LP - a woman or a man, and is it important?


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Those who have ever bothered to become acquainted with the works of the magic of the singer LP, was irrevocably in love with her amazing charisma, emancipation and fascinating game now popular on the ukulele tool. Her real fans have stopped to wonder whether LP a woman or a man, because, in fact, the talent is obvious, and this is important!


lp female or male

For starters, it is worth noting that the alias LP stands for Laura Pergolizzi (Laura Pergolizzi). Perhaps this fact should definitely answer the question whether the soloist of group LP a man or a woman. But not so simple, because in society tend to focus on external data sometimes it is so easy to make a mistake in the gender of someone, especially celebrities.

Early years

Laura was born in 1981 in long island. In 1996, an energetic girl graduated from high school and moved to new York to become a star. As the daughter of an Opera singer, she knew how to get into this business and created a unique alias. Woman or man, LP made their way fame, not fearing any prejudice from the society, and openness to the world has enabled her to build her stairway to heaven.


The Beginning of her creative path was marked by participation as a soloist in such groups as the Lionfish and The Plan. For some time she was a guest vocalist in the band Cracker. 2001 was the year of the release of her debut solo album Heart-Shaped Scar ("Scar in the shape of a heart”). Her album immediately soared up the charts, and the song Kiss It All Goodbye (“the last kiss") was used in the drama “the Security of things’.


The Song

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who sings lp man or womanIn 2004, remaining an Enigma to the press, (male or female?) LP has presented the second album, Suburban Sprawl &Alcohol (“Province and alcohol”). Many rumors went around records presents album, because the song Darkside (“Dark side”) was the result of collaboration between LP and Linda Perry, a songwriter and singer. Stimulated journalists tried to find out who sings it – male or female? LP is not very spread at the expense of his personal life, but the fact that Linda Perry is a lesbian, no one was left. Immediately showered the assumption that Laura is also “girls”. However, the star decided to leave a touch of mystery in his manner. Preferring not to clarify who she likes and who she is, man or woman, LP never gave an official comment on the matter.


Start the zero and the beginning of Teens were devoted to participation in various shows, competitions and events, touring in different cities. 2014 was marked by the release of the long awaited third album called Forever for Now (“the Infinite now”). Their fans pleased with the Laura album Death Valley (“Valley of death”).

LP, Lost .. … - who sings a man or a woman?

Despite the fact that in America, the popularity of Laura won in 2012, Europe became acquainted with her work just after the release of the song Lost on you, this song resonated with many people and from Russia. This remarkable man beckons all – a mind-blowing curly hair, androgynous appearance and aesthetics of the performed style. Here, rather, was a plus, that it was not clear who sings, the man or woman.

who sings lp the lost man or womanLP, Lost on you fulfilled, this track has captured the hearts of many fans of pop-rock music. Thanks to such performers people start to appreciate the purely human qualities and talent, not paying attention to his/her sexual identity.

Interesting facts about the popular singer

As recently became known through Frank clips, Laura really is a girl, only she gravitates towards the female sex. Her relationship with her parents was somewhat strained, so she never told her mother that she was a lesbian. Her mother died, and his father, who considered her tendencies of an adolescent whim, resigned to this fact. However, as Laura says, her parents never criticized and positively perceived by all its decisions.

Laura won him millions of audience not only their records, but the acoustic version, which she represented in hotels, clubs, etc.

It is Noteworthy that LP career began with writing songs of popular performers. So, on account of its number of songs for Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.

Beautiful People (‘Beautiful people") - this song was written in collaboration with Nicole Scherzinger to Christina Aguilera in her rustic cabin in the mountains. Laura also wrote that this collaboration seemed to her such a surreal and “damn funny”, as the two lolled in the warm chambers flat and composed, wrote…

Vivid image

Speaking about his style, Laura emphasizes that enlists the aid of experienced stylists, just acts on a whim, all natural and relaxed.

However your style she has perfected throughout his career, and is still the singer strives to achieve maximum reflection of the internal state through appearance.

group lp soloist male or femaleBlack sun glasses – an indispensable attribute in the image of LP, so is she, according to her, not onlyimitate Roy Orbison, but also tries to protect itself from this reality, because they are still afraid of the immensity of the world, ready to overthrow her from the pedestal of glory at any moment. One can only hope that it will be able to overcome this phobia and widely and boldly look into the eyes of passers-by and to enjoy every day.

lp lost on you a man or a woman

It is always ready to make fun of his unusual appearance, it does not hurt digs and gossip about her orientation, which showered on her from people limited by stereotypes.

As she said in an interview, Laura is quite happy at the moment their way. Every time he comes onstage, she feels in him "at ease". Prosperity touched all the spheres of her life, and we can only rejoice that the personal life and singing career only get better.

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2022-03-26 в 14:56:52

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Looks like Mick Jagger ,but younger, so she or he is something between a woman and a man,but definitely I wouldn't call her a female.


2022-01-14 в 13:29:46

2 0

It's a female born but her music is requisite I love her yes keep up girl yes


2021-08-29 в 07:41:47

13 0

I am going crazy wanting to solve this mystery & I find myself, a straight woman, thinking that L. P., no matter what gender, is sexy A. F.!

Miki Miller

2022-01-22 в 16:20:50

3 0

I think she's sexy..! I'm 65 and married to the same man for 35 years. ????

Edel Lancaster

2021-12-23 в 02:14:50

4 1

Controversial opinion, you may not be 100% straight


2019-08-26 в 16:35:59

9 1

You didn't answer the question... is it a male or female???

Edel Lancaster

2021-12-23 в 02:16:03

4 3

Point of the article is it doesn't rly matter, as long as you enjoy their music and like them it doesn't really matter


2021-12-18 в 00:52:17

7 3

Laura Pergolizzi was born and still is a female. She does not identify as either male or female. She happily lives nonbinary. I love this humble caring soul. This world needs more LPs. #ChurchOfLP????✝️????️‍????????

Carmen J Stidham

2021-02-09 в 21:39:14

7 3

I think LP looks like a guy!

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