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For as long as man has sought to unravel your future and know what lies ahead. I'm sure many can explain the reason of his curiosity. Fear of the unknown, the desire to correct previous events and prepare for upcoming challenges – it all pushes the person to turn to mysticism, higher forces, witchcraft, etc.

Astrology is also a guide to the future, only the most secure. To date, their night dreams can expound through a variety of sources.

For example, what a dream kit? With this question we refer to the horoscopes. Interested? Let's get started.

See Keith in a dream

Dream of the sea giant can mean that your life is soon a situation will arise that has never happened. This is not to say that changes are expected bad. Perhaps it will be a global event that will change your life.

what dreams kit

What if a whale swims far into the ocean? In this case, wait for a long trip, about which you have a very long dreamed of.

Now the most interesting whale in the water? It's a pretty good sign. Mean like night dreams, you will assist in the difficult moment.

Misfortune and failure promises a sea giant, who washed up on the shore.

Appearance of an animal

In your dream you saw a blue whale? This dream carries a positive event. As is known, this species is rather rare in nature, which is why it represent your exclusivity. Also, these night dreams can mean a global event that will dramatically affect your life.


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Why dream about a whale who was killed? This dream promises you happiness in all things. You will make the right choice. Due to this, your life will be happy and successful.

Happiness, money and success, promises a dream of Belukha. Prividevshayasya Gorbach represents complexity, which will lead to a deterioration of relationships with loved ones.

What if you had a dead whale? Pay attention to health. Might still be something to fix.

Why dream of the whale the killer whale? Wait for the windfall profit, which will help to solve all your financial problems.

what dreams whale in water

Actions of the whale

If your night vision you are sailing, and whale suddenly flips it, it means the coming disaster and trouble. Be careful!

The Marine giant has suddenly swallowed you? Wait for happiness and good luck.

Now the most interesting whale in the water which is approaching the ship? So, soon you will embrace the struggle that put an end to the financial well-being. Before you make a choice, think carefully.

A Good and kind friend promises a dream in which you see behind the friendly giant, floating far out to sea. Also do not forget about the family.

Animal jets of water? This means that you can afford to buy the thing which had long dreamed of.

Why dream about a whale who accidentally hooked your ship? This suggests that you doubt your decision.

Some details

The Whale who dreamed in the night vision, means that soon you will enjoy an unexpected profit.

The Tail of a sea giant says that in your life there are financial difficulties. The tail represents the duration of this provision, despite all your effort.

See how the tail is slowly removed from you? Expect heavy financial losses.

what have whales in the sea

In the dream you saw as you killed the whale? Get ready for what your life will start to turn the corner.

Contact with sea giant

What a dream kit, which you Pat? It brings change in life. The interpretation depends on how it behaved giant. If he liked, then wait for success and happiness. Was aggressive? Do not rely on the successful resolution of cases.

If you've seen swimming near the whale, then it means that your firmness and composure will come in handy shortly in life. These qualities will help you to solve all problems.

You swam with sea giant underwater? Wait for replenishment in the near future.

What have whales in the sea, with whom you sport? To solve the problem, you will have to rely on their intuition. It is possible to overcome all obstacles.

what dreams whale orca

Happiness, celebration, good time promises a sea giant, which floated a dreamer.

In your dream you tried to touch the whale, but it never happened? Expect misfortune in the house.

The Dreamer managed to pull us from the sea giant? It promises happiness and unexpected luck. All the work finally ocanada appreciated and will bring considerable profit.

The Marine giant grabbed you by the leg and drags it to the bottom? Do not rely on a good. You are to blame for the fact that all of life is rapidly crumbling. Perhaps blame your inability to listen to the advice of others who truly want to help you.

What a dream whale, beached on the shore, which you tried to help? So, you are a very kind person who, despite their problems, ready to go on the selfless acts. In the future it will definitely be rewarded.

Pleasant dreams.

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