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Saint Petersburg is one of the largest cities of Russia. Every year there are built millions of square meters of housing. This cosy cottages and spacious apartments with views of the city's attractions. One of the tidbits should be included in the residential complex "Yuzhnaya akvatoriya". About this object and will be discussed in the article.Yuzhnaya akvatoriya


Where is the LCD “southern area”? Saint Petersburg, Krasnoselsky district – the exact address. You can get there by metro. The end destination “Leninsky Prospekt”. You can then walk 150 meters or take the bus number 35, 46.

The Area allocated for construction of residential complex «southern waters”, is located at the intersection of two avenues – Lenin and Heroes. From here to the CR is 9.2 km away and the centre of Saint Petersburg – 16 km.LCD South area of Saint-Petersburg


“a southern area” (SPb) Includes 5 blocks located on the Gulf of Finland. Very soon there will be home from 7 to 25 floors. The designers have taken care of the comfort of not only residential buildings, but also adjacent territories. The residents of the houses will be able to walk around the gardens and parks. Especially for them to be made pedestrian boulevards.

The ground floors given over to commercial units: shops, beauty salons, banks and so on. It is very convenient. After all, residents of “the southern waters" do not have to spend time traveling to other areas of the city. All they need will be within walking distance.

“a southern area” is the houses built on the latest technologies of construction. To strengthen the outer walls using sheets of mineral wool. They also provide heat in homes in winter. Over the reinforcing fiberglass mesh is applied decorative plaster. And will complete the decoration of houses facade glazing.Yuzhnaya akvatoriya SPb


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“a southern area” - a great option for those who want to solve the housing problem or to improve their living conditions. A new neighborhood designed for 5 000 flats with different types of layout. They are all very comfortable and comfortable.

The developer will rent out the flats to finish. This approach allows to accelerate process of moving of people in the acquired apartment.

In the corner sections will be located apartments with custom layout. Room to them will be pentagonal. According to the planners, this will help to visually enlarge the space and to realize the most daring design ideas.

Apartments located in the “southern waters”, have two distinctive features. First, the ceiling height in them is up to 2,65 m. secondly, the layout includes a spacious hallway.

It So happened that the greatest demand use one-bedroom apartments. The developers of the complex “southern area” has considered it. They offer two options ‘one-room" with separate and adjacent bathroom.

Now a few words about the finish. As soon as the house will be fully erected, the experts will start their internal arrangement. The walls will be papered, meet the durability and environmental safety. Floors made of linoleum. Subsequently, the owners of the apartments can replace it with another coating.

The Bathroom is revetted with a tile. The apartments are sold together with a bath and toilet, as well as domestic plumbing and home counters. Switches and sockets, interior doors and metal Windows will also be in the apartment at the time of their passing. All you need to do is bring furniture and textiles. And you can live in a comfortable environment.

I Thought the designers and the safety of people. At each entrance and on each floor there will be surveillance cameras. Will also create system throughput. The apartment owners will offer to install intercoms.LCD Yuzhnaya akvatoriya


When buying a home you need to consider not only its size and functionality. Equally important is the infrastructure of the area in which the property is located.

The plan “the southern waters” laid ground multi-level Parking lots, shops, pharmacies, beauty salons and Bank offices (on the first floors of residential buildings).

Near the complex are located such objects as:

  • Two kindergartens;
  • Lyceum, the gymnasium and the school;
  • Sports clubs;
  • South seaside Park;
  • Network supermarket;
  • Medical facilities (clinics, hospitals);
  • Market “Juno”.

Next with “a southern area” are main highways Krasnoselsky district. Departure on the ring road and ZSD will provide affordable transportation at any time of the year.residential complex Yuzhnaya akvatoriya

Deals for buyers

Now on sale 1-, 2-, 3 - and 4-bedroom apartments. Most of the facilities will be commissioned in the IV quarter of this year. The cost of apartments varies in the range from 2.9 to 7 million rubles. It all depends on the number of rooms, type of plan and square footage.

There are several payment methods:

1. Interest-free installments. The first installment – 10 %. The remaining amount is evenly distributed. Individual schedule of payments.

2. Mortgage. To issue the credit for purchase of housing can be in “VTB24”, “URALSIB” or one of 13 other banks.

3. Cash. At 100 % payment, the buyer gets a good discount.

Customer Reviews

Real estate Agency Saint-Petersburg offers a wide selection of apartments in the primary market. Why should you buy houses in “the southern waters”? The reviews of those who have already purchased an apartment there, speak for themselves. Most people consider it a good investment. They are content with the apartment layout and infrastructure of the area.

The Main advantages of the residential complex St. Petersburg residents consider the accessibility, comfort and sophisticated security system. Negative reviews are also coming in, but they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In them, people complain about high prices and poor soundproofing in the apartment. But it still must be checked.

Many experts are positive about the project. According to them, designers and developers have managed to create comfortable conditions for accommodation of citizens.

In conclusion

Now you are aware of what constitutes a complex “southern area”. This is a great option for those who wish to purchase housing class “comfort” at the best prices.


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