New legend of the Nissan GTR: specifications


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The Subject of dreams true connoisseurs of taste of speed, collectors ' feelings of oneness with the car and the road is uncompromising legendary sports car Nissan GTR. Technical characteristics of the car modification 2013 amaze: acceleration to 100 km/h in 2.8 s, top speed – 315 km/h!Nissan GTR specifications

He actually finally sold in our showrooms! It is a miracle from Japan – is not just “nominal” according to the class of the car “the super sports car", and its a real decoration! Its glorious history began in 1989, when Japan made a bid for Nissan Skyline R32 in international races of Japans Touring Car Championships. The triumph was not long in coming: all three winners of the competition were pilots of this budding legend.

Running the video of the first episode “furious”, you will see in street racing Nissan GTR R34, right hand drive, four-wheeled friend Brian (VIN Diesel). This is a special film, it – for fans of speed. The main characters are supersportscar, often conceptual. During filming, the main Director of “the retreat could not give" cars are offered by corporations, tuning companies, private Amateurs, had to choose from more than 200 cars… However, this sports car – the red thread in the film, and in the sixth part of “fast & Furious” Nissan GTR R35 - full-fledged main character. For machines characterized by a constructive build-up speed of the potential is not by mechanical means, “loss” of weight, and through the use of innovation.


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Nissan GTR r34

Long story about the Nissan GTR. Specifications its last modification, however, more eloquent: all-wheel drive two-door four-seat coupe, engine capacity 3799 cm3 (!), a six-speed automatic transmission, drag coefficient – 0,26. The size of the car quite impressive, he really spacious. But the coupe is a coupe, everything here is to her Majesty Speed, respectively, the driving position is sporty, the seat sloping. The size of the car length, width, height, respectively 4670 mm, 1895 mm, 1370 mm Wheelbase (2,780 mm) ensures great stability supersportscar Nissan GTR. Technical characteristics of the “sportsman” clearly not for the back roads, it speaks volumes of the clearance (clearance), which is 105 mm. Minimum turning radius is of 6.05 m. the Fuel tank holds 74 litres of high-octane gasoline.

nissan gtr r35

The Powerful heart of the iron horse is the V6 engine with dual turboduo VR38DETT with a nominal power of 550 HP, providing a torque of 632 nm (however, professional tuning increases this figure to almost 700 HP). Front and rear brake   disc, cross-drilled, ventilated. Front suspension – double wishbone, rear – multilink, both equipped with aluminum cross levers. The drivers say "stamina" of the Nissan GTR.

Nissan GTR specifications

Specifications also provide the possibility of its daily use. It is not “greenhouse”, it – for the soul, to enjoy the speed and handling. Inherent quiet motor operation, relatively simple, even after racing on the ultra-complex tracks. Imposed on car dealers price is 150 thousand $.

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