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Abkhazia – is a stunningly beautiful place, a wonderful region with unique nature, which here varies from subtropics to Alpine meadows. However, not only natural beauty here to admire. In Abkhazia there are many historical and architectural monuments, religious buildings are totally different faiths. In our article we want to highlight the most beautiful places of Abkhazia, which is certainly worth a look if you have the opportunity to visit in these parts. It is not only beautiful, but fabulous. Here every castle, a lake or a stone tied some cautionary legend.

New Athos

New Athos – a beautiful town located on the slopes of the Iberian and mount Athos. There are beautiful beaches and numerous shrines (Christian), historical monuments and unique natural sites, which are rich in Abkhazia. Beautiful places to stay everywhere, as well as attractions that are definitely worth a look.beautiful places of Abkhazia

Among the most beautiful places of St. Simon the Canaanite monastery (for men). It was built under Alexander III on the slopes of mount Athos, and it was revived in 1994. The monastery itself is very beautiful.

Anakopia abyss

Here is one of the most famous karst caves called Anakopia abyss. It is one of the biggest caves in the world. With its size it can compete with the huge dungeons of the world, such as Skocjanske in Slovenia. The cave is located under the slopes of the Iberian mountains. In fact, it is an immense karst cavity, the volumes of which about one million cubic meters. In the cave there are a large number of karst formations. It is a very beautiful place that strikes imagination with its grandeur and size. Here people seems to be a small grain of sand in a huge underground world. In the cave you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites. The legend says that one of the branches dwelt the Apostle Simon.the most beautiful places of Abkhazia


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The new Athos cave includes nine halls, six of them daily drive tours, two can only be accessed once a week, and one conducted scientific work.

When Discussing the most beautiful places in Abkhazia, which is worth a look, should certainly recommend the new Athos cave.

Lake Ritsa

This beautiful place is called the pearl of the country, which is rich in Abkhazia. The most beautiful places, the nature of which is truly striking in its beauty, cause a lot of emotions. Alpine lake Ritsa is situated at altitude of 950 meters above the sea. It is surrounded by the majestic Caucasus mountains, which are covered with dense forests. It flows into five mountain rivers, because of this, the color of water masses in different areas is different.beautiful places in Abkhazia are worth a look

The Most beautiful places of Abkhazia sometimes even unique. Ritsa lake-a natural wonder. It is fabulously beautiful and clean. Its length is two kilometers and the depth-150 meters. It is difficult to imagine, but the green water visible at ten meters, the lake is so transparent. And there is a pool in the North-West of the country, on the territory of the relict national Park, which was founded in 1996. This beautiful nature reserve has an area of about forty thousand acres, most of it lowland parts are located almost at sea level, and the highest-at an altitude of three kilometers. Here are the most beautiful places of Abkhazia. Where else can you find such a rich diversity.

Not long ago, the lake Riza was in the lead in lists of the «mast-si" for those who came to Abkhazia. By the way, on its banks were giving Stalin and Brezhnev, where he led tours. But then the times are completely changed, Abkhazia was not to tourists. However, recent years many visitors in the country, with tour groups coming to the lake Ritsa to admire the indescribable beauty.

The Gega waterfall

Beautiful places in Abkhazia, which is worth a look, not only make the stay unforgettable but will also help to know this region better. One of them is the Circassian or the Gega waterfall. The height of 60-70 meters. And it is in the valley of the great river Gega (the slopes of the Gagra range). The waterfall has its own unique feature. It consists in the fact that water does not fall down from the mountain ledges, and pulled out a torrent of rock crevices, which are almost not visible. This creates an absolutely stunning effect to the appearance of water out of nowhere, although in actual fact flows through the karst cave. Such beautiful places of Abkhazia the imagination of man.beautiful places of Abkhazia photo

The gorge Itself, through which flows Gega, is also extremely picturesque. On its way, flows overcome many rapids and cascades. However, the beauty of the falls attracts not only tourists. Visited and filmmakers. For example, the fight scene of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty was filmed here. So beautiful places of Abkhazia even immortalized in film.

The Sukhumi Botanical garden

Many beautiful places of Abkhazia is simply unique. It is safelyinclude the Sukhumi Botanical garden, which is one of the most ancient. It was founded in the thirties of the nineteenth-century physician Bagrinovskii as a place for the cultivation of rare and medicinal plants. And now the garden is about thirty acres, and on its territory there are over five thousand species of unique plants from around the world. And despite the fact that in its history, the Botanical garden twice devastated by the Turks (1855, 1877), and the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century also caused considerable losses. But, despite all this, the Botanical garden survived and is currently operational.

Old Linden tree Botanical garden

One of the most interesting attractions of the garden is a three hundred year old Linden (Caucasian) that had existed here before the Foundation of the Park. Its diameter is three meters. In 1877, the tree was cut down by the Turks. However, it is not lost and continued to grow, reaching a twenty-meter height. In 1987 during the hurricane was spoiled the main part of the crown. Many years have passed since then, but Linden blossoms and bears fruit still.

The Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg

Circling the beautiful places of Abkhazia (photo in article), you should definitely visit the wonderful castle of the Prince of Oldenburg. It is located in the area of Old Gagra. The building itself is located on a hillside not far from the confluence of the river Zhoekvara in the waters of the Black sea. And on the coast is a Park which is planted with agaves, cypresses, palm trees, lemon and orange trees.Abkhazia is a beautiful place to stay

The Castle was built in 1902 in art Nouveau style. The project author was the architect Luteranskiy. The Palace itself is a beautiful amazing building with a red tiled roof, tall chimney pipes, balconies, a tower of the Falconer, which wonderfully fits into the whole ensemble of buildings. Simultaneously with the construction of the beautiful castle, the Prince began to realize his plan for creating the present climate of the resort, which could become a “Russian nice”. This was his main achievement.

His financial investments helped to create the Telegraph and subtropical College, was held plumbing and lighting. And in 1903 was inaugurated climatic station. The 9th of January 1903 is the day of Foundation of the resort.

And then all initiatives have not been developed. The First world war. The Prince was recalled to Saint Petersburg. In Gagra he is no longer able to return. And in 1917, the General went to Finland, later was able to move to France. The rest of his days, the Prince of Oldenburg held on the Cote d'azur.Abkhazia is the most beautiful places photo

In 1992-1993 Gagra was damaged in the hostilities, thus went to the castle. Fires and looting have disfigured the building. However, tourist business is developing, so there is hope that the castle will be restored, because it is of historical value.

Cave Krubera-Voronya (Abkhazia)

The Most beautiful places (photos in article) in Abkhazia are so numerous that, perhaps, one of the country visit is not enough to see everything. Special attention is cave Krubera-Voronya, which is the deepest in the world (of those that are studied by speleologists). The entrance is located at a height of 2256 meters above the sea in the village of Orto-Balagan. The cave belongs to the massif of Arabika. It was opened by Georgian speleologists in 1960. It explored to a depth of 95 meters. In the karst cavity conducted numerous expeditions that found small branches, to the depths. As the years passed, research continued. In 2007 he reached a depth of 2,196 meters. One of the halls of the cave is even called the “Hall of the Soviet speleologists". The discovery of the famous cave Krubera-Voronya – the great merit of several generations of specialists speleologists and cartilago.


Definitely worth a visit the most beautiful places in Abkhazia for vacation. Such is the city of Sukhum - the capital of the country. It has a rich history and many monuments. This is not surprising, because he was 2500 years old! Sukhum-is primarily a resort town with a long tradition. Now he is slowly recovering, and occupies a worthy place among the black sea tourist hubs.Abkhazia is the most beautiful places of nature

Stay here will be enjoyed by all age groups. The city is very beautiful and surrounded by subtropical plants. No wonder it is called the white city, because a renovated building pleasing to the eye with its whiteness. Beside all this magnificence stretches of the sea. Vacationers will enjoy the beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, stretching more than ten kilometers.

Beslet bridge

Resting in Sukhumi, you can go and see the wonderful gorge of the river Basla, which is Beslet bridge was a stone eight centuries ago. He is currently darkened and overgrown with moss, but still connects the banks of a mountain river. Its length is 35 meters. Beslet bridge lined with stone slabs, the thickness of masonry – 80 cm. It has a very simple design. Stone arches are connected with limestone for the building was extinguished about five years.

The Bridge has remained intact to our times, and it can move, it can withstand weight up to eight thousandpounds. Currently, he is a historical monument of Abkhazia, which has no analogue.

Attractions Gagra

Gagra – a small resort town, famous for its beautiful landscapes. The new part of the city continues to build. To admire the beauty of Gagra, need to go to the old part of the town. There eyes opened Lekarskie gorge and the famous Gagra fortress wall. It is worth walking through the fortress area.the most beautiful places in Abkhazia to stay

Also worth seeing the Central Park of Gagra, which stretches along the sea. There are ponds, sculptures, palm trees and numerous citrus and conifers. There are about a thousand varieties of plants from all over the world. Just out of the Park with the cable car to the castle of Oldenburg, which we mentioned earlier.

Stalin's Dacha

The arboretum in Sukhumi is one of the dachas of Stalin. The Park itself was founded in the late nineteenth century. The building of the cottages located in the heart of the arboretum, and therefore abounds in flowering plants and old trees. The building is a small two-story house, consisting of twenty rooms. The size of the apartment more than six hundred square meters. Now the country is considered to be the residence of the President of Abkhazia.

Blue lake

The Nature of Abkhazia (photo, the most beautiful places we have described in the article) is so extraordinary and beautiful that in the article it is not possible to describe all the wonderful sites of this region. However, we tried to get the main places are definitely worth a visit.

One such place is blue lake. It is located in the Yupsharsky canyon, which is popularly called a Stone bag. To get here required a long climb on a mountain road. You will see beautiful views. The canyon is a twenty-meter-long split between the rocks. Here is the Blue lake. The water is crystal blue. The place is very beautiful, here in the silence to enjoy nature… But, do not expect privacy, because there are many tourists.

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