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For decades, on the Crimean Peninsula attracts thousands of tourists. This Sunny corner of our vast planet has long earned a reputation as the best Sunny resort. Here perfectly combines stunning natural scenery, sandy beaches, comfortable hotels and a variety of entertainment services. Among the splendor of the Crimea stands the resort town of Yalta.

Kurpaty sanatorium

The Enormous popularity he enjoys in the summer season, when the Black sea becomes warm, and the whole area is blooming exotic plants. In the midst of the picturesque landscape, 8 km from the Central part of the city, is located modern hotel "Levant". The resort offers not only a versatile leisure, but also high-quality specialized treatment.


Surrounded by forest Park stands a structure resembling a huge white ring. And support the massive building of a powerful column. Is the sanatorium "Kurpaty" (Yalta) from the two premises: "Palmiro Togliatti" (4-story building) and "Friendship" (6 storey building). In each building are rooms with beautiful views of the blue sea, design landscapes, mountain hills. On the lower level there is an indoor pool,and the Windows of this room you can observe the surrounding territory.

The Number of rooms

rooms in motels

More than 500 people can accommodate at a time the hotel complex "Kurpaty". The sanatorium is open year round and offers accommodation in comfortable apartments of a class "standard" and "luxury". All rooms have balcony, personal bathroom and air conditioning.


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In addition, each room has a set of necessary utensils, a TV and a small fridge. For the discerning tourist will offer a duplex Suite of advanced equipment. In it you will find bedroom, living room and bathroom area. The area of such rooms - 65 sqm With a balcony overlooking the Black sea. Daily cleaning by housekeeping in all areas.

Type of food

sanatorium Kurpaty Yalta

Accommodation includes only Breakfast. Lunch and dinner are paid separately (optional). Sanatorium "Kurpaty" (Crimea) to organize the food in an air-conditioned dining room with two halls on the buffet. In the presence of several types of fresh salads, cold appetizers, sauces. The choice is always at least three first and second dishes (for Breakfast - porridge with milk).

There is a table with confectionery and milk products. The menu includes steamed veggies, various casseroles, meats and side dishes. Several options of drinks (tea, compote, coffee, juice). For people under treatment, there is a separate menu designed by a nutritionist. Guests staying in the room category "Suite", eat at the restaurant.

Medical services

gym in the sanatorium

A Variety of treatments offers to its visitors the hotel "Levant". Sanatorium for decades takes people with abnormalities of the respiratory system.

At the medical center employs highly specialized doctor who helps customers to quickly rehabilitate and get better. Work cosmetology salons, where everyone will be able to clean the skin, pass a series of anti-aging and anti-cellulite sessions.

Apply the balneological therapy, psychotherapy, aerophotogeodesy and physical therapy. On purpose are therapeutic massage, inhalation, irrigation of the intestinal tract and mud wraps. In underground hospitals, which have a microclimate of grottoes and caves, is non-pharmacological treatment. To services of clients - therapeutic gymnastics in the gym, phytobar, a Solarium and a sauna.

Internal infrastructure

Kurpaty sanatorium of Crimea

The Library with a wide variety of literature of different genre works in both the buildings of the sanatorium "Kurpaty". Resort on its territory has a spacious cinema room, which periodically hosts an entertainment show. Opened several shopping and souvenir shops, a currency exchange and a tour Desk.

The street has a tennis court and Playground in the building-Billiards room. Business tourists coming to the hotel complex for business, provides a technically equipped conference hall. In case there is a play area for children, computer club and dance floor.


In the distance, the reach extends pebble coast with canopies. You can reach it both on foot and by lift. The beach is pristine and very well kept, cleaned everyday staff. The sea water is transparent and the descent into it gentle and safe. In addition to purity, the coast of the sanatorium has all necessary for rest. This room has a shower, toilet, changing rooms, medical and life saving items.

feedback sanatorium Kurpaty

In the free use – wooden sun loungers. Available plastic chairs for a Supplement. Also on the cozy café with live music. Dedicated children's Playground. Inthe morning offers instructor who conducts training and teaches how to do yoga.


Reviews sanatorium "Kurpaty" regularly receives in the most part positive. This Guesthouse, in the opinion of the people, deserves high marks. Here treatment is provided by experienced doctors at the highest level and using the most modern techniques. Words of praise also addressed courteous staff. Pleasantly pleased balanced and varied food, beautiful beach and leisure activities.

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