Explosive charge: the purpose and calculation


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Explosives – a set of compounds or mixture of chemicals that tend to rapidly spread and chemical transformation with the subsequent allocation of a certain amount of heat and gas. There are two groups of substances:

  • Pyrotechnic.
  • Initiating, propelling blasting.

Explosive Charge-is the amount of chemical or nuclear substances that are concentrated in vessel (metal or plastic) with special sockets for explosives.

explosive charge

Peaceful the charges are used to break the barriers of old buildings, etc. When performing military tasks these devices are used for the destruction of bridges, pavement damage, fragments of pits.

The Most frequently subversive substance is extruded TNT checkers. The latter are used for further fabrication of charges on the specified parameters.

In the form razlichat:

  • Udlinenie;
  • Cumulative;
  • Sosredotochennye;
  • Figurnye.

Each form has its purpose. For example, braces are used for blasting of various designs. Therefore, the shape and thickness of a substance selected individually.

Basic parameters in the calculation of blasting

The Essence of the calculation of explosives in the planning of the demolition works or operations is proper selection of the number, mass and the correct location.

The Volume of the affected environment depends on pressure. Therefore the whole calculation begins with the definition of this parameter:

DP = p - p0.

This p – the pressure at the shock wave front; p0 – atmospheric pressure.

The Difference of these parameters depends on the distance between the explosives, the environment and the amount of the charge.

calculation of explosives

The Value of the excess pressure is calculated in several stages: first is the presumed blast radius, then, according to the obtained number is determined valid the pressure.

Having Received all the required information, you can pre-assess the degree of destruction of the object (full, strong, average or weak).

Blasting Methods and components of the charge

The Manufacture of explosives takes place on the production, and in finished form they arrive at the warehouse, as well as perhaps the manufacturer immediately before use.


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There are four methods of explosion sarada:

  • Ognevoy;
  • Himicheski;
  • Mehanicheskij;
  • Elektricheskiy.

In the first case, a hot tube, which is still used for blasting under water. Used in the manufacture of the device for clamping, special rope, and a detonator. Used to undermine both single and mass charges.

manufacturer of explosives

Electrical method of actuation of the explosive charge is effective to undermine the whole group of charges in a certain time. For its production requires a number of measuring devices, power source and detonator.

Features of the demolition of different elements

For each structure and the volume element of the explosive substance is chosen individually. For example:

  • To undermine wooden structures, logs, boards, using contact and non-contact charges. While proximity charges should only be focused.
  • Steel and other metal structures it is possible to undermine the only contact the outer elongated, also the explosive charge can be focused or shaped.
  • Concrete and reinforced Concrete structures undermined by contact and noncontact external and internal charges.

Marking of concentrated charges

Each wrapping of the explosive charge with waterproof paint marking. For most stocks notations are standard and consist of:

  • Code of the product (e.g., WT-1 stands for “a focused charge”).
  • Next 3 digits are indicated by a dash. These numbers indicate the plant code, batch number and year of manufacture (in order from left to right).
  • At the Bottom indicate the cipher of the explosive substances (e.g., T-TNT). If the substance is educational, instead of labeling shall bear a long white strip.

Safety in the use of explosives and blasting operations

The Manufacture and use of hazardous substances do only specially trained people. Persons who have contact with the above substances must study the safety rules and to perform actions according to the submitted command.

explosives charges

Commands are given in the following order:

  • Prepare (after supply of this signal is the preparation of substances for ignition);
  • Fire (ignited incendiary tube);
  • Stay (the command should immediately retire to a safe distance, even if ignition has not occurred);
  • Ignore (this signal is after explosive charges were undermined or neutralisieren).

Important! When operations of the bombings in advance to check stock time decay and combustionsubstances.

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