How to make a children's costume of a knight with his own hands


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New year's day is the season of children's morning performances at schools, kindergartens and theatres. And how can you come to carnival to Grandfather frost and other fairy-tale characters without a special outfit? That is why Christmas chores in families with young children in the to-do list is added to the search fancy outfit.

A few years ago, the appearance at the matinee of a superhero caused General delight, but today there are so many costumes that I want originality. The knight's costume in this case.the knight's costume

How to choose the right fabric, how to design the pattern and sew all the clothes, and will be discussed in this article. If you follow the plan, will the original costume of a knight who'd be able to see Santa Claus and, perhaps, celebrate a special gift for the bright dress.

Basic details of the suit

First you need to understand what elements of the costume must be present in the dress. First, it is the main clothing: pants and shirt with long sleeves. They can be made specially to suit or use what is available in the wardrobe.

The knight's Costume must be with the Cape. Will be a great addition accessories, such as armor, belt, helmet and boots. And of course, what the knight's costume without the emblem? This element must be present on the chest of the hero and his cloak.

A Little about the fabrics and colours

Presenting the knight's costume for a boy, you should determine the color scheme. This hero is very courageous and strong, and because the riot of color will harm the image. Everything should be done in subdued colors.


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For example, for armor it is best to give preference to fabric steel color. It can be brocade or other material silver color. Pants can be made from a soft knitted fabric both dark and light natural shades. Will look perfect beige pants in combination with dark red velvet cloak. Or black pants with a deep blue or dark green shade.

Be Sure to choose a bright fabric for the emblem. Best of all, if it be the color of silver or gold. The knight's costume for a boy must be with a sword or blade. And that the child was comfortable to have fun at the matinee, you should make a leatherette strap with a special fastener for a weapon.

How to sew a shirt

To quickly sew knightly the jacket, you should to take the cloth, fold it in half face inside, measure the child's distance from wrist to wrist with arms extended and measure this value on the fold of fabric, adding 6 cm to the hems of the sleeves. When you need to measure the circumference of the chest and abdomen and a larger value to place in the middle already have cut deferred. This should add 5 cm to the free fit.

Next, using the ruler to pull vertical lines from all points. From extreme 7 cm and at such a distance that it reached the level of the length of the article plus podvorot. This is followed in the drawing to draw the neckline. It is not necessary to do too much. Better to make the incision on the chest to fit the head, and after the treatment of throat piping to leave 15 cm free ends of the tape for tying. Further it is to draw the side sections of the sleeves and the sides, in the corners after they have been processed you need to make the notch, so that there was no seams.

To create a spectacular carnival costume “Knight”, should make this a shirt of white satin. the knight's costume for a boy

How to sew a pants

Knight's pants in the first place should be beautiful and comfortable. A suitable knitted fabric, such as supplex or oil. If it's a knight's costume for children, you can use a cotton cloth. Sew these easy. The build can be done directly on the fabric. It bent inwards along the face of the canvas. Thus, will come just two legs without outer side seams.the knight's costume children's

You Should only see that tissue was 6 cm more than the circumference of the upper leg of the child. This measure lay first along the fold, adding allowances 5 cm

Second merc – ½ thigh girth plus increase 5 cm It is placed in the middle of the first pending line.

The Third measure-seat height, the value of which is lowered from the perpendicular fold on both edges of the product from the extreme points of the greater line. The same perpendiculars lowered and on the borders of poluobhvat hips. carnival knight costume

Next, draw in the middle the seams with half of the pants. They should fall on the limits of the hips, and abruptly rounding, go to the borders of the circumference of the upper leg.

After that you should draw the inner lateral incisions of the legs and bottom with the consideration of ACC. Final stage – the design of the top of the pants. The front upper edge should be below approximately 3 cm.

Making armor and cloak

For armor in addition to fabric, you will need a thin batting, which will make parts more massive. Armor for the chest and back are a tank top, not stitched at the side seams. To make it, you should draw the desired shape directly on the fabric, cut the same blank padding and lining. The neckline of this element also don't need to do big. Better to make the incision on the back. After all three parts are stacked in the following sequence: the lining and main fabric facing each other, and on top of the basics - the batting. Before treatment it is better to chop off the needle and lay the line along the contour of the sections, with the exception of the neck. After the armor you need to turn and to handle the throat with bias binding matching color. how to make a knight's costume

Then you can do miracles: paving the stitching on the armor to make different patterns.

The Helmet is also better to sew multilayer. His pattern is a strip of fabric the circumference of your head with a stuffy darted from one edge to the product at the close up area.

To sew a coat, you must combine the two rectangles of the required quantities of velvet and lining, delay around the loop, leaving a small opening for turning at the top to collect the elastic and sew on ribbons.

Coat of Arms – the main decorative element

How to make a knight's costume for real? Of course, to use the coat of arms! He should be given special attention. You can print on transfer paper to transfer the pattern onto the fabric of his cloak and armor. And for the more experienced seamstresses suitable option with fabric applique. Cutting out the pattern but difficult to spill from the cloth, it should stick to the web-based armor or cloak, and then Topstitch along the contour.


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