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Citymax Hotels Sharjah is a chain hotel, which at the same time, you can call the city and beach. It is located in the Emirate, which is perfect for a holiday by the sea, and at the same time close to places of shopping and entertainment complexes. Although this hotel belongs to the category of «treshka», it has a high enough rating. This follows from reviews of tourists visit it, on the basis of which we made an impression of the complex and offer you to read it.Citymax Hotels Sharjah

How to get and where is the hotel

To get in Citymax Hotels Sharjah, you can fly to Dubai or Sharjah airport. From both hubs to reach the hotel conveniently, no more than 15-20 minutes. From Dubai airport it is located about thirty kilometers from Sharjah – in the twelve. So you don't lose anything from your vacation, and you don't have to wait hours transfer.

A few kilometers away is situated the most famous local shopping malls and parks – “al qasba”, “the province, a trend which the Market”, “Mega Mall". It's a business district, but in places with a variety of attractions from here, too easy to get. We can say that the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* is located on one of the main shopping streets of the city. Go to Khalid lagoon, watch the sunset on the Gulf or stroll along the chic Park "al Majaz", with its famous fountain – this is not all that is available to hotel guests without much effort. Tourists often argue with each other about what “the singing of the jet" better – Sharjah or Dubai. If the latter are striking in their luxury, the fountains take your animation and the fact that every day light show different.


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On the neighboring streets are full of art galleries, museums. Two steps away is the aquarium. Here you can see different fishes and turtles, but take a walk in the Park among the fountains, go shopping, drink a cold drink in a cafe… a quarter of an hour walk from the hotel you will find a beautiful promenade and a shopping and entertainment center "city Mall”. And until you get, you can expect pleasant surprises along the way. Of culinary presentations, live music concerts, shows of giant puppets… How to assure guests of Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3*, photos, which they did, walking from the hotel to the promenade was the best in the entire vacation.

On the other hand, is difficult to walk in hot weather. In this case, guests are advised not to take a taxi and rent a car to save. Although, if you are discharged with other guests, the trip will be cheaper. If you do not know how to drive a car, close to public transport.

Sharjah: features recreation

Now let's talk about the Emirate in which is situated the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (UAE). Sharjah – a city known worldwide for its involvement in the world of art and culture. So he has many awards and titles in this field. UNESCO has given Sharjah the title of Arab cultural capital.

But that's not all. Last year, Sharjah was awarded the capital of Islamic culture. It is not surprising that this should not come just for a beach holiday. Museums, galleries, theatres – all of this just do not count. At the same time Sharjah is the antithesis of Dubai. Because this Emirate has a strict prohibition, and no hookah, the Russian tourists there is very little – in the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (Sharjah, UAE) and in the city.

However, travelers coming here are in full admiration. One city walk represents a real event. Here you will find popular boutiques, international brands and traditional Bazaar (Souq), colloquially called “trains” due to the shape of skyscrapers nearby. Bank of Sharjah is washed by two of the Bay – the Persian and Oman. It is very close to the Dubai Emirate, so if you really want the forbidden fruit, then cross the border and in what does not deny. And the prices are much lower, including for accommodation. Hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah (Sharjah) – the best example of this. In the city you can see one of the largest in the middle East, mosques – king Faisal, a monument to Progress and a monument to the Koran. Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3 (UAE). Sharjah-city

What is a hotel

As the property of the city, the area had virtually none. He high-rise, and infrastructure located inside the building of the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (Sharjah). The reviews claim that the hotel has three elevators, which is quite cope with the flow of passengers. On the ground floor is a reception and a lounge with sofas where you can catch wifi. There's also a small room where you can leave your Luggage before departure. The room is small but cozy and clean.

The Hotel Citymax Hotels Sharjah offers free private Parking where you can Park your own or rented car. For those who wish to organize a seminar or conference, the administration offers five specially equipped rooms that can accommodate from ten to one hundred and fifty people. Occupy the guests very quickly help you to carry heavy things. The hotel is modern, white, beautiful, in the corridors and rooms are very nice smell of air fresheners.Despite the lack of accessories for a beach holiday and territory, and its location in the midst of noisy traffic intersections, many choose it for affordability and high quality services.Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3


The Hotel Citymax Hotels Sharjah is quite large, despite its urban location. In it two hundred and forty rooms. Basically it is a small room destined to the settlement of two guests. But if families come here, they can choose rooms with connecting doors, so that they can become one room. Because the area is small, then in “flat” of three persons not accommodated. The hotel can comfortably accommodate people with disabilities. All rooms have balconies with good views, all have ensuite bathrooms with Hairdryer, and more mirrors, delicious-smelling gels and shampoos. Flowing from the tap drinking water of such quality that, as written girls, the skin becomes soft and smooth as velvet.

In the room, good Internet access and connection speeds are very high. But this is only the case if you have brought a laptop. The fact that the room only wired Internet. Catches wifi in the lobby and on the lower floors. Plasma TV-the latest models are featured in each room at Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3*. Reviews contain information about the fact that there are even channels in Russian. So cable TV you can watch.

The air Conditioning is good, they are easy to adjust to desired temperature. Has everything you need in order to make tea and coffee in the room. And the tea bags and sugar replenished daily. Give also disposable tea spoons. The room though small, was welcomed the guests with cleanliness and tidiness. Bed linen changed every other day, and it's clean, white and crisp. Towels will take only those that you throw on the floor. In the room all working: TV, kettle, air conditioning and plumbing. The rooms have stylish design, is equipped with upholstered furniture (sofa). The beds are comfortable with orthopedic mattresses. There is a free safe and a fridge.

To Settle the guests who visited the hotel, advise on the top floors-there is a quieter and more comfortable. The fact that the hotel is next to a road junction, and the higher, the less audible the noise from the street. Although the soundproofing in the rooms is great, high quality, and neighbors you will not interfere.Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3 Sharjah

The hotel

The hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* restaurant, that you can visit at any time of the day or night. The cuisine here is local, with three buffets, so by stopping your choice on a hotel place, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the local delights. In addition, there is an Asian restaurant “Sizzling Wok”. Travelers praise the hotel and cafe, which is also working round the clock, and except for flavored drink many types of offer more and wonderful fresh pastries.

In the room rate, as usual, included a Breakfast buffet. Guests like it: good choice of meat, red fish, cheeses, scrambled eggs and omelettes, vegetables and fruits. And a lot of sweet type of pastri. Breakfast is very tasty, and many are leaving thanks to the chefs. The hotel also offers lunch and dinner. Therefore, some of the guests take two meals a day. You write a special check, and you may want to change the lunch for dinner and Vice versa. It's one of the bonuses of the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah. Reviews say that unlike other countries, where your drinks have to be charged during daytime and evening meals, give water and pour, if it ends. Dinners are served several types of fish and meat, pretty spicy but delicious side dishes, fruit. There are often dates. Dinners continue until eleven in the evening, so if you later return to the hotel, no problem.

If you are booked half Board, is also not a problem. Near the public beach, which is usually visited by the hotel guests, is the restaurant “Kazan” where you can inexpensively try not only Arabic, but Tatar and Russian cuisine. Tourists are often there for lunch and dinner. All products are very good, and Russian travelers especially praise the kebab. The tables are beautiful, design rich. The waiters speak in Russian.

Other tourists praised café “Afghanistan” near the hotel. There so tasty food that sometimes lunch can smoothly go to dinner. Good and various meats, delicious cakes, fresh juices. Often tourists take here only one portion for two – otherwise it is impossible to eat. Besides near the hotel there are many shops and supermarkets where you can buy different things from food.

The shopping centers have food courts. To eat in the cafe is 10-20 dirham per person, the restaurants more expensive. Products and ready meals are allowed to bring into the room, so if you buy at an outdoor cafe Shawarma, lamb kebabs and so on, you can safely eat on the balcony. The food is OK and tasty, but if you take, it is cheaper. At the supermarket, “Lulu” sell a lot of ready-made dishes and different cooking. The prices there are very affordable.Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3 (UAE)


The Guests of Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* after a day at the beach, explore the exciting sightseeing or shopping, relax in the sauna, and not to lose shape – access to the gym. Just to there to do need a sports suit. Inroom has two separate rooms-for men and women. You can relax in the sauna. If you have some holiday – wedding anniversary, birthday and so on, the administration will prepare you a gift and a pleasant surprise-a cake, a card with your photo…

Guests can make use of discount vouchers at various shopping centres. The receptionist speak Russian, and you can access them with any problem. Please note that the hotel is at noon. At this time, blocked your entrance card, you will have either to manage to meet before that hour, or to go to them and ask to open and you pick up things. For reviews, the level of service at the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (UAE), despite its low «star», much better than any Egyptian “five”. Meet you, roll your suitcase, open the door, staff in uniform… If the number does not suit you, you change it without any problems and additional payments. If something breaks, you report to the reception and everything instantly fixed. In addition to free Shuttle service to the beach, the hotel even provides directions to the shopping, namely “Sahara Center”.Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3 photo

The Rest of the sea

Sharjah is famous among tourists of exceptional beauty with beaches that are difficult to find in any other Emirate. Own coast, like the pool, at the hotel there. But on weekdays, the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (UAE) to arrange for the transfer of tourists on the public beach in al Khan. Schedule: three times in the morning and the same flight back in the evening. To go about a quarter of an hour. If people are few, the driver will even give you a tour of Sharjah. Although the Shuttle bus is small, the sea usually go on the half-empty, and back with more people. However, the place lacks everything.

The Beach is free, white sand and clear blue water is amazing, like anywhere in the Maldives and with a gorgeous view of the Arabian Gulf. But note that there is no facilities-toilets, showers, and locker rooms. All of this you can find on a nearby pay the beach – for the use of money you no one will. But for the sunbeds and umbrellas will have to fork out.

In Dubai, too, can go away for fifty dirham. There beaches have more comfortable and more crowded. A few times a week a Shuttle bus carries tourists to Dubai paid al Mamzar beach. But there it is necessary to book in advance. Al Mamzar is a beautiful Park on the sea with all conveniences, lawns, barbecue, benches, stalls selling food. The entrance to the beach is five dirham plus another fee for umbrellas and deck chairs. However, some of the coast in Sharjah, I like it more than Dubai: less people and cleaner.

If you are renting a car, you can drive to different beaches, including those in other Emirates. However, in some areas bathing on certain days only women are allowed, so check in advance. Tourists claim that the best period of the visit to the hotel and the beaches in Sharjah – this is the end of September. The coast is almost empty, no one will disturb you. But in high season is enough to move a little bit away from the main congestion of people, and you find yourself alone with the sea and fish.Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3

Shopping directly from the hotel

Tourists are pleased, which is very close from hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (Sharjah) are the world famous shopping centers. UAE shopping malls – this is a special phenomenon. They represent not only an opportunity to buy a good brand things, sometimes for big savings. Here you can walk, entertain the kids, watch a variety of shows and performances, especially in the evening. A lot of interesting cafes and restaurants will tempt you with their delights. Note also that here are air conditioned, and during the sweltering heat when on the beach with nothing to do but sit in the hotel bored, this is the only way to walk comfortably. In the near from the hotel shopping Mall “city” opened by such famous boutiques as “Max”, “Splash”, “Thibault”, with very low prices. A quarter of an hour walk away is the gold market where you can also make a very attractive purchase. The most important is the ability to bargain. Then the price can reset almost twice. Many tourists are very happy with the local product assortment and discounts on it.

Activities and Excursions, attractions

The hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (UAE) organizes various sightseeing trips. But tourists are advised to buy trips to the Bureau on the street – so it is cheaper. From exploring, most guests remember the trip to Dubai, with its stunning architecture and luxury of Abu Dhabi. Good boat trips on the Indian ocean. Dubai with amazing modern skyscrapers, metro auto without a driver, many perceive it as a city from a science fiction movie about the future. Good reviews on jeep safaris in the desert. There you will find the adrenaline, watching the sunset, dinner in the Arab village and camel rides. If you come with children, in many different amusement parks so your kids will be totally thrilled.

In the opinion of tourists, the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* is the best suited to discover the country. By the way, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai you can go by yourself even if you have no car or you are willing to pay more for the tour. For this you need to get the metro to the bus station and take the localair-conditioned beads (just don't forget a warm jacket, and that public transportation exhibit low temperature). There are many rounds, and it will be much cheaper. Both these cities are well serviced by public transport, the card can be purchased directly at bus stations.

Men are very good fishing in the Bay or in the ocean – saying that it is a real pleasure. Excursion to the Indian ocean will cost 50-55 USD, jeep Safari costs the same or slightly cheaper depending on operator, on a trip to Dubai – the $ 20-30, Abu Dhabi – 50. The cost of the latter trips often include dinner in a five star hotel.

If you are travelling independently, you should know that various interesting places are often far apart and have to travel by public transport. And in Abu Dhabi is quite far to reach – about three hours. The rise of the famous building Burj Khalifa costs 125 dirham. From Sharjah bus station you can go in the city-reserve al ain, where to watch wild animals almost in their natural habitat.

When renting a car your options expand independent travel. Enjoy dreamlike Fujairah, swimming in the Gulf of Oman, water Park “Wild Wadi” and more. Especially in this country, just perfect road, free Parking and cheap petrol.

Citymax Hotel Sharjah (Sharjah): feedback

So, what mainly tourists say about this hotel? Is it possible to describe her in a few good words? It turns out, Yes. Among the many responses about Citymax Hotels Sharjah, the description of the hotel, in our opinion, the most successful came from those travelers who called the hotel modern, standard and at the same time stylish and simple. It's worth the money, and the price compared to other hotels of Sharjah are very budget. In addition, here are perfectly trained, friendly and helpful staff. Even if you don't leave them a tip, the service quality is absolutely will not change.

However, tourists are advised to pay attention to style clothing. Here rests a lot of the local women dressed as dictated by Muslim religious rules. Therefore, it is too open shoulders and legs can cause glances. However, the locals are very friendly.

This hotel is suitable for those who prefer a budget and relax in an exotic country in the middle of the desert. On the other hand, tourists who value agile and not “seal” vacation, too, was impressed. In the United Arab Emirates is very safe, no traffic accidents, all very decorous, and the sea is so warm that you can swim from morning to evening. Most tourists stay at the hotel Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3* (Sharjah), and in General in the UAE, causes only positive emotions. This hotel is often chosen by those who want to relax for the first time in an Arab country, focused on tourism and are looking for something budget, but decent. Be all friendly, well dressed, sober and even a little bit know English, and Emirates will pay you a refined Oriental hospitality.

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