Nellie Kim is a legend of the USSR


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One of the famous Soviet gymnasts is Nellie Kim. Her biography of the crowded athletic accomplishments and awards. The name of the athletes was known far beyond the borders of the Soviet Union.

Nelly Kim biography


Olympic champion and multiple world champion, Europe and the Soviet Nellie Kim was born 29 July 1957 in the Tajik village of Shurab. Her father, Vladimir Kim, was a Korean in Sakhalin, and his mother, Alfiya Safina, Tatar.

After the daughter, the family moved to Kazakhstan, where the parents of Nelly's live now. There at the age of ten years, the girl started to practice gymnastics at a sports school. Her coach was Vladimir baidin. After a time, Kim is the best gymnast in the country. Not stopping there, Nelly participates in all-Union and international competitions.

In the seventies, the athlete was one of the best gymnasts of the world. Next to the names Nadia Comaneci, Olga Korbut and Ludmila stood Tourischeva and Nellie Kim. Gymnast became the champion of Europe, and then together with Olga and the champion of the Spartakiade of the Soviet Union. She continued to rise up, conquering new heights. A year later, in 1976, Nellie Kim (photo in article) - Olympic champion.

In the late 70-ies Kim moved to Minsk and played for Belarus. Two years later, the absolute world champion Nelly.

In 1980, the girl retired gymnast and coach of various teams (Italy, Belarus, Korea) at the gym. Acted as a judge at the Olympic games, world Championships and Europe.

In 1978 in Alma-ATA girl graduated from the Kazakh Institute of physical culture. And not so long ago, in 2010, in absentia, she enrolled in graduate school at the National University of physical education and doing a PhD.


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Is an honored master of sports of the USSR.

Nelli Kim

Awards athletes

Gymnast has many rewards. At the Olympic games in 1976, held in Montreal, she won four medals. Among them, three golds (vault, team performance, floor exercise) and one silver in the all-around.

At the next games in Moscow in 1980 (by the end of his career Kim) the gymnast managed to take two gold medals in the same types of statements.

At the world Championships Nellie Kim has collected more than ten awards, including five gold and four silver medals.

Nelly Kim gymnast

The Athlete also got awarded two orders of red banner of Labor. And in Russia for achievements in sport, she received the Star of Hero.

Personal life

In 1977, Nellie Kim and Belarusian gymnast Achasov Vladimir were married at the home of the girl, and then moved to Minsk. The couple lived for several years and divorced. The reason for the divorce was the abuse of alcohol and another woman.

At the Olympic games in Moscow Nellie met and married a Belarusian cyclist, Olympic champion Valery Molchanov. They had a daughter named Nellie. Second time married life too has not developed.

Gymnast Now lives in the United States in Minneapolis. Often comes to his parents in Kazakhstan. Her daughter went to University in Chicago.

Interesting facts

Nellie Kim - first serving on the Olympic games, the gymnast who received a rating of "ten" for jump and exercise.

In the national team, Kim was nicknamed "Cimorelli". As says the athlete, coach Turishcheva had accidentally mixed up her name and surname. After that, everyone began to call her by that nickname.

Nelly Kim photo

Nellie is not Initially thought about a career gymnast. The sport was for girls just fun.

In the International hall of fame of gymnastics in the United States, and the name is Nellie.

Stop career athlete had to because of health problems. She opened the plague.

The Brilliant Kim victory at the Montreal games, the journalists from America to anticipate. Even before they arrived in Kazakhstan and has made a film about the future star of gymnastics.

After her marriage to Vladimir Utesovym Nelly wanted to retire, but suddenly changed his mind and decided to speak at the Moscow Olympics.

Some time Later, a triumphant double flip Kim repeated Svetlana Boginskaya, that she was Nellie Vladimirovna (it was one of the judges of the competition) also put "ten".

The Famous Portuguese canadian singer Nelly Furtado's parents were named honor athletes. They were delighted with the performance of Kim at the Olympics in Montreal.

Nellie was known far beyond the borders of the Soviet Union. No one could compete with the champion.

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