Unable to configure Windows update - what to do? Instructions, tips


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Unfortunately, even the latest version of “operating” from Microsoft is not always possible to correctly install Windows updates. Basically, if the user does not need or just disabled, nothing wrong with that. Fundamentally the operation of the system is not affected. But what to do when the user follows the recommendations of Microsoft, and updates will not be installed?

Why can't configure Windows update: frequently occurring faults and errors

If we talk about the root causes, which entail the failure of the system to search for and install the are constantly releasing updates, it can be quite a lot. At the same time and a message containing the notification of the impossibility of update of the system, can also be quite different.

unable to configure windows update

So, for example, the system may issue the same alert type “failed Windows update”, but will continue to be provided with different error codes, corresponding to various failures. The most common failures is considered to be error codes 643, 800b0100 and 0xc0000005 (more detail will be discussed later). Also, do not discount the possibility of virus infection, resulting in corrupted is not only the file itself that is responsible for the update, but the update service. In addition, quite often as the cause and there may be a software conflict between Windows security (firewall, firewall) and antivirus software installed. However, generally this problem only applies to free tools like AVAST and others like her.


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However, permanently lost the connection in terms of Internet connection can also cause such problems. However, in this case we shall not survey them, but we will focus only on the most basic issues.

Now let's see what can be done to remedy such situations without affecting the cases related to the complete reinstallation of the system, especially because most of the users resort to such measure only in the most extreme case, which is understandable and clear.

Windows update: checking the main parameters and settings

First we need To know what parameters and settings involved in the update center. Access to it can be via a standard "control Panel”. In Windows 10, you can use the property menu, invoked by right-clicking on the icon "This computer”.

windows update

The first step is to check whether Windows automatic updating (this is the recommended default option). If this setting is disabled or modified, you can just turn it on. The idea is that when connected to the Internet the system will start searching for updates. If this process is not activated immediately, sometimes you may have to restart the computer system to change the settings took effect. But here's the problem – fires common to enable basic mode updates are not always, and the system again reports that it still fails to configure Windows update (originally it search for available packages), not to mention installation.

Using manual updates

One of the simplest methods of checking the system performance in terms of installing updates is to use update (Windows update suggests such a possibility).

update for windows 7

To run the search, you must first use the search function provided by appropriate button and then confirm installation by clicking the ‘Install now”, of course, provided that the updates will be found.

What does this mean? That corrupted file responsible for the search and installation of updates. How to fix such a situation? For starters, you can try to do a rollback (system restore) to a fixed point state where such failures were not observed. In extreme cases – check the system drive for errors with their automatic correction. But to do it better from the command line using commands like chkdisk c:f or other species. However, perhaps another reason. There are a few important points.

Virus scan

Damage to the desired file is most commonly associated with exposure to viruses, which not only violate its integrity, but also to prescribe the contents of his own team. What does this mean, let's see.

The fact is that when you try to search for updates any Windows operating system, which provides a function that talks directly to the official source (in our case, this online resource updates from Microsoft). When exposed to the virus, it creates another link, in which there is a redirect (redirect) request system in different location, very often not even existing. Therefore, as already easy to guess, the system reports that it cannot configure updates to Windows, I mean to find them and install.

install windows updates

To solve such problems it is highly recommended not to use to verify detection of viruses regular scanners, and to give preference to third-party tools, preferably of the portable type (portable). Among them, I think, the most worthy to see such a powerful program like Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (KVRT), Dr. Web Cure It! and the like.

These apps are good because, unlike most other tools do not remove the infected files or quarantine them, and treat. Agree, remove the file responsible for the update to anything good will not, but if it is cured, it is likely that the problem will disappear, and the system is running in normal mode.

Conflicts firewall and antivirus

Now on to the question of when installation of updates is not possible, a few from the other side. The essence of this section is to ensure that conflict situations, for example when you should be installed updates for Windows 7 or 8 (however, no difference) can be seen in the fact that the firewall and antivirus installed, so to speak, can not divide the field of activity. This affects many programs, and at the same time partially affects the system itself search and installation of updates.

The Situation is simple: the same requests these two services are interpreted in different ways. One considers redirect is safe, the other - on the contrary, and because of this, active services themselves begin to block each other. What to do in this case? For starters, you can try the same to make firewall antivirus exception list.

what is windows update

It doesn't help. Try at the time of the update in the same manual mode to disable any firewall or antivirus, or both services simultaneously (which is the best solution). When the process of finding and installing updates successful, no one will interfere to enable these services again.

Actually, if you look at this problem globally, better antivirus type AVAST or something like that not to use and to install, although shareware but commercial software. Of course, resources such programs will consume much more, however, in most cases, and the viruses they will not miss, and with components of the Windows OS will not interfere.

Problems in Windows after installing updates

But that's not all. Quite often situations may arise when, for example, updates for Windows 7 installed (even if not in automatic as in manual mode), but after their installation, the real problems start, even leading to complete failure of the computer or laptop.

As practice shows, in most cases, these failures are associated with multiple package updates themselves, which, as is clear, far from perfect. To solve this problem they have to get rid of, and to do so from the menu removing programs or disabling Windows features is not always possible.

failed windows update

Let's see how and what Windows updates should be removed. The problem involves two ingredients, it packs KB2859537 and KB2872339 (error 0xc0000005). To get rid of them is not even a system restore, when re-scanning it will try to install them again. There will have to use the menu “Run” or the command line, which will command wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2872339 and the same, but with different number of update for the second batch.

You Can do otherwise and use the update history, for example, if the system allows you to boot in safe mode or from the recovery console. Updates in the log to sort by date. Then delete (disable) them one at a time with each subsequent reboot to restore normal operation of the whole system.

Update of the platform .NET Framework

Quite a common problem after the update can be called and the error number 643. She signalizer...

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