How to use a hydrometer to measure the density of the electrolyte


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If suddenly the battery of your car is not working properly, and the electrolyte level is within normal limits, the first step is to measure its density. And for this, every motorist should know how to use a hydrometer.

What is a hydrometer and how does it work

how to use a hydrometerHydrometer – a device used to determine density of liquid. The principle of operation is based on the famous law of Archimedes, which is open in III BC and according to which a body floating in a fluid, acts upward buoyant force the magnitude of which is equal to the weight displaced by the body fluid. How to use a hydrometer to measure the density of the fluid, mankind has known since the IV-V century ad (it is believed that when he was invented).

Hydrometers are of different types: it all depends on what the density of the liquid to be measured. The most practical value for the ordinary motorist has a car hydrometer designed to measure the density as electrolyte and coolant. It can be purchased at any store that sells auto parts, or market.

sinking carConstructively automotive hydrometer is a conventional cylindrical glass tube (flask) acid electrolyte whose density is to be measured, and hermetically sealed glass float. At the bottom of the float is the load, and the top – a scale on which, in fact, determined by the density of the electrolyte. How to use a hydrometer? It's very simple! With the help of a rubber bulb in the tube is typed in the electrolyte. After a while, when the liquid in the tube will cool down, and the float will be free to swim, you need to define the density at the point of intersection of the scale with the level of the electrolyte. The electrolyte density of the battery, in an operational state depends on the particular operating conditions and is in the range of 1.20 – 1.30 kg/cm3. The density measurement should be performed at a temperature of 18-22 degrees. Since the density of the electrolyte is directly related to the temperature at which the measurement is made, you must use a special table to make a correction to determine its actual density.


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Use caution

When measuring the density of the electrolyte is important not only to know how to use a hydrometer, but also to comply with security measures. All work should be performed in protective gloves, glasses and appropriate clothing and footwear. In any case, do not allow electrolyte to the opening areas of the body and eyes. All actions of batteries should be carried out in a warm ventilated room, because in the process of charging is the release of toxic gas.

If you get acid in the eyes or on the skin must place chemical burn, rinse thoroughly with water. In no case do not try to neutralize the acid that got on the body (e.g., soda). This will only exacerbate the situation. Then you need as soon as possible to go to the hospital.

When working with antifreeze, and requires mandatory compliance with safety measures. The radiator cap can be opened only after full cooling of the coolant to prevent its ejection and, as a consequence of burns.hydrometer to measure the density of the electrolyte

After density measurements, the hydrometer should be carefully washed in running water until the final removal of any remaining acid or coolant. Under this condition, the hydrometer to measure the density of the electrolyte (freeze) will last you for decades.

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