Money: origin and function


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Money, the origin of which is closely associated with the development of commodity relations and the formation of valuation products, are today an integral and important part of the global economy. The story of their formation began many centuries ago, but at the moment we can observe their further development and transformation.

Money. Origin

money originOfficially recognized two theories of formation of means of payment:

  1. The Rationalistic, largely based on history.
  2. Evolutionary, investigated from a scientific point of view, created and described by Karl Marx.

The first is that money emerged as a payment instrument in the total agreement between people. With their help, it was much easier to exchange products for different purposes.

the origin of the money brieflyThe Founder of the second theory is Marx, who presented his scientific work in “Capital”, where he expounded his own theory of the evolution of means of payment. Product – the material wealth of a person, it is estimated by quality, time, and labor costs in its manufacture. It turns out that every product has an exchange value. Disagreements in the process of exchange of goods became a catalyst for the allocation of a special category of equivalent. It began to Express the estimated value of food production. This special category and have the money, the origins of which are inseparably connected with the development of barter and of society as a whole.

The theory of evolution is contrary to the rationalist and proves that the state and the deliberate arrangement of people has not had its due influence on the origin of money. In short, created the product already has a price, which is based on yesterday's criteria demand. Up to this point any thing does not carry monetary functions.


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Payment means

The value of the goods expressed in the money. The origin, essence and functions of their important to know. Objectives means of payment are reduced to the following items:money origin nature and function

  1. The Measure of value. The main function of confirming the value of money as world money equivalent, which is reflected in the price of goods.
  2. Medium of circulation. Responsible for the process of movement of products on the market according to the scheme: commodity-money-commodity.
  3. A Means of payment. Money is the intermediary in the case of exchange of goods, as a result of the transaction the calculation is not always made in cash. Often firms use borrowed funds or loans and also deferred payment. Funds paid after a certain period serve as the final stage of the transaction.
  4. A Means of savings, investments and savings. Money, the origin of which is associated with exchange, are the means to buy more goods and improve the quality of life. Therefore, the augmentation of wealth today is busy with many.
  5. World money. They serve as international means of payment and expressions of social wealth. Previously, this role was played by gold coins, but today more and foreign exchange, and reserve share in the IMF and special drawing rights.

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