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What is Italy's economy? Italy is a highly developed European country. Failures of total GDP shows that today it is among the EU countries having a stable economy. Basically, Italy's economy is under the control of the state. And yet it can not reduce the gap between the rapidly developing industry of Northern Italy and the agricultural sector of the southern part of the Peninsula. The most stable and efficient sector of the economy is considered to be the tourist industry, which thrives in the South and in coastal areas.

Industry Italy

Italy's Economy gets a third of the total gross income from the industrial sector, which consists of:

  • Metal processing companies.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Textile and garment factories.
  • Leather and Shoe production.

And also a mention of minerals. A list of resources that has Italy, wide. But the field of production of old and depleted. Today the economically most advantageous extraction of granite, marble, travertine.

Agricultural sector

Employed In agriculture, only 10% of the population. It is clear that Italy's economy great benefits from farmers has not. But while the country is world famous for viticulture and olive oil production.

Other agricultural areas:

  • Cattle.
  • Poultry.
  • Vegetable & ndash; soy, potatoes, sugar beet, rice, wheat, corn.
  • Fruits.

Tourism in Italy

It Should be noted the favorable geographical location and natural conditions of the country. Therefore, the most important and profitable economic sector in the Mediterranean States is foreign tourism, which is famous for Italy. The economy of the state has strongly supported this direction in the services sector.


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Of Course, an important role in the development of tourism in Italy is not only favorable climate, but also a huge number of architectural, historical and cultural monuments.

Thanks to tourism some provinces, particularly southern highlands, began to revive old forgotten crafts. Sometimes they become the main income of the population, replacing even agriculture.

Over the past decades, Italy strive to visit tourists from all over the world. Especially in recent years when many EU countries are suffering from the crisis and unemployment rates, which he entailed, the positive balance of tourism overrides the negative performance of the other articles of the economy. That is why Italy's economy remains stable.

Economic-geographical position of Italy

Italy is Located in the heart of the Mediterranean basin. It contributes to the development of trade and economic relations with the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

The North of Italy adjacent to France, Austria and Switzerland, North-East Slovenia.

Location countries have made it a tourist centre and international flows. Why it is so attractive for the tourism industry and the formation of trade-economic relations.

Import – export

Italy is one of the world's largest exporters of olives and grapes. Along with them the country sells tomatoes, citrus fruits, pasta, cheeses and, of course, wine.

Also exported the famous white Carrara marble used in the decoration of buildings and making of sculptures.

In Italy, not enough grown crops. The state therefore has to import durum wheat from North and South America.

And imported fuel, some machinery, manufactured goods.

The Main partner of Italy for foreign trade relations are the USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

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