Watery body acne: possible causes and treatment


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Regardless of how many years old man, anyone can face such a problem as watery pimples. To cope with them is not easy. Because for proper treatment you need to first determine the cause of the lesions. Often it can be done only by an experienced doctor, but in General you can try to guess yourself about why suddenly appeared watery pimples on the body.

Prickly heat and allergic dermatitis

Any precipitation – a sure sign that the body that something is wrong. And this kind of acne is no exception. It is possible to correctly determine exactly what happened with the body, as this determines the treatment method. The most banal reasons – it's heat rash and allergic dermatitis.

watery pimples

In the first case it is possible to detect watery pimples in bends of limbs, and stomach. Traces of allergic dermatitis can be seen on any area of the body. In addition, you need to remember that this type of rash can spread. Therefore, in no case do not try to press pimples and even injure them.

The herpes Virus, molluscum contagiosum and dishidros

If there is a watery pimples on the face, particularly close to the lips, most likely, the reason that the herpes virus. In this case, it is impossible to defeat the rash, not the victory of the pathogen. Best helps medication that is prescribed by a doctor. All attempts to try folk remedies is best left for later, especially if you need quick results. However, herpes is not the worst thing that can happen.


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watery pimples on the bodyThere are other viral diseases that provoke the appearance of acne, for example, molluscum contagiosum, or dishidros. In the first case you should look for watery pimples on the fingers, and in the second case it is impossible to single out one specific area of the rash. So you never know exactly what kind of disease in a particular case played a role. To ascertain the presence of virus in the body will help to a thorough medical examination and testing.

Chicken Pox

The Watery pimples at the child – it is most often the chicken pox. It is important to remember that this disease will not harm an adult who had it in childhood.

watery pimples of a child

However, if a person has not had chickenpox, you should not approach the sick. In delicate children, the disease is almost without consequences. Adults can ache seriously, even death.


Anyway, watery pimples – this is an alarming signal. Even though no viral diseases and allergic manifestations no. This does not mean that you just need to wait when the problem will disappear. With this rash you need to fight. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately after the rash is detected. No folk remedies like wiping with a solution of potassium permanganate will not help to completely get rid of the problem.

watery pimples on fingers

Besides these rashes are increasing very rapidly. Pimples become bigger in size and spread over a large area. The specialist will prescribe the necessary drugs depending on what caused the appearance of watery pimples. It is not only tablets but also various ointments – all individually.

watery pimples on feet

In Addition to the pills need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition-is a guarantee of success. If possible, you should add to your diet fruits and vegetables, eliminate meats, and all that overdone. If your problem is the sweating sickness – wear light clothing of breathable fabrics. This is especially true in summer, when most of the body is open. Because watery pimples on the legs, for example, can cause self-doubt. If you only wear jeans, the rash may increase in size. Then treat her will be more difficult.

Public facilities

Regardless of the time of year, at the time of treatment water acne, refrain from chilling the movement of the clothes, as it can have a mechanical effect on the skin. Under the effect of friction pimples can deform and cause them zagnoenie and increase itching. To slightly simplify your life, contact the popular recipes help in removing the itching. For these purposes, traditionally use the juice of aloe. This remedy is quite gentle. It's easy to do yourself, it is enough to have in the house is a useful plant. So just budget, but at the same time very effective. If your main goal is to speed up the healing of wounds after a rash and just a little dry pimples, contact the funds on the basis of alcohol. Infusions of various herbs will be the best solution. It is worth to note that this method is not always justified, because alcohol can cause a burning sensation on the skin.

Preventive measures

The Struggle with watery pimples can not be called complex. However, even easier to prevent their occurrence. There are a number of simple preventive measures that will help you to never find out in practice what watery pimples on the fingers or on the back.

watery pimples on the fingers

In the firstplace, it is necessary to be careful with human contact. Many viruses can be transmitted through everyday life. It is therefore necessary that each of the family members were individual hygiene. Use a sponge and a towel is unacceptable. In order not to provoke the development of skin rash, it is recommended to sunbathe. Tanning dries the skin and gives life to the germs that get her. Here only it is necessary to be very careful. Sunbathe for too long time is not recommended. Because you can get burned. Complications that can arise are significantly worse watery bubbles, for example, so you can provoke skin cancer. Therefore, never neglect the cream with protection from the effects of direct sunlight.


The Last preventative measure is regular scrubbing of the skin. For these purposes, you can use as a finished cosmetic product and home remedy. The easiest way to use an abrasive to scrub fine sea salt. The basis can be anything: honey, sour cream, coconut, olive or sunflower oil. You should use it no more than once a week. In addition to that, the scrub exfoliates the skin perfectly, leaving it soft as velvet, it is also effective against bacteria and germs, and thus prevents the appearance of pimples on the skin, for example, because of the sweat.

watery pimples on the face

However, if the causes of irritation deep exfoliation and the tan will not be able to protect from such problems as watery pimples. Even if you follow all the precautions and regularly perform all procedures for prevention, it does not mean that a rash will not affect you. Any change inside the body, for example hormonal, or when infected with the virus may appear pimples. So don't be too presumptuous.

What to do if there were pimples?

If you found watery spots on the body, even if it is only a few rash, immediately consult a dermatologist. Waiting can cause acne will only get bigger, and home methods often provoke unwanted complications. A qualified specialist will first ask you to take at least a blood test. Only then can accurately determine the cause of a rash. All that you can do yourself to accelerate the process of disappearance of watery pimples, is to eat right, do not be nervous, wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics and wipe the skin with different solutions, which reduces itching. In any case, we should not scratch or try to squeeze the pimples as this will spread the rash, we can not exclude the formation of scars on the skin. Only a dermatologist can prescribe the right medicine. Remedies sold at the pharmacy without a prescription, can help in treatment, and only worsen the situation. Remember that watery pimples only seem harmless, they actually can pose a threat to human health.

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