cuvette for 5 pieces each. One carton can contain 1 or 2 cuvettes, instruction for use of the drug and the devices for opening the ampoules.


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Terms of supply and storage

The Drug “Glutargin" instructions for use include over-the-counter medicines. To purchase this medication do not need to take your doctor's special recipe, but that doesn't mean you can take it to all patients without exception.

Keep medication is necessary in areas not direct sunlight, at temperature not above 25 degrees. The working life of the drug is 2 years from the date of issue. After this time, pills, solution or powder “Glutargin” instruction manual recommends that you recycle household waste.


Pharmacological action of the drug is based on its ability to quickly bind and excrete ammonia. The harmful substance is converted to nontoxic form – glutamine, which is removed from the Central nervous system in a natural way. The active component of the drug normalizes the cell membrane, thereby activating the natural processes of defense of the body. Glutamate arginine also has antioxidant efficiency that allows it to protect cells from free radical damage.

glutargin ampoules instructions for use

The Ability of glutamate arginine to positively influence the energy supply of the liver cells allows the use of a drug and alcohol intoxication. This property is based on the stimulation of ethanol metabolism by blocking the processes of oppression of the corresponding enzymes. At the same time arginine glutamate increases the amount synthesized in the body of succinic acid and stimulant effect on the Central nervous system neurotransmitter centers.


The drug “Glutargin" instruction for use recommends that patients suffering from the following diseases and disorders of the body:

  1. Liver Disease, including hepatitis in acute or chronic form, cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy (alcoholic or other).
  2. Leptospirosis, accompanied by the defeat of the liver tissue.
  3. Hyperammonemia, in which the patient is in a coma or precoma.
  4. Poisoning by toxic substances, including poison pale toadstool, drugs, chemical compounds and alcohol.
  5. Withdrawal syndrome and/or a condition caused by prolonged intake of alcohol.

Take “Glutargin" (tablets) instructions for use recommended as a preventive tool before the use of alcoholic products. This helps to avoid intoxication and faster to restore its normal functioning.

glutargin tablets usage instructions


Despite the fact that the medicinal product contains only one active component, its intake is contraindicated in many diseases or disorders of the functioning of the organs. So, the drug “Glutargin" instruction (the doctors confirm it fully) is not recommended to take with any form of phenylketonuria, and increased sensitivity to the primary and/or any auxiliary substance. Do not use for therapeutic purposes any dosage form of the drug to persons with severe impaired functioning of the organs of the urinary system and kidneys in particular.

In the list of contraindications dosage forms of the drug “Glutargin" instructions for use (reviews of doctors Direct proof) includes pregnancy and period of breastfeeding, as well as the patient's age to 18 years.

With extreme caution should be prescribed this drug to patients with pronounced irritability and fever. Organic or physiological changes of the functions of the urinary system that caused the inability of the kidneys to the excretion of nitrogen-containing metabolites, should also raise concerns about the medication. As a rule, if necessary, therapy with the use of this drug, the patient remains under the supervision of medical personnel.

glutargin alcolin instruction

How to take the drug “Glutargin”

Move on to the main question – the rules of the drug depending on the dosage form. Medicine “Glutargin" (tablet) manual advises to take three times a day 750 mg. on the Basis of the patient's condition, the doctor may increase the dosage, which in any case should not exceed 2 g per single dose. Tablets need to drink plenty of water (about 100 ml).

Powder, better known as “Glutargin 4" of the instruction manual recommends to use in the form of a solution. It is necessary to dilute the content of one sachet into 75 ml of water immediately before use. In acute alcohol intoxication solution take four times daily on the first day, next 2-3 days – one serving of the drink twice a day. As a prophylactic drug “Glutargin" (powder) drink in a double dose (2 packets 1/2 Cup water) one hour before a meal.

The Solution is “Glutargin" (ampoules) instructions for use recommends the use of in acute alcohol poisoning. Ready-made or made from concentrate, the drug is injected twice a day drip at the rate of 2 g of medication for one treatment. The infusion rate should not exceed 70 drops per minute. The course of treatment lasts not less than five but not more than 10 days. Upon completion of therapy is recommended within 20 days of taking the powder or pill “Glutargin" (not more than 1 g per day).

glutargin usage instructions reviews

Adverse reactions and overdose

Among the adverse reactions in the treatment of drug patients and doctors in their reviews called such things as nausea and discomfort in the stomach. Usually symptoms disappear in a short time and do not require administration of specific drugs.

Failure to comply With the recommended norms preparation ‘Glutargin” may cause overdose. Symptoms of it are the brief drop in blood pressure, lack of sleep, chest pain, nausea and urge to vomit. Also, according to the experts, a person may be allergic reactions. Treatment of overdose is symptomatic, in rare cases, required the administration of antihistamines and/or corticosteroids.

Specific instructions and compatibility with other drugs

All dosage forms of the drug “Glutargin” not affect the ability to drive vehicles and complex mechanisms. No effect of the drug on vision and speed of psychomotor reactions.

Special attention when assigning maximum dosage require patients with disorders of the endocrine system: diabetes, acromegaly. The doctors say that the drug causes slight fluctuations in hormone levels, but in combination with medication "Theophylline" can cause a spike in the content of endogenous insulin and growth hormone in the blood.

glutargin 4 application instructions

In Addition, medication containing arginine glutamate (including “Glutargin Alcolin”) user manual is not recommended to take in conjunction with...

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