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One can get sick at almost any age. So-called is conditional-pathogenic Demodex mite (treatment is caused by diseases often lasts for years) affects the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. He can live on the skin for many years and does not show itself (in the study found more than 90 percent of people).

The Impetus for the development of demodectic mange is often a weakening of the immune system due to infectious diseases or stress. It is also known that the clinical manifestations of the disease of the skin caused by the mite Demodex (symptoms it is well known), often observed in persons with endocrine abnormalities, metabolic disorders and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, there are cases when the acne developed after the use of cosmetics with hormonal supplements. All these factors create favorable conditions for increasing the number of parasites and, consequently, the occurrence of itch and rashes. Appropriate diagnosis is based on microscopic examination of scrapings of the skin: at this magnification, the mites are clearly visible.

Severe itching of the eyelids, more pronounced in the evening hours, and a feeling of heaviness in them, redness and protracted inflammation edges of the eyelids (blepharitis), as well as the occurrence on them of plaque and presence of mucous discharge from the eye also give reason to suspect the disease caused by the mite Demodex. The symptoms of demodicosis on the eyelids is usually apparent at initial examination. In this case, for a definitive diagnosis, take a few lashes are examined under the microscope. For cutaneous demodicosis characteristic of a certain localization of the lesions. Usually the so-called “triangle of Demodex”, limited nosogubnye folds and chin. In advanced form of the disease, the rash spreads to the chest, and sometimes – and in the back.


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The appearance of the rash may be somewhat different. So, when pustular form of demodectic mange appear on the skin pustules, with papular – bright red spots, and erythematous form is characterized by redness of the skin. Often there is and combined form – if there is several types of lesions, characteristic lesions of the skin by the mite Demodex. The symptoms of the disease in this case is especially heavy. Significantly complicate the course of the disease may attempt to squeeze the pustules or pimples. To do this in any case impossible, as Demodex thus only spreads further on the skin.

In the long course of the disease the skin is covered with mounds and acquires a reddish tint. Differential diagnosis of demodicosis is conducted primarily with acne (acne), as well as rosacea – a chronic disease in which basis are assumed to have heightened sensitivity in the small vessels of the skin to external influences. The difficulty lies in the fact that all the data of the disease often occur simultaneously. Indirectly confirm the presence of the mite Demodex symptoms that are specific for demodectic itchy ears, a sensation of tickling on the skin. In the long course of the disease may also be deformed nose shape – this complication is called rhinophyma.

You Should understand: demodicosis, symptoms of which is usually pronounced, necessarily requires appropriate treatment. It should be comprehensive, because the disease most often develops in people with a weakened immune system – so, without his strengthening to achieve sustained remission would be problematic. It is also necessary to treat existing chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Cases of spontaneous healing from the disease, unfortunately, is unknown. However, exactly fulfilling all medical advice, to achieve lasting improvement is quite real.

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