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Russia since ancient times was famous for its masters of arms. This is not surprising — the resource-rich land was facilitated by the active development of crafts. As shown by archaeological research, the steel in Russia was used already in the IX–X centuries. She made out of everyday objects and edged weapons, endued with great strength. With the development of industrial production, which peaked in the XVIII–XIX century, became the leaders of the steel of the case — Tula, Nizhny Tagil, Kamsko-Votkinsk, Verkh-Isetsky plants. Among them, the research passion of its chief engineer p. P. Anosov, the greatest glory was won by the Zlatoust factory. That he belongs to the disclosure of the secret of Damascus steel production technology, causing the envy of all European manufacturers.Russian manufacturers of knives

Types of knives

Today there is no need to use swords as weapons, but they are quite popular applied purpose. Hunters, fishermen and even tourists are happy to buy a Damascus knife. Knives (manufacturers offer a wide range of models) meet practical needs and financial capabilities of consumers. Another impressive category — perhaps the biggest — it's the collectors. Ornate, well made daggers are one of the main segments of production.

Russian manufacturers of knives

Today the market is quite extensive European and Chinese models. The cheapness of the latter often seems attractive to buyers, but the quality is generally not consistent with the proud name Damascus steel. European counterparts are much stronger closer to the unique properties of this alloy, but their price is often too high. Russian manufacturers of knives trying to combine decent quality with a reasonable cost, and quite often they do it.the Best producers of knives


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Zlatoust company

As well as almost two hundred years ago, the center of knife production today is Chrysostom. In the early nineteenth century, German craftsmen from Solingen, Klingenthal, and other cities were invited to train local artisans. Since then and until now this city is considered the place where are concentrated the best manufacturers of knives.

One of the first to establish serial production of blades in the 90 years the company is "air". Very soon the knives from Zlatoust were delivered also to the West, which speaks to their high quality. At the same time, the price ranges of products designed for different consumers. A great hunting knife with superb cutting qualities can be bought in the range of 2 to 4 thousand rubles. The company also presents decorative, gift, knives, richly decorated, is a real work of art.

Pavlovian knives

The Long history of Russian manufacturers of knives In Pavlovo. Specializiruetsya Fedotov's workshop on forging Damascus and is constantly experimenting with new formulations to achieve unique patterns and excellent qualities of the steel. An important fact is that workshop is a private area for hardening blades, including three furnaces and a bath containing the quenching means. Thus, the whole process of steel production is under their full control. Supporting the tradition of making blades, craftsmen pay great attention to and design, seeking to breathe new life into canonical form.Damascus knives manufacturers

The Company with the sonorous name "Falcon" recently appeared in the knife market but has already gained some credibility. Hunting and tourist models are made of high quality steel 110x18 and D2, which enables to temper the blades to 61 units on the Rockwell scale. In an effort to cover a larger range, the company produces not only knives, but bombs, swords, and other ceremonial and historical weapons.

One of the leading company «Russian Bulat”, which produces a hunting, fishing, tourism and creative knives. Also widely known workshops of the brothers Shirogorov, sander, “the month” and knives from Vorsma.

The Best masters of bladed industry

However, one knife is more decorative interest, you should look for more knives. They are quite safe as are sold nezarazene, and their appearance will reflect the personality of the master who made. Most of these knives are more applied, but also look much richer and more interesting. Besides, this is perfect and very fashionable gift today.

Among the masters of the blade industry there are some names that cause special respect among connoisseurs. One such unquestioned authority — I. Y. doughnut, a hereditary blacksmith in the third generation. His work was honored to be exhibited in museums — in the Armoury, the Museum of bladed weapons in St. Petersburg. Already gone the second decade, as it creates weapons from Damascus and Bulat, strictly observing the technique of the tide, forging and sharpening the blade. For their products the wizard uses stainless and alloy Damascus steel, mosaic Damascus and other metals. For arms daggers doughnut chooses the most noble and expensive materials — mammoth Tusk, Fangwalrus, ebony. Inlaid with mother of pearl and precious stones, these knives deserve the showcases of museums.Russian Bulat

It is Also widely known in circles of fans of knives products Andrey Biryukov. According to user reviews, the prices of his blades as adequately meet the quality criterion. Got more and more popular knives made from powder steel produced by his forge. This material is practically not affected by rust and has excellent cutting properties.

Thus, despite the large break, and partly lost tradition, the Russian manufacturers of knives can very adequately represent damask and damask products on the global and domestic market. It's not surprising — historical memory was so strong that it has overcome generations.

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