Homemade cutter for the lathe on wood. The types of cutting tools for lathe wood


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To create the desired artistic design of wooden cylindrical products with this special hand tool such as a cutter for a lathe on wood. The attention of those who loves to make a wide range of these cutting tools. Anyone can buy his desired turning chisel.

cutters for lathe on wood

However, such products are expensive, and most artists prefer to work with homemade tools for lathe on wood. What is the tool? How to use it properly? Is it possible to make it at home? The answers to these questions are contained in the article.


The Cutter for the lathe on a tree is a special cutting tool, which is controlled by removing the unnecessary bulk of material from the workpiece.

cutter for lathe on wood

A Chisel, depending on the work performed, come in a variety of configurations. Many turners use their own exclusive specialized lathes cutting tools.


The Cutters for lathe for wood working contain metal part and wooden handle.

The working part consists of the following sections:

  • Cutting or blade. This section of the tool interacts with the workpiece. Sharpen it as needed.
  • The Main plot, or “body”. During operation of the cutter on the lathe wood master, holding the second hand “body”, securely locks the cutter.
  • Shank. This section of chisel has a tapered shape. He smoothly into the handle and there is firmly attached.

homemade tools for lathe on wood

Wooden handle consists of two parts:

  • Basics. This section of the tool, the master holds in his hand.
  • Neck – a small cylindrical part which is provided a metal mounting ring. Its presence prevents the formation of cracks in the mounting arm to the shank.

Principal cutters for lathe wood

Craftsmen, working with wood, cylindrical product, use the following cutting tools:

  • Raerae. These chisels are roughly, roughing and initial processing of the workpieces. The tool is equipped with a blade in the form of a semicircle. For his self-production you can use a thick plate or a groove with a semicircular section.
  • Masalani. These chisels is finishing wood products. Using this model, the workpiece has its final shape. In addition, using Meisel, the master may cut from the product residues. The shape of the chisel the same as in the knife-joint: for plate characterized by the presence of the oblique blades with double-sided sharpening.

Forming tools

With the help of reyero and masela are of medium difficulty level. More delicate operation is possible in the presence of the following shaped cutters for lathe wood


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  • Chisel-scraper. For tool characteristic straight shape and single-edged. The cutter can be aligned, cylindrical surface.
  • Comb. It is applied carvings, decorative grooves and dash.
  • Hook and ring. These cutters in wooden product machined cavity.
  • Chisel-triangle. With this shaped model, procurement can create the desired cylindrical form. For reviews of masters to work the chisel is very safe. Due to the fact that the blade has a triangular shape, making the area of interaction of the cutter with the workpiece is negligible.

sharpening cutters for lathe on wood

Preparing for the manufacture of tools

To work with my hands a cutter for lathe wood at home is easy in the presence of:

  • Metal for future chisel. Judging by the numerous reviews, good cutters out of old files, rasps and automobile springs. You can also use different scraps of pipes and fittings. It is desirable to have a square section.
  • Wooden handle. It is considered a must-have for the future of the cutter, as it provides a comfortable hold during use. Some artists buy ready-made handles. However, it is easy to carve by yourself.
  • Machine tools. As this device, you can use any system equipped with sand around.
  • Clothing: protective goggles, gloves and smock. During operation, formed the red-hot sparks and metal chips. Protective special equipment will protect the master from injury.


To produce high-quality chisels for wood, it is important to observe the standard algorithm:

  • Create a drawing of the future cutter. Attaching it to the metal, carefully cut out the desired shape.
  • To perform the pre-sharpening products on the abrasive wheel.
  • Tempering the workpiece. For this you need to heat the metal to maximum temperature and then place in a container with spent lubricating oil. Remove the product only needafter it has cooled completely. Judging by the reviews, some craftsmen hardening is carried out without oil and to cool your homemade products give just air. This procedure is mandatory, since it is hardened cutters are suitable for work with wood of different hardness.
  • Processing of product, using sandpaper.
  • Finish-sharpening of metal-working machine.
  • To Spread the metal part to the wooden handle.

How to perform grinding cutting tools for lathe wood

Properly sharpened tool will depend on the quality of the processed surface of the workpiece. The sharpness of the cutters is formed on an electric Metalworking machines, equipped with circles of different grits. What angle to sharpen a tool every artist decides for himself. For beginners presented the following optimal choices:

  • Maiseli must have an angle size of about 40 degrees.
  • The value of the standard sharpening angle for reyero may vary in the range of 50-60 degrees.

types of cutting tools for lathe on wood

Most of the turners as you gain experience, the angles reduce to 20 degrees. Experienced masters recommend that you have several cutters of the same species with different angles of sharpening. This recommendation is due to the fact that for processing each tree species is designed a certain degree of sharpness of the cutter. For example, with solid wood at the initial stage of the work tool with obtuse angles. Sharp well designed to relieve the workpiece of greater volume. Thus, cutter with sharp corners can significantly speed up the process. However, in this case the master is risking much, because in this mode very often damaged blades, which entails the formation on the workpiece chipping. Start sharpening it is recommended that coarse-grained circles. Fine-grained cemented carbide is intended solely for the finishing work.

working cutters on a lathe on wood

The largest angle, which will be attached to the cutter, you should think before hardening a homemade tool. It is in the initial stage and the molding of the work piece. Final finishing in the absence of a metal-processing machine with fine-grained sand around easy to accomplish with a velvet bar.

In conclusion

The Process of making homemade knives is a difficult class, but very fascinating. Having all the necessary tools, quality raw materials and following the sequence of actions to produce a good cutter will not be difficult at home.

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