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Valery – Russian pop star, a loving mother of three children and beautiful woman. Valeria real name-Alla perfilova, but most fans know is the pseudonym of the singer. The artist was able to assert itself in the second half of the 90s, since then, her concerts attracted large crowds, and the albums sold like hotcakes. What do you know about her?

Why forgotten real name Valeria

Few people know that his path to fame star began as Alla perfilova. Early in his career, Alla decided to record English-language album, hoping to find among its fans of people from other countries. However, real name Valerie for a European audience sounded almost like the word “Allah”. It made her take a pseudonym, under which she became popular.

real name Valeria

Why Valerie, what made the actress to stay on this alias? Call the daughter my mother dreamed of the singer, but for unknown reasons the family gave the girl the name of Alla. As a child star frequently regretted that the family has not stopped on the original version, which she liked much more. Calling herself Valeria, she actually embodied in reality his childhood dream.

Early years

Future pop star was born in April 1968, it happened in the town of Atkarsk. Parents Alla (real name Valerie) were directly related to the world of music. Mother worked with the students of the music school, the father was the head of the institution. Responsible, kind, gentle – so remember the relatives of the girl, telling about the first years of her life. Parents of the future singer was gone at work, so child care was entrusted to his grandmother, who spoiled favourite granddaughter.


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the real name of the singer Valeria

Chanting – what Alla was engaged almost from the first years of life. Even in kindergarten, the talented girl got the place of the soloist, children's choir, student music school she began at the age of five. Music lessons do not distract the child from learning, evidence of which is a gold medal, which was finished school.

Victory and defeat

Received a certificate and moved to the capital, Alla (real name Valerie) became a student of the Gnessin Academy, having managed to bypass the numerous competitors. The course for which it was identified, led to the famous Joseph Kobzon. After graduation, the aspiring singer some time remained there as a teacher, but dreamed of more.

the real name of the name Valeria

Returning to her native Atkarsk, future celebrity got a place in the Saratov Philharmonic, was the soloist “Impulse”. Performing in an ensemble, she has traveled all over the Saratov region. The audience loved the concerts with her participation that made Alla believe in themselves. To test himself, she decided, going to the festival “Jurmala-87". Unfortunately, she failed to even get to the second round.

The First appearance of Alla on screens dates back to 1988, she sang the song “stay with me" music television "Wider circle”. It was then forgotten real name is Valerie – singer, who took the pseudonym. Oddly enough, the new name attracted to the life of a rising star luck.

Creative Alliance

All fans of the singer are aware of the important role played in her life, producer Alexander Shulgin. The fateful meeting occurred when Shulgin was involved in the search for a soloist, planning to start a new project. First, he became a producer and then husband of a rising star.

Valeria real name and surname

English-language album, released in 1992, the singer, has not attracted special attention. A different fate awaited single, Valerie “My Moscow” and then her next album, dubbed “Anna”. Of course, the fans quickly forgot the real name of Valerie – singer, whose popularity grew with the release of such songs as “My Moscow”, “Aircraft”. From 1993 to 2001, celebrity has released several albums, to get the army of fans.

Departure and return

“What is your real name Valerie?” the Question, which was a favorite among fans of the singer before her divorce from her husband. After the controversial disappearance of Alla all wanted to know what reasons pushed her into parting with her husband and producer Shulgin. Late pop star revealed this secret, describing the former partner as a domestic tyrant, indulging in physical violence.

what is the real name of Valerie

No Alla just two years, and then triumphantly returned to the stage in 2003. Her new guardian angel, and then husband was a producer Iosif Prigozhin, who helped the singer launch a new project. The result of joint activities became a famous album “love”, who won all sorts of awards.

On the wave of success tried to conquer the Western market Valeria, real name and surname which were in the distant past. However, the English-language album, presented to the public in 2007, failed to repeat the popularity of “love the Country”.

Valeria now

Abandoning the attempt to interest their songs foreignthe public, Valeria spoke again to write Russian songs. Her latest achievement – album “Oceans”, which will go on sale. Singer argues that all songs of the new album devoted to the relations of women with men, children, parents, and also promises him full disclosure.

Interesting facts

Finding out what the real name Valeria, you can remember other interesting details from the life of a pop star. For example, not everyone knows that in school, she dreamed of becoming a singer and dancer. However, the parents refused to give their daughter to ballet school, considering that the load may be excessive.

Many fans believe that the star of the national stage been married only twice, but it's not. In fact, Alla Perfilova had three husbands, the last of them she is married still. The first lover of the singer Leonid Yaroshevsky, her colleague in the ensemble “Impulse”. Married to his first love Valeria agreed to go at 18, is the reason for parting with her first husband were the relations of the artist with Alexander Shulgin. Married with Shulgin Alla gave birth to two sons and a daughter.

Valery – not only a successful singer, but also a writer. In 2006 she published her autobiographical novel, after reading that, you can learn more about her second marriage and a difficult divorce. The book is called ‘And life, and tears, and love”.

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