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Owners of pet cats are constantly faced with the problem of oestrus in females and the "bun" and males. At this time, the animal becomes uncontrollable, and even affectionate a cat may begin to throw at their owners. Big problem in this circumstance is for the Pets that never go outside. A veterinarian can offer two ways to solve the situation. One of them is pretty radical and consists in the sterilization or castration. However, not all Pets are fine. In addition, the offspring from such an animal not to obtain. Therefore, your doctor may recommend a sedative, the crucial problem in a gentle method. One of the most nominated is "cat Baiyun." The instruction to the drug shows that it effectively calms and regulates the cat aggression cats.

Aggressive cat


"cat Bayun" for cats is a multipurpose product based on the extracts of various herbs. Its use implies not only a soothing effect in heat, but also regulatory action if excessive aggressiveness cats and constant stress. Sometimes used as a mild anesthetic in the complex therapy of nervous diseases.


It is Worth noting that the drug is entirely composed of herbal extracts. Available in the form of tablets or infusion. Therefore, for any capricious animal you can pick up your "cat Baiyun." Manual describes in detail the methods of acceptance and detailed composition:

  1. Valerian Root.
  2. Oregano.
  3. Clover.
  4. The Hawthorn.
  5. Mint.
  6. Catnip.
  7. Melissa.
  8. Hops.
  9. St. John's Wort.
  10. Motherwort.
  11. Boudreau hederacea.
  12. St. John's Wort.
  13. Thyme.
  14. Peony.
  15. Tavolga Severability.
  16. The Fen cottonweed.
  17. Nettles.
  18. Bag.

As the name of the drug, it has a soothing effect and calms the animal during stressful situations.


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Different forms of release. Infusion

For ease of use of the drug "cat Bayun" release form it means variety. The infusion comes in a small dark bottle that contains 10 ml of extract of herbs. Has a good sedative effect, helping to calm a cat in heat stress, the cat.

However drops "cat Bayun" have a characteristic smell, so the reviews of breeders, may have problems with their reception. Often, veterinarians recommend to mix the medium in the feed. But sensitive individuals may refuse food. A fairly common method yielding good results is to add a drop of "cat Bayun" in water to drink.

Infusion "kot Bayun"

Tablet form

If you want a more potent agent, pill "cat Bayun" will be a good choice. The concentration of grass collection here is the largest, so the effect is faster. Often, pills are assigned to cats in the Mature period of estrus and cats are experiencing a lot of stress. Can be used for the de-excitation from Pets.

A tool Often recommended for animals that have a long visit or a temporary annexe. The drug has a sedative effect and is comparable in effect with Valerian.

Reviews of breeders indicate that cats usually do not resist and take the pills. This pill must be put on the root of the tongue, close the animal's mouth and gently stroke the neck to provoke the swallowing movement.

However, there are obstinate cats, which anything in the mouth do not put. In this case a pill you can crush and mix into the usual feed. While there is no particular smell, so an animal without problems eats the offered treat.

Tablets "kot Bayun"

Pharmacological properties

In medical veterinary drug shown to relieve stress of the animal associated with estrus, prolonged abstinence, or severe moving conditions. It is important that "cat Bayun", the statement confirms, can be administered to pregnant cats and nursing mothers. When this herbal and does not cause allergic reactions, addiction and well tolerated by animals. If necessary, a mild sedative it is recommended to use the infusion of "cat Baiyun." When the need for a stronger influence of the assigned tablets.

The Infusion has a distinctive herbal flavor. The color can be from light yellow to dark brown. Extract during long-term storage precipitated, so before use a vial shake vigorously.

Sedation for cats

The Need for admission

The Vet may recommend the use of sedatives "cat Bayun" in the following cases:

  • When the cat starts to constantly mark territory, constantly meow and beg on the street.
  • If the animal is observed hyperactivity and aggressive behavior.
  • Before a long journey, move, or overexposure.
  • In the period of constant stress associated with illness or other factors.

The Drug has a mild effect,therefore, it may be administered to pregnant cats, young animals and debilitated after illness.

Sedative effect "kot Bayun"

How to make

If it was decided that the animal needed "cat Bayun", instruction reading is required. Reminder on doses and methods of acceptance is attached to each package. It is important to take into account the form of release, because the ways are different.

The Form of a tincture

The Drug is "cat Bayun" in liquid form assumes the following schema and dosage:

  1. Bottle shake well.
  2. Before use it is necessary to wear a special nozzle in the form of drip.
  3. If you use a spoon for the reception, you will need half of a tea. With instillation directly into the mouth should be measured 2 ml.
  4. The Course lasts for a week.

Unfinished bottle should be stored in the refrigerator. This is due to the natural components and their decomposition in the heat.

It is Recommended to give the infusion a few days before the alleged stressful events. However, through what time the active effect of the drug, no. But it is believed that herbs have a cumulative effect, so immediate results can be expected.

"kot Bayun" - reception

Medication in pill form

Means "cat Bayun" for cats in the form of tablets has a stronger effect due to greater concentrations of the active substances. To correct aggressive behavior and anxiety cats cats in heat, we recommend the following regimen:

  1. During the meal the pill crumble and are offered 4 times a day. It uses two pills.
  2. If you must prepare your cat to calm the passage of a stressful situation, you can just have one pill 3-4 times a day.

The Course is also designed for 7 days.


The Drug is not toxic and safe when taken according to the instructions. However, in order to protect people and animals from possible overdose, should adhere to standard precautions. Also there is a danger that the cat will scratch the hands of the host during the reception.

  1. It is Necessary to wash hands after manipulation of animals.
  2. Avoid contact with food that will be consumed.
  3. Store in the refrigerator and the guarantee of the protection of children.
  4. If the medicine is given directly into the mouth of the pet, you must protect hands and face. It is advisable to wrap the legs of the animal with a cloth and the procedure is done with a partner.

In case of accidental use by the person of danger does not conceal. But in the case of a sufficiently large dosage is necessary to obtain expert advice, taking the package of money with me.

Side effects and contraindications

If you strictly follow the instructions attached to each package, that side effects can occur. However, always keep in mind that a cat can give allergic reaction to any component of the rather large list structure. Therefore, in cases of suspected intolerance to the drug should stop taking it and contact your veterinarian for tests.

Due To the fact that "cat Bayun" all-natural formulation, it has no contraindications. Possible to use in pregnant cats, young animals and debilitated after illness Pets. With the exception of particularly sensitive cats, which give reaction to the use of herbal extracts. However, judging by the reviews, this phenomenon is extremely rare.

It is Also not recommended to use the tool, if kitty had not yet turned 10 months. But in each case the last word will remain with the veterinarian.

"kot Bayun" for cats

Feedback about the preparation

The Breeders buy the drug, not only to calm the animal during estrus. There are reviews, what herbs help after surgery for castration. If the animal began to run around the apartment, plaintive meow and show aggression, it is possible to offer him a "cat Baiyun." Reviews often show that the animals swallow the pills themselves. They don't have any special odor. Pour the infusion helps a convenient dropper. If the pet refuses, you can instill it into drinking water. There are reviews that the drug has a mild analgesic effect. This is based on the presence in the composition of herbs, which contribute to this effect.

Often means to offer the cat who had recently given birth. When it comes time to pick up the kittens, many females begin to get nervous. In this case, the infusion is salvation.

There are reviews about how the drug helped to teach the cat walking toward the house. Often, if the owners take the kitten off the street, the first time he just can't get used to the confined space. In this case, the soothing effect will provide a "cat Baiyun." Reviews show that cat quickly gets used to the apartment, not desperately, and quietly examines a new home.

The Main problem with many breeders in the transport of animals. Often, it is necessary in the summer, when the family moved to the country. In this case also recommended a sedative drug. Pets that have to move during the week, took tincture "cat Bayun", usuallylie quietly at the owners on your lap or sleeping to carry.

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