The crisis of adolescence and how to deal with it?


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Teenagers have a unique feature - they tend not to trust the words. They prefer to check everything on their own, which can sometimes cause unfortunate consequences. When a child is experiencing a crisis of adolescence, he communicates mostly with their peers, and parents do not have the ability to control his actions. The vast majority of cases, Teens don't listen to the older generation, and often do everything contrary. Sometimes adults are not even aware of what their child is occupied.

The Stats are quite sad: many children aged 12 to 15 years die on construction sites find themselves under the wheels of cars or drowning.  They tend to ride on the roofs of trains, clinging to a bus, jump from height, to do reckless things on a dare. Rash actions and decisions may affect the child's future, which is why parents are very important not to miss a moment of adolescence. In addition, Teens in crisis are very often accompanied by the first love, which, as a rule, characterized by emotionality and sensitivity. Such strong and vivid feelings sometimes lead to suicides (when love is non-reciprocal, or when for some reason stopped). From the adult love at an early age - just a temporary phenomenon, but the eyes of a child is not just serious and vital. Teenager seems that another love, he will be gone, so if the relationship is not working (and especially if they are compounded by the betrayal of the partner), the future life is meaningless.

In addition, adolescence is the formation of personalities and social positions that remain for a lifetime. It is from the transitional period, including from the parental relationship to all of the changes will depend on how will the fate of the person: is the child a leader or remains an ordinary person.

If you compare the crisis of adolescence with all other crises, he tends to develop slowly and incrementally. The child gradually becomes disobedient and bold. That is why parents are quite hard to replace the line beyond which a son or daughter obedient turns into unmanageable. First sign – it is a demonstration of its independence. This phenomenon can manifest itself in completely different ways. The child may not attend school, not to spend the night at home, to shut himself in a room and sometimes even becomes a member of secret organizations and sects. All the tips of adults and their recommendations do not have the slightest importance. The crisis of adolescents is accompanied by excessive sensitivity. The child is very upset about the changes in his body (breaking of the voice in boys, signs of puberty and problematic skin and hair).


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That is why the method of carrot and stick is simply unacceptable. The audacity and rudeness-this is an attempt of contact with adults and a kind of cloak of uncertainty and confusion, and it's not as bad as it might seem at first glance. It's worse if the child does not want to talk. Even a negative attitude - this is some kind of interaction and attempt to report their problems. Do not be afraid and to go through the crisis of adolescence is a natural phenomenon that plays an important role in the formation of personality.  All parents should be prepared  to survive this period of a child's life, and with minimal losses. Main weapon - patience, understanding, and no force, in spite of the hurt and pain, which can cause reckless behavior of the child.

If you look from the side of psychology, the teenager is much more frightened of their condition, rather than parents. Because he did not understand what was happening to him. Parents has an important function: they are the owners of large experience, should be prepared  and make every effort to ensure that the crisis of adolescence was the beginning for a successful and happy life in the future. To prepare is since birth. From the first days of life is to build relationships based on love, trust and understanding. You need to be not only a guardian but also a friend who will always help and advise. From the first days of kindergarten to the last day of school to talk to the child. Put off work and everything, because if the key point is missed, then have to do nothing. You must take part in a child's life. Be aware of events and know all his friends. To learn about the problems and sad to learn about the victories and rejoice. Should not apply to teenagers as children, show that you see the child as an independent person with the right to defend their opinion, no matter how incorrect it is. At sharp change of behaviour should not try to meddle with the Soviets, it can only do harm. Is to study the atmosphere, chat with friends, and only then proceed to action. Follow the basic rule of parenting -like a child, whatever it was, and treat everything with understanding. Don't forget that compromise is the best solution to all conflicts. Only then all the negativity will go in the other direction, leading to leadership positions. The crisis of adolescence with the right approach can be the period of greatest intimacy with the child. You can direct all the actions in the right direction, but not worth allto decide for yourself. The success of the relationship lies in mutual assistance and on mutual understanding.

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