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“Antigadin” for the dogs – a great helper in the process of accustoming your pet to the toilet. A similar problem faced by all breeders, when the house is a puppy. To wean the animal to defecate wherever he likes – not an easy task. And to do it without the help of supporting tools even more difficult. For such purposes, and was developed this drug. Let's see how it works and will not cause the dog any harm.

antigadin for dogs

Description and release form

So, if we accustom the puppy to the toilet, better to start with the purchase of a secure means to eliminate the smell of waste products of the dog. It is no secret that the animal finds a place for urinating smell.

“Antigadin” - a drug that produces domestic firm OOO «Himala”. Besides substance, the manufacturer offers a huge selection of other ways to get rid of bad habits in cats. Note that “Antigadin” is quite popular among dog lovers. This is caused primarily by the efficiency and ease of use. In addition, the product passed stringent security checks and have received international and Russian certificates of quality.

The drug is Available only in the form of a spray, which is bottled in plastic opaque containers equipped with dispensers. The volume of these vials may be 100 or 150 ml. After opening the spray is kept in the course of the year, which is very convenient, at temperatures up to 20 degrees. Keep the stuff you need separately. The place should be inaccessible to children and animals.


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accustom the puppy to the toilet

“Antigadin” for dogs is made from safe and organic substances, according to the manufacturer. The company also reports that to create drugs uses the achievements and developments of Russian Academy of Sciences and other Russian institutions.

The composition of the spray, there are enzymes developed on the basis of natural, organic substances. Present natural perfumes exclusively tactile animals. As diluent use normal clean water. Learn more about the components of means not reported-no information on the packaging. This is done intentionally – the developers don't want the competitors revealed their secrets.

It Should be emphasized that the spray leaves no trace on wood and soft surfaces. What will please the hosts.

“Antigadin” for dogs: the terms of use

First you need To be sure to rinse with a cloth soaked in clean water without adding detergent, the place that you want to handle the drug. Spray only to wet the surface. This is due to the fact that he starts to act only after it is absorbed along with the water in the carpet or any other surface.

antigadin price

When processing a dry surface, most of the drug will evaporate, not vetasses. After several such treatments particles “Antigadin” will get into the carpet or floor. For a human the smell would be imperceptible, but the dog still long time will bypass this place party. The aroma of the drug is unpleasant to dogs, but not harmful, therefore they will simply cease to come to the treated site.

If we accustom the puppy to the toilet, the problems will be much less than with an adult dog. But still, using such tools you can do it much faster and easier.

Now let's talk more about the treatment. Local anesthesia is sprayed on the wet surface at a distance of 30 cm for 10 seconds. At this time the animal should not be around. Act preparation will begin in 1.5-2 hours after treatment.

How many times can I use? The number of sprayings is not limited. If the dog continues to pee in this place, treatment continues until, until it stops. If “Antigadin” helped the first time, it is still recommended to treat the surface again to secure the animal developed a reflex.

Side effects and contraindications

toilet for dogs with the column

“Antigadin” for dogs has no contraindications and side effects, at least so say the manufacturers. The preparation is harmless for humans and animals. However, there are a number of reviews where there were complaints that the tool causes allergic reactions in humans. But the deterioration of the conditions of the dogs was not mentioned even once.

“Antigadin”: the price

The Drug can be purchased in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores. It is not very expensive. Prices will vary depending on residence, but on average the cost of each package will be 120–150 rubles. If you decide to order a “Antigadin” over the Internet, make sure it's not fake. Substandard drug, in contrast to this, can cause harm to the animal and your household.

Finally, a little tip: if you can not train a pet-the boy “dirty” in the apartment, put him in the toilet for the dogs with the pole. Males have a small weakness – they just love to mark any hill.

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