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Essay about mother – this is a difficult task many times has it happened. This topic is asked in elementary school and then in high school. You need to understand what you want to write, to plan, brief, and then deployed, and then start to write down their thoughts.

How to plan essays

Carefully read the title and say all you want to say. If essay about my mother is not limited to one subject, then you can definitely develop the plot of your story in any direction. essay about momAny essay must have introduction, main part and conclusion.

In the introduction you need to name subject, to speculate about the meaning of what you have to write in the main part. It should not be very large, 4-6 sentences is sufficient if it is secondary by volume of the composition. Description mothers, too, can be placed in the first part. Tell us about the appearance, character, work most expensive one. The concluding sentence of the entry it is better to make some kind of enticing idea. For example: “my mom and I share many fun stories, and one of them I will tell you now”. So you encourage the reader to continue studying your composition.

In the main part you will submit the very funny story or some interesting story about your mom was talking about in the previous sentence. This part of your essay should be the biggest. No less than 8-10 sentences. The story must be complete, not to chop off it at the most interesting place.

In the end you will praise the mother for her love and care for you. Write a few warm and tender words addressed to her. Enough for writing 4-6 sentences to the beginning and end were about the same volume. But personally, mom can say much more!


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There are a few tips for successful essay writing. If now you have a clean slate and you are going to write an essay about my mother, then try to use some of them:

  • Learn the subject, do not rush immediately write whatever comes to mind. If you are sure that you want to remember some idea, write it down, but the full essay is better to write a little later.
  • On the way home from school you can think about what mom would you like to tell all my friends and classmates.
  • Talk to mom about how good the case you chose. Is this story some kind of family secret. Because to write an essay about my mother without asking her advice, it will be bad to her. essay description my mother
  • If the plan of composition does not come to mind, write all ideas on a sheet of paper.
  • Re-Read, understand the structure and try to plan based on what you have written.
  • Verify that all of the works are from one another. Smooth transition – the key to a good evaluation.
  • Before you rewrite the essay about mother to clean copy, carefully re-read it, try to look for errors. Then hold a clean sheet.

Example compositions 1-2 class

Children in elementary school usually ask a short essay without specified volume requirements. However, from that age to start how to write essays. Example: "My mom is the best in the world! Her name is Natalia and she's 38 years old. She is very beautiful. She has blue eyes, blond hair and tall height. And she lean, though loves to cook.

My Mother works as an accountant. This is a very difficult profession. She thinks people pay. If she screws this up, people will not receive salaries. So it is impossible to distract it."

Examples of compositions for 3-4th grade

For older kids, the task is more difficult. Example: "When I asked an essay about my mom, I was very happy. My mom must know all, because she's the best. She has three cats, because she works as a vet. She often saves the life of an animal. It is a pity that many animals have no home. So my mom brings them to us, and then finds them loving homes. My mom is the best!

My mother – this is my friend. I can always ask her advice. For example, if I have offended the friend, the mother will always judge us. Or if I need help with lessons, she will never refuse. This is a very difficult job – to be a mother."

how I help my mother essay

Example essays for 5th-6th grade

In middle school 5-6 grade, a common theme is “As I help my mother”. The writing is not complex, you can see an example: “My mom is very hardworking. She works a full day on the job Manager. And then he comes home and once again intrudes on work post. First check the lessons for children (and she has three of them), then cook dinner for the whole family, then the Laundry, a little cleaning and many other household chores.

Of Course, I as the eldest trying to help his mother. I check lessons from his sisters. They are in 2nd and 3rd grades. And I bring them home after school and fed lunch, which leaves mom in the fridge. I watered the flowers and walk our dog before mom comes home from work. We sometimes even meet her near the subway and a little walking together.

It is very important to help my mother, because she does much for us all!” to write an essay about my mom

Many students fear writing essays, but thisquite simple and interesting!

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