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Ironing and clothes – a long and tedious task. Anyway, so I think many Housewives. To dispel this stereotype, we recommend you to look attentively at the iron Philips GC 4410.


The appearance of the iron is quite impressive and modern. When you take it in hand, there is a feeling that you have a really high-quality and reliable thing. Besides keeping the iron very convenient.

The weight of the device is relatively small. It is 1.55 kg.

The Model is presented in the color Navy with white accents.

On the body there are the button and the steam control button for the small spray button for descaling and temperature controller.

In front of the handle is a hole for water filling.

Philips GC 4410 has a long 3 metre cord with ball holder, capable of rotating 360 degrees, which ensures complete freedom of action. With it, you can safely turn the device in different directions, without fear of damaging the cord.

Philips GC 4410


Iron Philips GC 4410 has a capacity of 2400 watts, which ensures a continuous supply of steam up to 40 g/min shot of steam is able to reach 130 g/min it is Worth noting, that is a high figure, to deal with the most stubborn creases. So iron all your stuff, regardless of the composition of the fabric will look perfect.

Sole SteamGlide-metal steam holes of various sizes allows easy sliding. Due to this coating, the iron is not afraid of damage and scratches. So you should not worry that they will appear over time. Besides, the sole things don't stick.

Anti-Drip system provides gentle Ironing delicate clothes, prevent water drips. In addition, Philips GC 4410 is equipped with a protection system against the formation of scale Active Calc, which ensures the device a long operating life.

Function Calc Clean self-clean allows you to clean iron from scale and dirt that accumulate in the steam chamber in the process.

Philips GC 4410 conquers even the most hard to reach places (small creases, areas with the buttons), because he has a sharp nose with elongated holes for steam.

Option vertical steaming also fully performs its tasks.

Capacity of water tank 350 ml. This volume is enough in order to pet a whole bunch of underwear or clothing. It should be noted that the reservoir has a wide opening, and it is very convenient for pouring water.

iron Philips GC 4410

Advantages and disadvantages

Many reviews show that the main advantages of this model are:

  • Perfect combination of quality and price;
  • High-quality Ironing.
  • Easy gliding;
  • Powerful steaming;
  • Long cord
  • The ability to adjust the power of Stripping;
  • Fast heating and slow cooling;
  • Limescale protection;
  • Refrigerada sole;
  • Anti-drip system;
  • The narrow nose.

Of the minuses is possible to allocate the functions of cutoff and adhesion of fine fabrics to the sole due to electrostatics.


Rating irons

Based on the performance of quality and reliability, you can highlight the top 5 best models of irons.

1. Philips GC 4510

Received the highest rating from users that mark a long lifespan and reliability of the device, high quality vertical steam, easy glide and high quality service. Many model like and beautiful appearance. However, the price of iron is a bit high, but as such it is justified.

2. Philips GC 2088

Feature of the model is the ability wireless use. In addition, iron has excellent maneuverability and ease of use, and also has the option of automatic shutdown. The main drawback – the short duration of offline use.

3. Braun TexStyle TS765A

This model features a powerful steam (up to 50g/min), which guarantees excellent steam, including vertical. Iron easily glides over the fabric, irons well and has a long service life. As for the cons, users ' feedback is quite contradictory.

4. Tefal FV9920E0

Model consumers praise the ease of Ironing due to the lack of wires, though many point to the need for periodic heating of the device thatsignificantly prolongs the time of service. Some users will notice the presence of unpleasant odor of plastic when using the iron.

5. Philips GC 3540

Iron attracted buyers due to the presence of long cord, simplicity and ease of operation, and reasonable cost. Of the minuses users indicate the appearance of shiny marks after Ironing.

If you examine the popularity of the irons more broadly, the model Philips GC 4410 is not the last position. And given the fact that the cost of this device is at quite an affordable level (in the range 5000-6000 rubles), it deserves to be recommended to all Housewives who value their time and dream about how painful the procedure of Ironing turned into a pleasant and easy exercise.

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