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One of the most famous Soviet actors, who left us the most interesting images in the best domestic films, these box office hits, Yumatov, George Alexandrovich. His biography no less entertaining. Life and creativity itself so remarkable that readers study them with equal interest, how to watch films with his participation. Biography of Georgi Yumatov is actually remarkable for extraordinary events.

biography of Georgi Yumatov

Childhood and youth

The Famous actor was born in Moscow in March 1926, that is, the war found him fifteen years. From early childhood the biography of Georgy Yumatov lined up, they almost single-handedly. As I can remember - wanted to be a sailor. And it was. To do this, he to exhaustion in sports - horse riding, athletics, Boxing. And when I realized that the C student in a military school will not fall, became an excellent student. Before the war, in 1941, he entered naval school and when the war began, has added so years in the documents and went to the front of sixteen.

In 1942, George was accepted by the signalman on a military boat with an appropriate name - "Brave", which became the steering. Then he had to serve on ships of the Danube and the Azov fleet, to take part in the landings at little Earth and in Yalta, the storm of Izmail, to take Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest - biography of Georgi Yumatov lined up so that on several occasions he himself was any surprise over the fact that he was still alive. Only one melee on the Vienna bridge is worth. For it he received a, rare, even unique award - sailor's Ushakov medal on a chain.

The Long road to peace

Biography of Georgi Yumatov was the story of the war against fascism, a young sailor, almost boys, early matured and matured. Battles in which he participated, was fierce and bloody, but the victory, as we know, left us. But the future actor Georgy Yumatov, biography which was decorated with all sorts of military differences that even list for too long, many orders and medals he received for the liberation of European cities, didn't even think that the destiny will connect him with the cinema. He was injured and shell-shocked, a few times really drowned, very much frostbitten hands, twice lost almost all his blood, and many times just stood on the verge of death!

Once he saved the puppy, whom he in secret from commanders carried on Board the vessel. Always loved dogs, and this little guy died alone on the beach from hunger. Because of a puppy barely a Tribunal has not got, where the reviewer found it and thrown overboard. A good boxer Yumatov dumped reviewer at one blow, and jumped over the dog. Barely defended the boy. The dog has grown up and seems to be accustomed to constant shelling. But no wonder they say that the intuition of animals - unlike human. One day she for no reason when the RAID went overboard with the coming of steam boats. Biography of Georgy Yumatov here would be if he hadn't jumped in after her again. The boat at this moment was hit, killed almost his entire team.

Georgi Yumatov biography personal life

"may I?"

With the end of the war, nineteen-year-old boys whole life was filled with happiness: he was still alive, with whole hands, feet, eyes and still in good health, despite numerous injuries, the relatives of those without it survived, although the father was seriously ill, the brother had also returned from the war alive. Wanted to serve in the Navy, but then he met a famous film Director who filmed at the time his famous film "Spring", - Grigory Alexandrov, who liked young, built like the ancient athlete, sailor, Georgi Yumatov. Biography, personal life which had not yet begun, ceased to be associated with the sea.

It Happened this meeting. George and his friend decided to watch a movie in the cinema House. There in the cafeteria and invited them come to the table Director, and from the table brought a new acquaintance in the film "Spring", where the actor Georgy Yumatov, biography actor who has just started, there was a couple of seconds and said only one word: "may I?". However, he did it with talent, and he was assigned two roles in the movie "Ivan the terrible" and "Private Alexander Matrosov". These works brought him no fame yet, but a strong desire to learn the art of acting. He easily entered the cinema. Maybe because it was originally a polite word first asked permission, and let him in.

actor George Yumatov biography

Young guard

In 1948, he received his first truly starring role. Molodogvardeytsev Anatoly Popov, one of the mostbrave heroes - played Georgy Yumatov. Biography (personal life too) was enriched considerably: it was a success, he was recognized on the street, smiled, applauded. Partner on screen he was a wonderful Nonna Mordjukova, who played the role of the purest and most honest of Uliana Gromova, but the wife and the rest of your life beloved woman, the Muse Krepkogorskaya, the role of the traitor Lazarenko (merge in one kinoline two book images - Lyadsky and Varicool, although in reality traitors among the young). Muse called him coyly and sweetly - Georges, he was embarrassed and more fascinated by the smile, the dimples, the tenderness and helplessness of this girl.

At the same time successfully passed the audition at VGIK, where are you going to do Georgiy Yumatov. Biography (personal charisma of the actor together with a happy star always brought her neojidannaya turns!), however, it is not decorated with student adventures new artist. Sergei Gerasimov, gaining the course, said that nothing can teach a person, who by nature is gifted with all you need for this profession. He then recommended that yumatova in the Theater actor, where he was immediately given a role in the play "Children Vanyushina".


She worked both in theatre and in film. I must say, they were not too varied. All the forties and fifties all Yumatov was courted by filmmakers, despite the lack of any acting education. He played in most of the cases that knew very well what he was himself - a heroic military men or simple and the good guys, and from different eras: "Heroes of SHIPKA", "They were the first", "Different fates", "Youth of our fathers," "One of us", "Cruelty", "Petrovka, 38", "cook", "ballad of a soldier", "Story of a real man", a lot more and, finally, the "Officers".

With them he took part in the Napoleonic and Russo-Turkish, and civilian. And with the whites, and the Basmachi very reliable had to do some fighting on the screen Georgiy Yumatov. Biography, family which occupied the last place, gradually enriched with new acquaintances, meetings, collaboration. The films have been popularly loved, on the same site was about the best actors of the country. Muse George yumatova and wife from the time of the filming of "Young guard" - most often happened to be there too, but, unlike "rustic" husband, she received only a tiny role in the episodes. Of course, that she didn't like. The star with the greatest level of professional skill Muse Krepkogorskaya never was. In contrast, again, from George yumatova. And that she didn't like it.

Georgi Yumatov biography personal

The Muse

But it could become our Soviet Marilyn Monroe. In any case, Musa studied at the Gerasimov as the Stalinist scholar, was witty, sociable and fair, like an angel. She has painted all his life from a burning brunette to a dazzling blonde, what Yumatov learned only a few years later. And not over. She had a lot of merits, inherited: hereditary noblewoman with sotvoldi upbringing and education. The father of the famous pianist, accompanist of Chaliapin. Mother - and-pillar noblewoman, the daughter of a reformed class of the aristocracy of the doctor who treated even the poorest people from the factory Morozov. An excellent education at home, a bright future. But it didn't work. Muse turned cranky and never satisfied with life were not.

The Role of "Young guard" was considered a factor that ruined her life, because he wanted to play Love Shevtsov, and played the traitor. Like a stigma forever. Shooting of the "Young guard" ended many weddings, and the most noisy and exciting was the first - when we got married Georgi Yumatov and his Muse. She let him love and adore. Shestnadtsatiletnej in a communal apartment with his father's concert Grand piano they moved in together with her mother, who was much kinder to Umatovo his native wife, often protecting him from the raging daughter. It's on set or on the street a crowd favorite was Yumatov. The house was only one star - the Muse.

Georgi Yumatov biography family


And he really kept simple. Rustic was not there, but people were overly attentive. Wherever he was, he first offered the feast: I do not deny the artist, you are the people we see. And here is a new twist acquired, what was the fault of himself Georgy Yumatov, biography. The family had, incidentally, was not so simple. The root of Moscow. Professor. Older brothers - all with high scientific degrees. But if a famous actor on television meeting, dedicated to Victory Day, always "forgot" to wear medals, would he refute the claim that he is from the people? And who could believe it?

And the house - diamonds, gold, Imperialutensils, which chops the short of cooking unless, of course, the Muse forgot to buy them. And if you forgot anything, Georges and soup cook, and socks to wash, after returning from filming. When was mother-in-law, life was easy, everything was on the shelves. And later Georges fed everything except the Muses: neighbors, friends, even fans, always on duty at the entrance. And the Muse was not at all against the fact that someone out there is hosting in her kitchen.


But that's nothing, of course. Drank George for another reason. Muse did not want children. She wanted the role - big and starry. She was waiting for. And had an abortion behind abortion. One of them was the last children now will not, even if Muse would want them. And Georges children wanted. Always. And was against what was done to them by the Muse.

Then they parted for a few years. Not divorced, but everybody has their own personal life. Matovu had even with someone else's husband to fight, but it was evident the extent to which it is not necessary. His mind and heart - only a Muse, no other woman did not linger. Fell in love with him often and most of the ladies are beautiful, large, intelligent and powerful. And he missed the small, fragile and uncertain.

Yumatov Georgy biography

The New adventures of sailor yumatova

The First disaster film in the history of the world was ours, Soviet, - "Warning, tsunami". Artist Georgy Yumatov, whose biography is closely connected with the sea, played a major role. The movie was made in the far East during military exercises of the Pacific fleet. Even a nuclear submarine Umatovo showed, and the film then CIA studied along and across. The script is written about the heat of summer, and then November, the wind storm four-point, air temperature plus two, and the water was only a couple of degrees more.

On Board called from Moscow and announced the assignment of Umatovo the title of honored artist. Finally. And he in a boat in the middle of a raging ocean. With him Director and assistant with a cracker. Except for the little paddle, a boat there is nothing. The scene is the only surviving hero, who is unconscious. However, in the Bay where the boat dived in the waves, this storm will not be removed. Yumatov further and further shovel from the shore, while the rope tied to the boat, not broken, and the boat rushed into the open, and the raging ocean.


As luck would have it, none of the "motorboat" on the banks of the gasoline was not, and the warehouse with paddles closed for a huge castle. Had someone sneak in through the window, and then paddled to catch up with the honored artist. And Yumatov rowed struggling with the oar, the assistant tried to help the cracker, and then the name of it slipped into the water, and under it was another of the previous film.

How should feel the people that a storm takes to the ocean, when they see the words: "Warning, tsunami", and then "Dangerous tour"? Yumatov regretted that he had not time to drink to his new title, and then began to explain to civilians how to behave in the icy waters when the boat overturned. The advice was sensible. But still Yumatov gave the boat to capsize. A real sailor never ex. And then they are still saved.

actor George Yumatov biography personal life

Old new happiness

Yes, it was love. Whatever happens, with whoever was around novels, and these people were still drawn to each other. It felt returning to the Muse, Georgy Yumatov. Biography of the wife which was always in the first place, determining all successes of her husband, taking their dedication in their honor, was an artist in that way. They can not be separated forever - no fate.

Built two-bedroom apartment in a cooperative actor's house. Muse with lust it was furnished and adorned, began to receive guests. It was then strengthened in the ensuing "Dangerous tour" friendship with Vladimir Vysotsky, who now visited yumatova together with Marina Vlady.

And when the famous bard was not approved for the role Biryukova in the film "One of us", (the image of this Soviet spy wrote specifically for Vysotsky - songs and dances), Vladimir literally led by the hand yumatova to the Director. Subsequently, all admitted that it is this role, not even the most famous - "the Officers," get George better than all the rest. What's strange is that vocational education has clearly had missed, because of this Yumatov and worried, and worried even where to get such equipment as Karachentsov as Mironov? But its worth in the profession of this role the actor has proven brilliant.


So the years went by. Came and restructuring, with its cold, hunger, unemployment and bezumiem. Georges and Muse have always loved dogs and dogs always had some. Now there was one. But all pooch always swarmed around the house where he lived Yumatov. Ten years of unemployment and poverty is almost. Then friends strained Leningrad military archive, and yumatova recognized as a disabled veteran, and when he learned that the financial situation is simply disastrous, he was given a presidential award. And people gradually forgot about his idol. And would forget. If not 1994, when it was forced to recall the tabloids, which had already conquered our last chaste country. The headlines screamed: "Yumatov shot and killed a man!".

His dog died-the statue, the favorite and clever. Janitor, thirty-year-old Azerbaijani, who helped to bury her, Georgy was invited to a home, treated as paid. Buttalking was not necessary. Because of this Yumatov took a gun and blew the top of his head with the first shot. Then called the police and said, "Let the judge. But if again I would be shot again." Two months our hero did in "sailor's silence" until the investigation was sorted out. Uclose that the knife, which fell Umatovo in the head, were with the fingerprints of the dead man, and also the fact that Muse was in bruises and grazes. It was the defense, which ended predictably. Former military after all does not happen.


After that, Yumatov drink thrown himself forever. His Muse began to love even stronger, though it seemed impossible. He felt that to live long. One of the hardest he survived the surgery, and when he started bleeding in his abdomen, doctors at the second did not dare - not stand.

In October 1997, the actor Georgy Yumatov. Biography, personal life, grievances and hardships - it was all over. What remained was the love. The Muse was not able to survive it for a long time, two years later, she went with it. On their grave often see a huge pack of stray dogs.

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