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Like all Pets, Gus – a brilliant representative of folk music. He is credited with such qualities as pride, importance, self-conceit. In the fairy tale Geese-swans carried away the child. Apparently, the children were frightened, lest trouble. Alive old about the mysteries of the goose, compose new.

about the mysteries of the goose

Goose gripping

In Arzamas brought a strong breed of geese, large and hardy. In the fall the herd was going to the fairs in Moscow and in Peter. That the geese had not erased the feet, they are chased by the resin, and then for the small straw. Was extemporaneous sandals. From this he went about the mysteries of the goose:

  • A goose gripping?
  • What bird in sandals shod?

First, this breed was bred as a fighting goose. On the day of the competition area were white. Passing at a time like this, Catherine II called the city “goose capital”. On a pedestrian street of the town recently put up a monument to this bird.

Walking in single file

These birds for some reason love to go steady systems. One when goose goes ahead and the back trip the goslings. Two, when a small flock poultry-yard goes swimming. The gander goes ahead, commander. Better not to get in his way. He can run up and painful pinch on the leg if it suspects danger.

mystery about goose for kids

  • The river is moving a detachment of white little guys. The leader walks in front and passers-by disperse.

The Mystery about the goose for children

  • On his feet red boots. Long neck, run as soon as possible.

Goose down

The Value of goose down is known since ancient times. Featherbed, stuffed it down, it was considered a valuable dowry. Modern conquerors of Everest or Arctic explorers wear jackets from it.


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The Composition of goose down are carefully studied and according to this invented the Primaloft insulation. It also has water-repellent properties. Due to this quality goose down there are about the mysteries of the goose:

  • Who goes unscathed?
  • Since childhood, he to the water used, gives people the jacket.

Humorous riddles about goose

Who doesn't know songs about merry geese! The people there are different versions of this story, it's very funny.

about the mysteries of the goose

  • A well-Known producer to a famous Granny has come to look for artists. One actor is white, another is grey actor to a contract with them to sign.
  • Two magician, holding the secrets of the disappearance and appearance, which led to a heart attack the elderly woman.

Loyalty geese

Who was holding in the courtyard of these cute birds, noticed their affection. Geese – monogamous, they are characterized by strong emotions. All of this fits into the concept of "Swan's faithfulness”. If the goose is to deprive his beloved goose, and he is getting unhappy and not eating.

If you pay attention of the child to the representative of birds, feed him a loaf of bread on the water, the kid will love it. May even be asked to buy a toy - gusika. You could wish for interesting walks and fun occasions.

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